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Design You Podcast show

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People from all walks of life share their personal journeys, life lessons and insights to inspire us to make the necessary changes to create the life we really want. Each show is packed with strategies designed to help you find the clarity and purpose needed for personal fulfilment, the tools to do things differently and the strategic skills to transform our life from living by default to living by design; oh, and there should be some laughs along the way!

By Tina Murray

BamaCarry Podcast show

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Your weekly information and news as it pertains to the 2nd amendment in Alabama Thanks to Jeremy Dodge for the music.

By Michael Woodward

Calvary South Austin Godcast show

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Galatians Bible Study

By Pastor Bunjee Garrett

Embracing the Word, Reaching the World show

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"Embracing the Word, Reaching the World" is a podcast of Lutheran Brethren Seminary ( Episodes present insightful interviews with LBS faculty, staff, students, and guests as well as audio recordings of special presentations--all which serve the church in its mission to make disciples of all the nations.

By Lutheran Brethren Seminary

The College Info Geek Podcast: College Advice | Personal Branding | Productivity | Lifestyle Design show

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Thomas Frank from College Info Geek dives in to the strategies and tactics that the best students use to be awesome at college. Learn how to hack your studying habits to learn more in less time and be more productive, build a personal brand that will make you insanely attractive to the companies you actually want to work for, and get tips to pay off your student debt fast and start making money. Whether you know your university like the back or your hand, or you can't even find your classes, this podcast will help you become an awesome student.

By Thomas Frank: College Expert, Online Entrepreneur, and Blogger

StartupLab by YEC (Video) show

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Young Entrepreneur Council, or YEC hosts a weekly live Q and A with the world's coolest entrepreneurs that provides free mentorship to entrepreneurs, small business owners, teachers, and students. Go to to get started.

By Young Entrepreneur Council

Behind-the-Scene @ NTSB show

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Behind-the-Scene @ NTSB will share the stories of our staff and highlight the exceptional work that is being done to advance transportation. Each episode will feature an interview with NTSB staff. We’ll delve into their transportation career history, discuss interesting investigations or reports that they have worked on, and share how their expertise improves safety. New episodes will be available every other Thursday.

By National Transportation Safety Board

Ecologist Goes to Washington show

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The Ecologist Goes to Washington features the stories and reflections of scientists who have engaged their local, state, or federal governments in addressing the broader implications of their research.

By Ecologist Goes to Washington

Lifelong Podcast - Grow Happy show

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We believe that feeling great is a skill that everyone deserves to know. At Lifelong we work hard to help people think a little differently and grow happy. Our podcast is just another way we want to share simple, practical and effective tools to help grow your happiness.

By Lifelong Group

Lab Values Podcast (Nursing Podcast, normal lab values for nurses for NCLEX®) by NRSNG show

Lab Values Podcast (Nursing Podcast, normal lab values for nurses for NCLEX®) by NRSNGJoin Now to Follow

Quick . . . is the aPTT within normal range? <br> <br> Are you sweating a bit? Nervous?<br> <br> Head over to for our free cheat sheet covering the 63 most important lab values for nurses.<br> <br> This podcast covers one essential lab value for episode including normal ranges, nursing considerations, and background information.<br> <br> Normal lab values are hard to keep straight. This show includes the most common including:<br> <br> Creatinine, WBC, BUN, aPTT, blood gasses, and more.<br> <br> Welcome to the NRSNG family!<br> <br> For full disclaimer information visit

By Jon Haws RN CCRN: Critical Care Nurse NCLEX Educator