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For over TEN YEARS, Nobody Likes Onions has been making audiences laugh at the absurd, the obvious, and the wrong. Comedian Patrick Melton, along with other entertainers from New York City and around the world, gather around microphones three times a week to present their unique observations and opinions about current events, pop culture, and real-world experiences in their personal lives.

By Patrick Melton

Coyle and Sharpe: The Imposters show

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In the early 1960s, Mal Sharpe and James P. Coyle roamed the streets of San Francisco with a microphone, roping strangers into bizarre schemes and surreal stunts. Today, their humor has become a touchstone for a broad range of comics and personalities from The Upright Citizens Brigade to Henry Rollins to WFMU radio.


Ask Palpatine show

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I am Emperor Palpatine. I rule the galaxy.I know that a lot of you hate me -- don't bother to deny it, I have seen it -- but I think that's just because you haven't gotten to know me. I'm not the loveless murderer people make me out to be. Really. Once you get to know me you'll find out that I'm really a nice guy.Honestly.

By Hoggworks Studios

Pokemon Reloaded show

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A series that captured the souls of many children is now available in a parody version for your viewing pleasure. Pokemon Reloaded is a comical spin on the hit series Pokemon of course. Pokemon is the property of Shogakuken Productions Co. , Ltd, Pokemon UDA, and 4kids Entertainment. These videos are not for any reason used for personal profit or gain, only for comedy/parody purposes.

By Pokemon Reloaded

dotBoom - a puppet show about web designers. show

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dotBoom is a puppet show about web designers. They hate themselves.You should watch.

By Hoggworks Studios

Les Crapules show

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Les Crapules vous offre des capsules vidéos humoristiques dans un concept unique où leurs canulars téléphoniques deviennent d'amusantes capsule en dessin-animé. Visitez aussi notre site web: Les Crapules sont partout! Sur votre cellulaire, sur votre iPod Touch ou iPhone et maintenant en "Podcast".

By Yan Thériault

Peter Anthony Holder's "Stuph File" show

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<center>Pop Culture, Odd News and the occasional thoughts pouring out of Peter Anthony Holder's head<br>plus <b><i>The Stuph File Radio Program</i></b> </center>

By Peter Anthony Holder

The Layne Mitchell Show show

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Alternative Edmonton

By Layne Mitchell

TGOR show

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Every weekday morning enter the bizarre world of sports and comedy with JR and Steve, featuring "insightful" sports commentary and pop culture updates.

By TSN 1200

Chronicles of Hogg Hall show

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This is the international feed for Hogg Hall - a comedy podcast about a bunch of dysfunctional aristocrats living in a crumbling old mansion in England.

By Sowerby and Luff