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Ripping Off Angels show

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Comedy about a local amateur theatre company who come up with inventive solutions to their financial problems. Podcast version of a full length stage play in six episodes.

By Nigel Holloway

Big Idea show

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Comedy about a local amateur theatre company who struggle against overwhelming odds to make sure the show does go on. Podcast version of a full length stage play in six episodes.

By Nigel Holloway

hörbücher kostenlos probehören - hö » Podcast Feed show

hörbücher kostenlos probehören - hö » Podcast FeedJoin Now to Follow

Free samples of german audio books.

By Tom Klenner /

The poetry, philosophy and fiction of Luke Andreski  show

The poetry, philosophy and fiction of Luke Andreski Join Now to Follow

'Touch Me', a poem by author and poet Luke Andreski, is a 'Je T’Aime' for the alientated 21st Century. It is a poem about the distance between each of us and the ones we love, echoing the loneliness that so many of us feel in the midst of the crowd. There is also a touch of danger to this feeling... As Luke Andreski writes, ‘We have only each other… and the sharks…’

By Luke Andreski

The Baker Street Babes show

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The Baker Street Babes are an all-female group of Sherlock Holmes fans who talk about everything from canon to Cumberbatch, Charles Augustus Milverton to Jude Law, and dancing men to Jeremy Brett. We love Sherlock Holmes and we love having well informed, but also quite fun discussions about it. We’re all young and we’re all females, but we’re all die hard Sherlockians/Holmesian. It’s a demographic within the Sherlock Holmes fandom that is new and growing and doesn’t yet have a voice. We hope to become that voice and we want to prove that we’re not just going to coo over Robert Downey Jr and Benedict Cumberbatch, as lovely as they are, but that we know the canon and want to have discussions about it as well.

By Baker Street Babes

Catalogue of Ships show

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Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always offbeat and refreshing in this quirky, thought provoking weekly podcast. Stories told by David Terry, re-mixed and scored by composer/sound designer Michael Kraskin, posted Monday mornings and listened to by you.

By Michael Kraskin and David Terry

Man Booker Prize Podcasts show

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Subscribe to us for a series of podcasts throughout the year, as we move towards the award of the prestigious Man Booker Prize on October 18 2011. We'll feature news, discussions, interviews with nominated writers and competitions. For further information on the prize visit the Man Booker Prizes website and Facebook pages. ( / And join us on Twitter (

By Man Booker Prize

Actors Talk with Tommy G. Kendrick show

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Casting calls, auditioning tips, starting a career in acting, maintaining a career, getting in the Union, maintaining PASSION for acting. All these topics and more are explored via In-depth interviews with working professionals in front of and behind the camera.

By Actors Talk Podcast

The Once And Future Podcast show

The Once And Future PodcastJoin Now to Follow

With a focus on science fiction and fantasy, The Once & Future Podcast revolves around genre books and their authors. Shows will contain segments on: breaking publishing news, upcoming titles, book tour info, conventions, all that and much, much more!

By The Once & Future Podcast

King James Bible show

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As part of the 400th anniversary celebrations of the King James Bible, an ensemble of leading National Theatre actors, directed by Nicholas Hytner, James Dacre and Polly Findlay, read twelve extracts from the Book that changed the world. This podcast collection features each of those readings and a live recording of the talk Melvyn Bragg gave looking at the radical impact of The King James Bible over the last 400 years. These audio recordings of the National’s King James Bible readings were made possible thanks to the generous support of Allchurches Trust Limited. Sound design by Yvonne Gilbert.

By National Theatre