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Slate's Poetry Podcast show

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From, a weekly poem, read by the author.

By Slate Magazine

Monocle 24: The Urbanist show

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With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments.

By Monocle

Stories from Nobilis Reed show

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Nobilis Reed brings you a (mostly) weekly selection of stories, serials and excerpts that don't stop at the bedroom door...or the castle gate...or the airlock.

By Nobilis

Saga Thing show

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Saga Thing is a podcast for people who love history, literature, Vikings and all things medieval. In each episode, the hosts review a saga from medieval Iceland and then dig in to categories for discussion, including: Best Bloodshed, Body Count, Notable Witticisms, Nicknames, Outlawry, Thingmen, and Ratings.

By Saga Thing

more videos at show

more videos at www.abstractartless.comJoin Now to Follow

Amazing abstract art painting video tutorials by abstract artist Peter Dranitsin

Ball Jointed Dolls show

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Aiis Roman is an artist, that make ball jointed dolls in the United State. For see Mr. Roman’s art work, as well as their beautiful dolls check this

Another Passing Afternoon show

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Another Passing Afternoon host Everett McKee interviews artists he enjoys, and who bring him inspiration. Musicians, writers, painters, pro wrestlers, and everything in between.

By Everett McKee

The Legendarium show

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The Legendarium exists primarily as a book club for fantasy and sci-fi, both the classics and the new classics. Authors discussed have included Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson, David Eddings, Ernest Cline, Robert Heinlein, Michael Crichton, and more. You'll also get the occasional movie review or Star Wars discussion. (Anything in the realm of the fantastic is fair game!) Check out past episodes and other content at <a href="%22"></a>.

By The Legendarium Podcast

Boktorsk show

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En podcast med författarintervjuer, skvaller, skrivande, litteratur, skrivtips med mera. Helt prettofritt. Med programledaren Leffe Grimwalker.

By Boktorsk

Creative Magic Network w/Frederic Byé show

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The Creative Magic Network is a combination of podcasts/radio shows from entertaining and inspiring hosts posted every week. The majority of the Creative Magic Network audience is people who aspire to a creative life but is afraid to take the first step. Most of them are regular people who work nine-to-five, or artists and business people looking to learn something new. The aim is to entertain, inspire, and educate.We talk to experts, we step into the unknown, it’s an inspirational, magical and intuitive network, as we chat with enigmatic, charismatic, artists from around the globe. Musicians, singers, radio hosts, business people, photographers, and everything in between… Questions?

By Frederic Byé