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Joy of Living Creatively: Tapping Your Innovation and Imagination show

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Tap into your full human potential by using the creativity-inducing strategies that Eric Maisel teaches to bestselling authors, Grammy Award-winning musicians, Academy Award-winning screenwriters, and thousands of other creative clients and coaches. Experience the pleasure and confidence that comes with living creatively. Tap in to your imagination, resourcefulness and self-direction. Solve problems more quickly, make choices more easily, and use the power of your full potential to become an everyday creative person, creative at everything you do. Every week, through examples, tips and exercises, you energize your personal creative process and shine like a beacon with Dr. Eric Maisel, America’s premier creativity coach and the author 30 books including Ten Zen Seconds, Fearless Creating, Creativity for Life and Coaching the Artist Within.

By Dr. Eric Maisel

The Mighty Marvel Podcast show

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Check out the Mighty Marvel Podcast archives for classic interviews with the biggest stars in the comics industry!


The Doctor Who Podcast show

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The Doctor Who Podcast - your only source for the latest reviews, interviews, and features from the world of Doctor Who. We review the latest episodes, DVD releases, Big Finish audios, comics and much much more.

By The Doctor Who Podcast

Barbican Contemporary Podcast show

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The Barbican Centre in London features the world's hottest artists in jazz, folk, world, roots, soul, country, contemporary classical and the more experimental ends of rock, pop and electronica. Look out for our podcast in the iTunes Store every month, with exclusive interviews, lots of good music and backstage reports.

By Barbican Contemporary Music

Nerd Hurdles show

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Nerd Hurdles is a podcast. Chances are if you’re here, you know that already. But just in case you got sent here by Google or a link sent to you by someone in your office, Nerd Hurdles is a podcast about things nerds like. Things that regular people (”normals”) scoff at or outright shun. We discuss these things in a generally humorous and vaguely intelligent way. Or is that intelligible? It might be neither intelligent nor intelligible.<br> <br> Jakob and Mandi discuss all manner and forms of nerdery and geekery and what makes them magnificent and tragic. This weekly epic explored the depths of what fandoms mean to their fans. Sacred cows of the scifi, fantasy, comic book and any other genre that makes the general public squirm with discomfort get the irreverent Nerd Hurdles treatment (and nerdy love).

By Simply Syndicated

Saturday Review show

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Tom Sutcliffe and guests discuss the week’s cultural highlights on BBC Radio 4.

By BBC Radio 4

Movies You Should See show

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The show that gave rise to Simply Syndicated, Movies You Should See is at the heart of the network. This is no high-brow affair; it’s what you get when a group of friends with different tastes in film gather in front of microphones to discuss, debate, dissect and devour movies for your delectation. From the gooey Ghost to the masterful Three Colours Trilogy, the crew leave no stone unturned across the genres and put each other through sometimes tough challenges. Disagreement, salty language and a heavy dose of irreverent humour might belie the passion for film and genuine pathos, but it’s all there.

By Simply Syndicated

Radio 3's Fifty Modern Classics show

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Artists, musicians and composers introduce fifty key pieces of classical music composed between 1950 and 2000. As featured in the Radio 3 programme, Hear &amp; Now.

By BBC Radio 3

Forum - A World of Ideas show

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The world's most remarkable minds tackle a big idea. Podcast weekly on Tuesdays.

By BBC World Service

Addicted2Salsa : Free Salsa Dance Lesson Videos show

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The number one salsa dance video lessons to teach you patterns, combinations and footwork so you can become the best salsa dancer you can be. Every salsa dance video brings you a different dance lesson so you can practice and take it to the club and try it out.

By Addicted2Salsa