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Mr. Credit - FREE Credit Advice for ALL. show

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Free Credit Advice for ALL by accomplished Radio Host Mr. Credit. Learn everything THEY don\'t want you to know about Finance, Real Estate, and Credit Scoring. Mr. Credit does a Q&A style show where the audience dictates the content of each broadcast. The show is on the airwaves locally in San Diego on ESPN Radio. All questions are welcome. Where do I get a good copy of my credit report? Should I Short Sale my home or just let it go? When is the right time to seek a bankruptcy consultation? You ask and Mr. Credit will answer and oh yea, it\'s 100% FREE.

By Mr. Credit - The Ocean Podcast show - The Ocean PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Cephalopodcast features science education and information about our oceans. Produced in south Florida, it includes news and ideas for marine educators and those who wish to learn more about our marine environment.

By Jason Robertshaw

MyOnlineGuitar - Guitar.  Simplified. » Podcast Feed show

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Learn how to play guitar step by step with free guitar lessons from


Bavaria District VODcast show

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Bavaria District Programs are showcased in this VODcast: Video on Demand Podcast.

By Larry Bruce

Charles Kelly's Learn a Song show

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These are English songs that a large number of native English speakers know and are part of our culture. I'm doing this podcast primarily for people who are studying English as a second language (ESL / EFL). However, native English speakers, both adults and children, might find these interesting.

Drexel eLearning Podcasts show

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Drexel\'s e-Learning Minute is a series of short podcasts, created to help students succeed with online learning. They are hosted by Dr. Kenneth Hartman, Director of Academic Affairs at Drexel e-Learning.

By Dr. Kenneth Hartman

Logical Weight Loss Podcast show

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A no nonsense approach to weight loss. This down to earth delivery from the "Average Joe" trying to lose weight like you. The community around this show is awesome as we share insights into what is working in fitness, diet, and nutrition. You can lose weight, and we can help. Additional episodes are available at the website.

By David Jackson

Optics and Refraction by Dr. David Hunter show

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Dr. David Hunter’s lectures on optics and refraction are among the most popular anywhere in the world. Until now, you would have to travel to a review course to experience these concise and entertaining (considering the topic) lectures. That all changed on March 9, 2010, when Dr. Hunter recorded his entire six hour lecture series, as presented at the 2010 San Antonio Ophthalmology Course. The slides are rendered in crisp detail, and a video camera captures Dr. Hunter when he steps outside the PowerPoint to emphasize a teaching topic. There is even an accompanying handout, which serves as an independent study guide. Watch the lectures over and over, on your own time, to the point of nausea if you wish. For further review, you can purchase a copy of his book, Last-Minute Optics online. Now, anyone in the world can benefit from these popular lectures, free of charge! If you wish to make a donation to support this podcast, which was produced with the support of the Children's Hospital Ophthalmology Foundation, please visit

By David G. Hunter, MD, PhD

AISC Podcast Series show

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The AISC Podcast series Steel Profiles! Join us for interesting interviews and topics relevant to the steel design and construction industry!

By The American Institute of Steel Construction

Motivation To Move: Weight Loss | Fitness | Motivation | Exercise | Personal Trainer | Crossfit show

Motivation To Move: Weight Loss | Fitness | Motivation | Exercise | Personal Trainer | CrossfitJoin Now to Follow

Motivation To Move Minutes are 60 second, daily episodes hosted by motivational speaker Scott Smith. Each will give you the motivation you need to be healthy and fit... and have a great time. Like we say... "It's all about moving... do some now so that you can do more later."