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بودكاست مكاتيب show

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تريد أن تقرأ لكن لا تملك الوقت ..؟ نحن نقوم بقراءة المقالات و مراجعات الكتب و نشاركك إياها ..ها هنا .. تابعنا في تويتر: @iMkateeb

By بودكاست مكاتيب

씨네필은 아니지만 show

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여러 매체의 영화평을 모아 들려주는, 가볍게 듣는 영화 비평 방송. 근데 정말 저희 씨네필은 아니에요.

By 은조&다비

Created, a Bluprint Podcast show

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"Created" follows a series of makers on the journey from hobbyist to successful creative pro. Get an up-close look at the struggles and joys of artists, designers, cooks, writers and more who turned part-time passions into full-time careers.

By Bluprint

Fretboard Journal show

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Fretboard Journal magazine's weekly podcast featuring interviews with legendary guitarists, luthiers and much more.

By The Fretboard Journal Staff

podcast – Greenhorn Gardening show

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On a mission to help you grow your own vegetable garden!

By Damon

Weavecast show

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Weavecast is an internet-based talk radio show about handweaving. Each episode we interview weavers about their craft, share the latest news from the weaving world, and tell tales from the weaving life.

By Syne Mitchell

Comic Book Savant show

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Comic Book Savant is an informative and fun journey through comics of the past and present with a perspective that is a little deeper than the average fanboy's. Join host James Harris as he discusses what makes the comics we love so special, and also discusses the creative side of comics, such as writing, penciling, inking, coloring, and more. So whether you are a Golden Age fan or a Modern Comics fan, or just everything in between, Comic Book Savant is the podcast for you.

By James H. Harris III

CBUS Next Podcast show

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You're growing up so fast, Columbus. The city is now the 14th largest in the country. New restaurants open all the time. Apartment buildings seem to pop up out of nowhere. Fashion designers and entrepreneurs grab national headlines for their work. We wanted to look at what all this means. What will Columbus look like in 20 years? Where will people live, work, shop and play? Will cars drive themselves?

By GateHouse Media

Corpse Club show

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Corpse Club is the official podcast! Featuring a mix of Daily Dead staff and special guests, each episode of Corpse Club will dive into the world of horror entertainment. Welcome to the Corpse Club!

By Corpse Club

Short Story Guy Podcast: Current Event and Modern Fiction Stories show

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The Short Story Guy Podcast is the audio version of, the current event and modern-day fiction and nonfiction publication. The show features relevant short stories that help you keep up with today's news, follow modern issues, and be entertained by daily occurrences. "Today's stories are worth telling." The show's host is Jose Cervantes. Learn more at

By Jose Cervantes: Writer, Editor for Short Story Guy Publication