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Reading the World show

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These lively discussions about the world of international literature are hosted by Chad W. Post (director of Open Letter Books) and Erica Mena (Spanish translator and poet), and cover a range of translation-related issues.

By Reading the World

AntiCast show

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A visão do designer sobre o mundo

By AntiCast

King of Earth and Moon-a podcast novel show

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King of Earth and Moon is a podcast novel that continues the adventures of Mick Aloha, Apocalypse Dowell, and the Kid. When the robots go crazy, these guys do things that might be mildly helpful. Will the robots take over the world? Will the Kid stop talking about his Visa bill? You'll have to listen to find out.

By ApocD

After School UX show

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After School UX came from the realization among new design graduates that it is very cathartic, helpful and interesting to talk to one another after graduation. Seeing one another in a new context, but having a shared background and language through which to deconstruct and talk about the new context, is pretty awesome. So we put together this podcast to facilitate and share those conversations with the intent of reaching out to new designers in field. We hope you find something interesting. If you'd like to participate, we're always looking for new people to talk to so reach out to us!

By After School UX

Sir James Galway in Conversation With... show

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Sir James discusses a wide range of topics about flutes, flute playing, and the music business in general with outstanding players and industry representatives from around the world.

By Larry Krantz

The Creative Circle show

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This show aims to interview professionals in the broadcast and production industry about their past and how they made it to where they are today. The focus is on telling their stories as a means to encourage those who are hoping to some day follow in their footsteps.

By Aaron Evans & Philip Wels

Be A Photo Pro show

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We provide an avenue of mentoring, education, networking and a level of certification to budding, amateur and professional photographers. Tune in for weekly shows about photography, how to be more professional and any other multi-media or tech topic that you guys want to talk about.

By beaphotopro

On Wisconsin 2p - 3p show

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Brian Posick Talks All Things Wisconsin Badgers

By The Big 1070 / Madison

Photo on the Go with Joe McNally show

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Whether you are taking a photo for the first time or have mastered the art of photography, internationally acclaimed photographer, Joe McNally has tips and advice that will enhance your skill set.  Join Joe on the road as he travels to inspiring places and shares professional and creative tips on how to prepare and execute brilliant images.  Learn what it takes to plan, set, shoot, and present amazing photography. Joe’s vision and creativity will inspire you to capture even better photos with every click.

By Adorama Photography TV

Connect show

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This is a design podcast. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the academic and professional worlds in Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCID). Our topics cover a wide variety of subjects including, but not limited to, subjects such as interactivity, business strategy, pedagogy, ethnography, methodology. We hope this is a medium practitioners and researchers may use to better understand their own selves.