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Best Job Ever show

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Jay Hunter is a Cinematographer based in Los Angeles and just about everyone he works with on feature films and television shows absolutely LOVES their job. Jay and his colleagues are often asked the impossible to answer question, "How did you get that job?". This podcast seeks to answer that very question...or at least scratch the surface. From Actors to Directors to Key Grips & Gaffers we dig deep and uncover some wisdom, some advice and some hilarious stories from the trenches of the cinematic battlefield.

By Jay Hunter

Brew Bloods: Drink Beer, Think Beer show

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Drink beer, think beer! Join Marc and Dustin each week as they pick a craft beer, drink a craft beer, and rate a craft beer, plus dispensing education and laughs along the way.

By Brew Bloods

On The Rocks 247365 show

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On The Rocks is a variety show featuring Kevin Brasfield and Dave Zabarkus bringing you loads of adult style comedy. We occasionally have appearances by celebrity guests and you will be entertained for hours on end with humor that promises to keep your attention! On The Rocks has received rave reviews by truck drivers and needle junkies everywhere! Make sure you aren't left out of the next big thing! Disclaimer: Many of the stories are fiction and are not meant to insult or defame any of the names used during the show. The show is for entertainment purposes only! Don't believe squat these clowns say.

By Dave Zabarkus

Question the Answers show

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Eon K. Grissom and Dukey Royale "Question the Answers" on a wide variety of subjects! From UFO contacts to Bigfoot and Food Politics to Illuminati Symbolism. Nothing is off the table! Tune in weekly for our unique perspective!

By Q the A Podcast

Comedy Stuff CHANNEL's: Comedy Stuff Podcast show

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Show written, scored, and recorded same day in 1 take. Politicians, FOX, CNN, Nancy Grace, Florida's Problems, SKIT, PARODY, SONG AND DANCE, and this here IS a dog and pony show. I'm in college full-time so enjoy what I manage without not being in trouble with professor.

By Charles Semich

Let's Read Together with Kevin Froleiks show

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Let’s Read Together is a bi-weekly podcast about books for people who forgot to read the book! Comedian Kevin Froleiks ( invites you to join him on a journey through some of the greatest books he's never read! In each episode, Kevin and a guest agree to read a book before attempting to talk about it together. What actually ends up happening is that neither of them have ever even opened the book and so they must try to make up the plot, characters, and major themes on the spot. Remember when you were in school and you tried to write a book report without reading the book? That's exactly what this podcast is all about!

By Kevin Froleiks

WrestleFania | The Only Wrestling Podcast Ever show

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Two Cousins, @WrestleWatcher (Mike) and @WrestleBrand (Brandon) talk WWE on a monthly basis.


Moments Without Reason show

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A weekly podcast about everything in general, and nothing in particular. Check us out on Stitcher, our website at or the iTunes store

By Allen Prohaska

Pulpurri show

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Josh and Mike talk about things in their lives, news, tv shows, movies, and video games. It could be boring for fun... who knows.

By Josh & Mike

Medically Speaking Radio show

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Weekly entertaining medical talk radio show with listener calls and interviews with medical specialists.

By Mark Vaughan, M.D. and Larry Finney