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ImprovLA  show

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Keith talks long form improvisation with included lessons, tips, thoughts, quotes, interviews, and more! Keith Saltojanes has been improvising since 2004, and has performed in over 200 shows around the country at such places as the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, IO West, The Chicago Improv Festival, The World\'s Largest Hard Rock Live, and more. He was a founding member of the critically-acclaimed troupe, The Derelict Toys (called \"One of the best improv troupes from around the country\" by the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater), and currently performs with the popular group, English Speaking Moose; another group he founded. Keith has studied with the Improv Olympic, Second City, and is a student of Miles Stroth (Del Close\'s \"Warchief\" and member of The Family). He loves all things improvisation, and enjoys the ever-evolving world of the art. He currently resides, performs, and teaches in Los Angeles, CA.

By Improv LA

Naptime Radio: A Witty and Intelligent Podcast for Moms and Some Dads show

Naptime Radio: A Witty and Intelligent Podcast for Moms and Some DadsJoin Now to Follow

An intelligent and witty podcast for moms....and some dads

By Heather and Kate

Adventures in Irrationality show

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Jeremy Tobin and Eric Young have an ongoing discussion in which they covers topics such as Time Travel, Nazis, Communist, Monkeys, Soccer, Comic Books, Genitalia, Jet Packs, and much, much more. Frequently there is swearing. Sometimes there are funny articles. Often there is yelling.

By Jeremy Tobin and Eric Young

Geek Love Radio show

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This is the podcast that talks about love, sex and relationships from geek's perspective. Sometimes being a nerd is tough, and we try to help with some advice, studies, and of course...comedy. All we hope is that you learned something, got something out of anything we talk about, and most importantly, we hope it helps gets you to where you want to be.

By Francis Fernandez

The Proof is in the Popcorn show

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In this podcast, Stuart and Lauren of Chain Bear join Tro to discuss the ideas and philosophies brought forth by the characters within movies. Using wit, humor and nonsense they ask if Gerard Butler knew what he was talking about when he said "Men are simple creatures. All they want is a blow job"

By The Proof is in the Popcorn

Comedy Film Nerds show

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Movie reviews by stand-up comics and filmmakers Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini

By Comedy Film Nerds

The Inverse Delirium Podcast show

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A humorous take on public radio, created by writer/performer Geoffrey Welchman. Each ten-minute webisode presents witty comedy brainfood for fans of Monty Python, Mr. Show, Firesign Theater, Word Jazz, and comedians like Patton Oswalt, Maria Bamford, Dave Chappelle, and Russell Peters.

By Geoffrey Welchman

Armchair Titans show

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Armchair Titans is a podcast following several groups of Seattle comedians and improvisers playing Dungeons & Dragons. The table talk is often hilarious, sometimes NSFW, and always interesting. This podcast is for anyone who loves Dungeons & Dragons and/or enjoys listening to funny people hang out together being funny.

By Wing-It Productions

Custerstuff cast  show

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Aussie girls Poxy and Roobi talk all things funny from dares and pranks, to their own song parodies. Join in on their hysteria. Hillarity at its best. With competitions, phone pranks, call ins and weird news, what more could you want in a podcast. Visit our home site and become a member at````

By Custerstuff

El Podcast De Luis Castilla show

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Humor, política y análisis de fenómenos sociales contemporáneos que fundamentalmente afectan nuestra vida cotidiana

By Luis Castilla