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Variety Reál show

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Variety Reál is on the vanguard of podcasting. It is a mix of public domain old time radio and original music created by me, the man. The final amalgamation is a funny, heartbreaking, irreverent, sample - infused, dance - able, trance - able, comedy and music exploration. Also, there's a misfit robot who tries to insert himself into the proceedings. His emo rants will have you crying, laughing or just blinking. Reminisce over old radio bits, commercials and public service announcements, all mixed up in time - bending gumbo of ideas and toe - tapping tunes! Also, interviews with personalities from the past....and future? It's all about Variety. Reálly.



Filter Free Amerika is a funny & informative show that has social commentary, current events, interviews & everything else all delivered with NO SOCIAL OR POLITICAL CORRECTNESS FILTER. Hosted by Comedian Joey Vincent & Whiskey Monday front man Steve Peterson.``

By Joey Vincent

Coin Operated show

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Hear what two dudes have to say about everything in this world that actually matters. From video games to naked chicks and comic books to beer, these guys know it all. Let the ranting begin!

By Coin Operated

Delicious Mediocrity show

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A weekly comedy podcast hosted by Seattle based comedians Derek Sheen and Douglas Gale. Listen to these knuckleheads talk about a variety of topics including, comedy, pop-culture, politics, comedy. and more comedy

By Pastey Boy Productions

Say What? with Nick, & Joe show

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From the man who tried to turn poo into gold to the woman who dialed 999 and requested the police get rid of a spider in her kitchen; Join Craig, Nick & Joe as they take a look at the stranger news stories of the week

By Say What? with Nick & Joe

Lunchtime Movie Review show

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Revisiting movies from our childhood with adult eyes to see if they stand the test of time. This podcast is for anyone who loved films from the 70s, 80s, and 90s (but mostly the 80s) and want to remember why the movies were loved, or at times wonder why they were loved. This is a humorous, and sometimes irreverent take on movies and the culture that existed back in the day. We care about this product and spend alot of time making sure it's worthy of your time.

By The Children of the 80s

This Awful Life show

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Since 1881 we’ve been toiling in the mines of news and entertainment and sprinkled upon those bitter nuggets golden ribbons of sarcasm. Now we are offering it to you in easily digestible weekly podcast form. Now that we’ve stepped into the pantheons of new media you can tweet us, facebook us, blog about us, and Beiber us. Although we’re still not sure how you are supposed to do that last one.

By Awful Labs

Tiny Odd Conversations show

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If you’ve ever wanted to say “I love you with all my heart, but what the fuck are you talking about?” to your significant other, then this is the show for you. This is less of a podcast and more of a long form murder / suicide note. Real life married couple Travis and Brandi co-host this weekly decent into madness / podcast. Each episode they attempt to dive into 3 separate topics and each episode it gets a bit weird. Goblin Talk, Jolly Rancher Love, bug hatred, an imaginary vagina faced child named Cunty, dolphin sex crimes and caramel pants are just a few of the nuggets that have been mined out of this Glory Hole. Tiny Odd Conversations – Bridging The Gap From Inane To Insane.

By Travis Clark and Brandi Clark

Enjoy Every Movie show

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Enjoy Every Movie is simply about the love of movies. Each week we discuss how to best enjoy a new movie out at the theater. We also have a weekly debate show and our expectations show.

By Enjoy Every Movie

Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee show

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Thoughts, Rants & Cold Coffee is an audio-segment hosted by comedian Ron Placone. The segment runs between 2-4 minutes in length and features a humorous and satirical perspective on current events, politics and social issues.

By Ron Placone