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Larry Miller Show show

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Comedian Larry Miller tells uplifting stories from his own life, in the tradition of great radio raconteurs like Jean Shepherd and Prarie Home Companion. Tune in to the fireside chat for the 21st century. It's time well spent! Larry Miller is best known for roles in Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show and 10 Things I Hate About You, as well as his standup comedy. Now he brings his sharp wit and genteel manner to his very own podcast. And it's the only podcast recorded from inside an extinct volcano!

By Larry Miller

The History of Literature show

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Literature enthusiast Jacke Wilson journeys through the history of literature, from ancient epics to contemporary classics.<br> <br> Find out more at and

By Jacke Wilson

Unattended Consequences show

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A weekly conversation between Patrick Rothfuss (Name of the Wind) and Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity).

By Patrick Rothfuss and Max Temkin

Frightful First Dates Podcast show

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Frightful First Dates is the podcast about the good, bad, and the ugly sides of first dates!

By Frightful First Dates Podcast

Brant &amp; Sherri Podcast show

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Brant Hansen is from small-town Illinois, and is a self-professed nerd, diagnosed with Asperger's as an adult. He's a fan of C.S. Lewis and toast. "Producer Sherri", also a radio veteran, is from Pittsburgh, has one of the world's great laughs, and demonstrates incredible patience with Brant. Both are believers in Jesus, but have difficulty fitting in with modern American church culture. Together they have a daily radio show that is syndicated across the country, with segments ranging from the latest animal news, to interactions with listeners, to discussions about how messy life can be, and how good God is. You can find articles written by Brant at, and you can follow him on Twitter: @branthansen

By Brant Hansen

DeconScripted show

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Hello and Welcome to the DeconScripted podcast! One of us is Molly and one of us is Liz. We are writers who love writing and TV! In this podcast we deconstruct our favorite TV pilots - talk about the first five pages, the characters, the A and B plots and fun show trivia. Follow along with us as we learn from the best scripts and do our own writing exercises. Our first episode will be released March 1st. Happy TV watching, fellow nerds!

By Molly Miller and Liz Thompson

Horrific History Podcast show

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Join us as we peel back the skin of history and exploring the morbid, the macabre, the horrible and sometimes flat-out gross things in the historical record which you might not have heard of before! While attempts are made to try to keep our episodes family-friendly, be forewarned that we often discuss subject matter which may not be suitable for younger listeners. If this is a concern to you, we recommend saving it for when young ears are out of listening range! New episodes are released bi-weekly on Tuesdays! Horrific History Podcast is a program of Kron, an educational 501(c)3 nonprofit headquartered in Ellensburg, WA.

By Horrific History with Eric Slyter and Curtis Bender

Popular Music: The Podcast show

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No guilt. Only pleasure. A pop music podcast hosted by Steven Ray Morris (@stevenraymorris) and Analise Nelson (@iamanabot). New episodes every Monday.

By Analise Nelson, Steven Ray Morris

You Almost Had It! show

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Real-life best buddies, Luke Smitherman and Vince Fabra, attempt to learn a new skill each week, usually come up just short, then talk about their experience in this entertaining and interactive show.

By Luke Smitherman and Vince Fabra

Before the Grumps show

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One Grump interviews another Grump about their life leading up to the moment they joined the Game Grumps. WHOA

By Before the Grumps - A Game Grumps Podcast