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J R's Podcast show

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"Old Love". Social issues, politics and Montreal life with GB, Red and Wez

By J R

The Pushers show

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The Pushers are a Norfolk, Virginia based sketch comedy group that prides itself on its edgy, cantankerous, loud, obnoxious, high energy, take-no-prisoners type of comic theatre. The Pushers are notorious for their handling of topics such as race, religion, and sexuality. And they offer no apologies for whom they might offend. They also tackle such topics as literature, cowboys, eggmen, theatre, terrorism, eating disorders, beastiality, transgenders, the handicapped, handjobs, Tom Cruise, cheese sandwiches, pop culture, Michael Jackson, Stephen Hawking, anal ease, the purple stuff, crayons, screech, the Navy, meatloaf, and french people all performed with a greasey comic tone and a splash of pure genius.

By The Pushers

John McLuckie Show Podcast show

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The John McLuckie Show broadcasts on Oban FM in the West Highlands of Scotland, featuring local bands, special guests, regular football prediction competitions and the Oban FM quiz.

By John McLuckie

Puckertime show

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Father (42) and son (18) piss and moan about daliy life

By Sto Jr and Sto Sr

The Zedcast show

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Here's a Canadian guy from the city, who moved to small town Nova Scotia. All was well until he fell through a hole in the Podosphere. Then..strange things started happening... Comedy, Funny, Stories, Skits, Sketch, Canada, Canadian,Audio blog

By Bruce Murray

Music by Zuma Dogg show

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The Hip Hop Radio Show for Real O.G.s (Crunk Comedy & Music). Radio Disney meets G-Unit. Hilarious radio show where the HOOD KIDZ (ages 5-15) get together at the park after school for a little singing, rapping and hilarious "crunked up" trash-talking. Recorded LIVE in Las Vegas from the BBQ pit of the local park. HOOD KIDZ is the kidz show, not for kidz. (Very explicit hip-hop lyrics.)

By Zuma Dogg

wondersTV show

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A magical treat each week from wonders studios.

By wonders

This Old Podcast show

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'This Old Podcast' (with your host Michael Finney), bridges the gap between legitimate 'hard news' outlets such as 'The Daily Show' and the low-impact, biased comglomerate news sources (FOX News, CNN, etc.). Major news stories get the full-on Michael Finney treatment - he comes at them from angles most major mathematicians aren't even sure exist in modern geometry. The world of entertainment is also not safe from the stinging barbs and wracking sarcasm 'THIS OLD PODCAST' delivers each week. 'THIS OLD PODCAST' is news for the rest of us - the netizens who demand their news and entertainment in convenient m4a form. Never has America been more ready for a guy in a basement apartment to skewer and poke fun at real issues, important geo-political developments and the cult of celebrity as they are RIGHT NOW!

By Michael Finney

The Oddcast show

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A monthly odd podcast filled with interviews, music, monologues, stories, and other odd bits. It's as if Rolling Stone, MAD Magazine and the New Yorker got together, banished their popularity but kept their style, and tried their hands at the newest form of media... the podcast.

By Chris Kelly

The Sini-Gang show

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The Sini-Gang are pinoys depicting a slice of Filipino-American life in Virginia Beach, VA via a weekly, light-hearted Podcast. We discuss anything and everything, and we call 'em as we see 'em through our Filipino-American eyes. Don't take us too seriously though, we don't.