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2B Pictures show

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The 2B Pictures Filmmaking Podcast is a Filmmakers podcast put together by independent filmmakers Michael & Michele Bekemeyer, telling the story of their own independant feature film called "Playback". We will be using what we learned durring the production of our film to help filmmakers who want to make their own film get started off on the right track.

By Michael Bekemeyer

The Edit Bay show

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Stories from the edit bay. The bad clients, the disasters, the triumphs...the fun stuff.

By Shane Ross

Prasant Radhakrishnan Indian Classical Jazz Set show

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Everyone is used to hearing the saxophone used in jazz and Western classical music. But what about South Indian classical music? Only in its second generation of existence, the phenomena of adapting this music on the saxophone has not only brought forth a new sound, but many questions and new interests from people in both the Indian classical and Western worlds. Noted saxophonist Prasant Radhakrishnan, an artist trained and at home in both the South Indian classical and jazz traditions discusses and demonstrates some of the nuances of both musical forms and attempts to answer some of the issues that arise regarding the combination of not only different instruments, but musical forms. More information can be found at

By Prasant Radhakrishnan

Radio At War (old time radio) show

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A podcast featuring both fiction and non-fiction stories from the second world war and beyond. Radio was not just entertainment back then, but the main source of news for the home front and the front line. With at least one episode per week, we?ll explore the lives of the men and women who became known as the greatest generation through news reports and the radio dramas that told their stories.


The Truth Is Podcast show

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Hosts, and married couple, Zack and Ashanti refuse to pull punches with their raw and uncensored approach to dealing with everyday struggles and drama. Nothing is taboo or off the table. Expect plenty of guest appearances from (insert any couple, family member, or friend who doesn't know what they are getting themselves into...)

By Savage Journey Podcasts

The Freshcast show

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The Freshcast is basically for your ears. Our hosts will discuss a variety of topics including the latest pop culture, design, and technology news. We are passionate about this crap, and it shows.

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NYC Podcast, Rare Interviews, Podsafe Music,Humor, James Donnelly Proud charter member of the NYC POD SQUAD. Shows Monday, Wednesday, Friday, with a Rare Music interview on Fridays from Shadoe Steele.

By JADonnelly

Stuff and Things show

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We are Carley and Dave: best mates, fellow artists, weirdos. We like talking to creative people about stuff and about things. Join us for funny and interesting conversations with some of the best and brightest creatives that Earth has to offer.

By Dave Burton & Carley Commens show

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Paul Caggegi takes you through his weekly process of creating and publishing his own indipendant animated series. Learn how it's done by watching him do it.

By Paul Caggegi

Permaculture Podcast show

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A weekly audio program related to the news, the actors, the technologies, theoretical development, soils, plants animals, bacteria, and fungi related to robust biological systems design for human landscapes known as permaculture.

By Ryan Unmack