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AudioFile Magazine show

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AudioFile magazine is all about audiobooks. We review and recommend the best audiobooks, helping you find your next great listen. If you are looking for good listening, top-notch performances and dynamic listening experiences, AudioFile is here for you. We are avid listeners and advocates for audiobooks. We're independent, and do not sell audiobooks. You can learn more from our print edition published 6x a year, read e-newsletters via email, or browse one of our Websites. Our reviews and awards are independent and unbiased. Our publications are supported by advertising and subscriptions. Explore AudioFile and find: Reviews of bestsellers, classics, fiction, mystery--all subjects. Focus on the audio performance. Interviews & behind-the-scenes with authors and narrators. Best of the Best audiobook recommendations

By AudioFile Magazine

This Week in Marvel show

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TWiM delivers all the Marvel info on comics, video games, toys, TV, film, and beyond! Hosted by Ryan "Agent M" Penagos and Jamie Frevele. Tweet your questions with #ThisWeekinMarvel or email


Pigion: Highlights for Welsh Learners show

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Y darnau gorau o raglenni Radio Cymru dros yr wythnos ddiwethaf, gyda chyflwyniadau clir a syml gan Dafydd Meredydd fydd o gymorth i chi wella'ch iaith. Addas ar gyfer dysgwyr uwch. Highlights of the past week on Radio Cymru, with easy to understand introductions to help you improve your Welsh. Suitable for advanced learners. The weekly vocabulary is available at

By BBC Radio Cymru

Saturday Night Blues from CBC Radio (Interviews) show

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CBC Radio's Saturday Night Blues has been CBC's flagship program of great blues, swing, boogie, gospel and roots music since 1986. Holger Petersen is at the helm. Subscribe to our podcast to download our exclusive interviews.

By CBC Radio

Radio 3 Essay show

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Authored essays from leading writers on arts, history, philosophy, science, religion and beyond, themed across a week. Each episode is full of insight, opinion and intellectual surprise from one expert voice. The Essay is broadcast on BBC Radio 3 Monday to Friday 10.45pm. We aim to include as many episodes of The Essay in the podcast as we can but you'll find that some aren't included for rights reasons.

By BBC Radio 3

The Katniss Chronicles show

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An unofficial and unauthorized audio drama based on the bestselling book series The Hunger Games. Experience the story of the Girl on Fire each week at

By The Katniss Chronicles Cast & Crew

Midweek: Diverse Conversation show

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Diverse conversation with Libby Purves and her four guests. The focus of Midweek is personal experience, the story behind the story. A mix of the famous, the infamous, and first time broadcasters. Forty-five minutes of lively conversation to start the day.

By BBC Radio 4

Darkness Radio show

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Dave Schrader examines everything paranormal on Twin Cities News Talk

By Twin Cities News Talk

Creative Instinct - Program podcast show

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Creative Instinct reflects and explores the creative world: sound and silence, artists and artisans, the written and the spoken. Creative Instinct's podcast is published every Saturday.

By ABC Radio National

Tasty Selections Podcast show

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Downloads are currently restricted. If download error please go to Each week there will be a small tasty selection of tunes from different genre’s on the Beatport and Trackitdown charts as well as a few juicy favourites thrown in for good measure. Different genre’s well be rocking out to will include: trance, electro, house music, hard dance, and maybe some surprise flavours thrown in along the way. Go to to interact with the show.

By Dj Andre