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The Sound of Violence show

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Each week we discuss the MMA podcasts you should be listening to as well as breakdown the previous and upcoming week's fight cards.

By The Sound of Violence

Midwest Bostonian show

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Midwest Bostonian is a unique and entertaining podcast where your host Boston Johnny discusses what it is like being transplanted to a small town in the Midwest from the mean streets of Boston. Boston Johnny and a different guest each episode discuss the cultural, accent and sports differences that make this new life both challenging and fun.

By Midwest Bostonian

Scenario Brothers show

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Hey Bros & Ho...Ladies! Join us as we explore Hypothetical Situations, Pitch Movie Sequels & Reboots no one wants to see and argue about who would win in a fight between Macaulay Culkin and JRR Tolkien.

By Laser Sandwich

Keep It! show

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<p>Ira Madison III, culture critic and columnist, is joined each week by comedians, journalists, actors, musicians, activists, politicians and more for a conversation at the intersection of pop culture and politics at a time when we're all obsessing over both. Movies! Music! Terrible tweets by celebrities trying to seem engaged while bragging about their latest project! This show has it all. New episodes every Wednesday.</p>

By Crooked Media

Getting Good show

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Your host, Ryan Peterson, chats with folks about getting good at stuff. What compels a man to get his Masters degree in storytelling, or a woman to play World of Warcraft for 10 hours a day and become nationally ranked? Can depression be a useful motivator to make good music? How do people go from being bad to average, to good, to excellent at something? Where do you choose to stop on the spectrum (if it's a choice)? How does ego, vulnerability, competitiveness, and narcissism factor in? This isn't just success stories, or a how-to manual. It's more of a humanistic exploration of these things. Let's talk about regret, self-sabotage, and compulsiveness too. Welcome to Getting Good.

By Ryan Peterson

Deck the Halls (with Matrimony!) show

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When love is your business, you have no business falling in love. Join the gang at Regal Bride as they battle birds and brides in this zany holiday romantic comedy! Starring Paula Deming and Keiko Agena as Emma and Jackie, the best friends in the wedding business. With Kyle Payne as Stu, Ian McQuown as Trip, and Jessica Payne as Katie. Featuring Kacie Rogers and Jesse Abbott Chin in approximately six thousand roles, and introducing Martin Thompson as Junior!

By Sassquach Radio

Kissable Nights Podcast show

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Kissable Nights Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by "The Kissable Diva" A podcast Discussing everything sex, dating and relationships....Afterdark. Tune in Sundays at 8PM EST available Sound Cloud, iTunes, and Spreaker. Contact:

By "The Kissable Diva"

Top Chef Season 15 RHAP-up Podcast show

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Weekly recaps of Top Chef Season 15 on Reality TV RHAPups

By Judges Table Antonio Mazzaro, Mike Bloom, Curt Clark, Josh Wigler

Small Beans show

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Small Beans Podcasting is a place for beans of every sort to come bean it up. Free your soul, eh? Be a frijole.

By Small Beans

The Josh Wade Show show

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The Josh Wade Show features guest from all walks of life, engaging in a conversation about the world's current state of affairs. The show covers many topics, including Religion, Spirituality, Politics and Psychology.

By Josh Wade