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Johnjay & Rich: Music Obsessed show

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Rich from the Johnjay & Rich show takes us on a musical journey from his favorite artists, to his favorite music and beyond! Take a seat, put some headphones on and listen loud!

By 104.7 KISS FM (KZZP-FM)

Sip On This show

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Do you like moderately entertaining people? Well, YOU'RE IN LUCK. Meet Michelle and Chelsea, your new favorite female filmmaker duo. Follow them as they candidly talk about their journey living out their 20’s while finding humor along the way.

By Sip On This

Top Story Tonight! show

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We are at a critical moment in history, where the 24/7 news cycle no longer just covers the story. It influences the story. Sometimes it IS the story. Do you love history and find the media maddening? #MeToo! “Top Story Tonight!” revisits great moments in history as if the modern media existed at the time - cable news, Twitter, Instagram, talk radio, reality TV, even the dark web of conspiracy theories. Imagine retelling the story of Cleopatra as the original Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Think Henry VIII as the king who wants to Make England Great Again. #MEGA! You get the idea. This podcast brings history to life—warts and all—with a modern twist.

By Jane Wells



Humour, Lifestyle talks, Hot topics, advice, self care, and random chit chat. Share if you like. Thanks

By Missybeelondon

The Eighth Bit Podcast show

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The Eighth Bit Podcast Giving your ear drums a digital playground!

By Anthony Joseph

The Laura Clery Podcast show

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I’m Laura Clery and I’m here to bring you funny stories, hilarious prank calls, more characters like Helen Horbath and the digital creator lifestyle. I want to make you laugh out loud while giving you a behind-the-scenes look at being a digital creator. Seriously. That’s my mission. (And also to annoy the sh*t out of my husband Stephen Hilton, my podcast co-host). Starting as a Hollywood actress, I also began making videos with snapchat filters on Facebook. With 7 years of sobriety and lots of dedication, those videos went viral and I’ve grown my digital audience to more than 5 million. Help me keep you laughing by letting me know what you want to hear more of by leaving a comment on iTunes!

By Laura Clery

Aggressively Positive show

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Aggressively Positive is a brand new podcast, brought to you by Adam Theroux of Good People Doing Good. We feature positive news stories, uplifting and non conventional looks on life, and a look into the uplifting and fun brain of me, Adam Theroux, and the non profit that I founded, Good People Doing Good. This was once the podcast feed for “401 Stories”, created by my brother. We have made an agreement that if he ever records another episode, we will be uploading here as a bonus! —————————— FORMERLY THE RSS FEED FOR 401 Stories. But we will always offer the full archive of all episodes!!! 401 Stories: This book contains four hundred and one stories and each one is an adapted folktale, fairy tale, urban legend, modern myth, or some other synonym for the same thing: "Once upon a time, something happened." 401 Stories is a project of storyteller Joe Theroux and is intended for and enjoyed by children as well as grownups. For more information go to

By Good People Doing Good

Dave Ryan Show's Minnesota Goodbye show

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Since the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show always has one more thing they feel they just have to share. Minnesota Goodbye is a podcast with the Dave Ryan Show after the mics turn off at 10am.

By 101.3 KDWB (KDWB-FM)

Quizeculo كويزيكيلو show

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برنامج مسابقات ممتع يقدمه البروفيسور وليد، يجمع نخبة من الشباب والمشاهير ويقدم معلومات قيمة على طبق من الإمتاع باستخدام طريقة التثقيف بالترفيه (Edutainment)

By Mics