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The Facebook & Zynga Podcast show

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Facebook & Zynga podcast.We will take your calls and try to get you the answers to your questions about Facebook & Zynga games plus will give you the latest news on both to help keep you informed.

By John Sweeney Jr

Don't Worry About The Government show

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U.S. and world political news analysis by a merry band of (mostly) left-leaning geeks who are neither qualified nor paid to do it. Smart. Exciting. Funny. Mysterious. Sexy? To put it another way: radio pundit amateur hour.

By Don't Worry About The Government

The Brian Howard Podcast show

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The Brian Howard Podcast is here, and there isn’t anything thing you can do about it. Brian and his friend Cowen Angus Bailey spin a completely improvised web of comedy-conversation. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll kiss valuable memory on your mobile device goodbye.

By Brian Howard

I Am Idiot - the podcast show

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COMEDY PODCAST: I Am Idiot. Three men, one podcast, no brains

By I Am Idiot

How To Kill An Hour show

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A group of intelligent people humorously discussing topical non-sense in effort to pass time while keeping those listening amused.

By Roman Hobbs

For Those About To Rock show

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For those about to rock, we salute you. If you aren't about to rock and don't really know much about it this is the place to find out.

By Simply Syndicated

Finsbury show

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Finsbury is a weekly audio adventure comedy written and produced by Rebecca Boley, Michelle Donkin and Will Parsons. Strange things are happening in Jack’s new flat and he’s starting to figure out why he got it so cheap. The pot plant and guinea pig are talking, a dragon is wedged in the airing cupboard and he’s just killed a fly called Brian. Is he losing his grip on reality? Or has reality just expanded? Starring: Will Parsons, Alex McCann, Lee Arnott, Sean Cameron, Richard Osborn, Michelle Donkin, Rebecca Boley,Lawrence Tate, Bethan Kay and Kirsty Richings. Sound engineer: Lilly Ding. Sound design: Rachael Tate. Go to for more information, previews and cast details.

By Finsbury Productions

The Unadulterated BS Podcast show

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The Unadulterated BS Podcast boils down to guys talking about guy stuff. Join Brian, Robert, and The Big Show as they discuss weekly news events in a segment called The Week in BS. Weekly guests from a cast of 1000's help to create a fun, ever changing atmosphere with different personalities playing off one another. The Unadulterated BS Podcast records weekly and is available for download every Friday at 7 PM CST at Follow our twitter feed at

By The Unadulterated BS Podcast

Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk show

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Two rated pilots and air traffic controllers discuss air traffic stories, news, and real interactions with the aviation community. Learn about our pilot experiences and how they relate to our daily work as air traffic controllers. WE DO NOT REPRESENT OUR EMPLOYER. THE VIEWS EXPRESSED ON THIS SITE AND THE PODCAST ARE OUR OWN. THIS SITE AND THE PODCAST ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED OFFICIAL GUIDANCE OR A REPLACEMENT FOR APPLICABLE LAWS, RULES, AND REGULATIONS.

By Air Traffic Talk