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Were You Raised By Wolves? show

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Join Emmy® Award-winning journalist Nick Leighton and stand-up comic Leah Bonnema as they help you avoid being the odd man out, the wallflower, pariah, or “that guy” in the “Do you believe that guy?” Whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you use a silver spoon to serve caviar (ew!), WERE YOU RAISED BY WOLVES? will teach you the rules of the game to avoid embarrassment and get ahead. Each episode, you'll learn how proper behavior, good manners, and impeccable etiquette can help you smoothly glide through any situation, win friends, and influence people. No matter where you come from or what group you hang with, WERE YOU RAISED BY WOLVES? will help you be a better person...or at least make people think you are, which is all that really matters anyway. New episodes every-other Monday.

By Nick Leighton

Hindsight is Horrifying  show

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<strong>Hindsight is Horrifying</strong> is the podcast where two allegedly grown-up (and certainly somewhat cynical) hosts discuss life as members of the TV generation. Recorded in Alpharetta, Georgia.

By Darth Jader &amp; Jason Mitchell

Did You Reddit? show

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A mostly weekly podcast about the Internet, by way of Reddit: the front page of the Internet. Each episode, u/ItsYerDad, u/MyFreeday, and u/DogBoobes discuss a different Subreddit, and the subcultures that this subreddit is about…kindof. Brought to you by and Capo Isetta Vinyards, until they tell us to stop saying that.

By Did You Reddit?

Rob Rat Podcast show

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Rob and Rats World of Wonder In this series of podcasts: Rob Tuomey and Stephen Rattigan look at all the weird and wonderful things that this world has to offer! From urban legends and Aliens to the paranormal and everything in between they discuss and investigate it all. In each episode Rob and Rats will bring you interviews, special guests and all sorts of interesting news and facts.

By Rob and Rats World of Wonder

Mind Theory show

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Mind Theory: A show where we explore both the conscious and unconscious mind and our hidden motivations. During each episode, we share real-life stories that illustrate how reasoning, biases, judgments, and decision-making can shape and transform our lives. Our goal is to teach people how to open their minds; freeing them to be who they’ve always dreamt of being.

By Randall Chesnutt

Adventures of Horatio Hornblower show

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The plot of the show starts with Hornblower being a junior Royal Navy Captain in Napoleonic times. He was sent in Central America on a secret mission. There, he reminisces the times when he was still a seasick and hopeless midshipman. As the story goes on, Hornblower gains promotion regardless of the fact that he lacks the resources and influential connections.This is because he used his skills and daring character. After overcoming lots of obstacles set in different lands with different tongues, Hornblower achieved the highest achievement one can get in his profession-- he became Rear Admiral of the Red Squadron, and later on he was known to be the 1st Baron Hornblower.

By Entertainment Radio

All Gas and Gaiters Podcast show

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All Gas and Gaiters, predominantly farcical in nature, was set in the close of the fictional St Ogg's Cathedral and concerned various intrigues and rivalries among the clergy. The "gaiters" in the title refers to part of the traditional dress of bishops and archdeacons. The bishop was easygoing; his friend the archdeacon was elderly, tippling, and still appreciative of attractive women; and the bishop's chaplain was naïve and accident-prone. Their wish to live a quiet bachelor life was continually threatened by the overbearing dean, who tried to bring by-the-book rule to the cathedral.<br><br>Radio episodes<br><br>Series One: 1971<br><br>"The Bishop Rides Again" (5 January 1971)<br>"The Bishop Writes a Sermon" (12 January 1971)<br>"The Bishop Meets a Bird" (19 January 1971)<br>"The Bishop Turns to Crime" (26 January 1971)<br>"The Bishop Sees a Ghost" (2 February 1971)<br>"Only Three Can Play" (9 February 1971)<br>"The Dean Goes Primitive" (16 February 1971)<br>"The Bishop Gets a Letter" (23 February 1971)<br>"The Bishop Gives a Party" (2 March 1971)<br>"The Bishop Goes to Town" (9 March 1971)<br>"Give a Dog a Bad Name" (16 March 1971)<br>"The Bishop Gives a Shove" (23 March 1971)<br>"The Bishop Pays a Visit" (30 March 1971)<br><br>Series Two: 1972<br><br>"The Bishop Learns the Facts" (24 July 1972)<br>"The Bishop Takes a Holiday" (31 July 1972)<br>"The Bishop Buys a Car" (7 August 1972)<br>"The Bishop Gets the Sack" (14 August 1972)<br>"The Bishop Has a Flutter" (21 August 1972)<br>"The Affair at Cookham Lock" (28 August 1972)<br>"The Bishop Loves His Neighbour" (4 September 1972)<br>"The Bishop Beats the System" (11 September 1972)<br>"The Bishop Entertains" (18 September 1972)<br>"The Bishop Gains a Reputation" (25 September 1972)<br>"The Bishop Buys a Mug" (2 October 1972)<br>"The Bishop Loses his Chaplain" (9 October 1972)<br>"When In Rome" (16 October 1972)<br>"The Bishop Is Hospitable" (23 October 1972)<br>"The Bishop Gives a Present" (30 October 1972)<br>"The Bishop Takes Up Business" (6 November 1972)<br>"The Bishop Keeps his Diary" (13 November 1972)<br>"The Bishop Warms Up" (20 November 1972)<br>"The Bishop Shows his Loyalty" (27 November 1972)<br>"The Bishop Has a Rest" (4 December 1972)

By Entertainment Radio

A Case For Dr Morelle show

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This is a vintage radio drama series about a criminal psychologist, Dr Morelle, who solves murder cases which are too complex for the police. Morelle is played by English film actor Cecil Parker, and is alternately helped and hindered in his investigations by his secretary Miss Frayle, played by film actress Sheila Sim.<br><br>The series was created by writer Ernest Dudley, who conceived the character during an air raid in 1942. The curmudgeonly and sarcastic psychologist is thought to be based on Hollywood actor and producer Erich von Stroheim; and as played by Cecil Parker the character certainly has a touch of the aristocrat about him.<br><br>In a nod to the Baker Street residence of Sherlock Holmes, Morelle's London office is situated at 221b Harley Street. Most of the stories begin there, with his long-suffering secretary patiently enduring her employer's endless sarcasm.<br><br>Each of the stories is self-contained, with Morelle solving the mystery in the final scene. Unusually for the time, he solves each case not by hunting for clues in the manner of Sherlock Holmes, but instead through a psychiatrist's insight into the personality of the killer: using his professional experience to consider the suspects, in order to determin which of them matches the deduced personality of the murderer.<br><br>Thirteen episodes were broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in 1957, aired weekly from April 23rd to July 16th.

By Entertainment Radio

The Blitz Morning Show show

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Toby Brendel presents you with a great variety show. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Toby Brendel

Desert Radio AZ show

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Desert Radio AZ Weird News, is hosted Brandon Williams. You can hear his Weird News stories at the Top and bottom of the hour everyday on Desert Radio AZ. We offer Community News &amp; Information with a Wild Music Format! Rock, Pop, Country, R&amp;B, Comedy and Surprises! Check us out at

By Romeo St.Pierre Productions LLC