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A Correction Podcast show

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A Correction is an economics podcast that seeks to demystify the economy and make economics accessible.

By A Correction Team

Lessons in Life & Love show

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Coach Riana Milne, “The Life & Love Transformation Expert” is a Certified, global Life, Love & Relationship Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Cert. Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional, and a #1 Best Selling Author. She’s a Life & Dating Coach for the new DocuSeries, Radical Dating – Finding Lasting Love Over 40. Riana has been an educational speaker on Personal Transformation topics for over a million people of all ages, for over 38 years. Her keynote speech is The Shocking Truth Why 9 out of 10 People Struggle in Life & Love, and How to Have the Love You Deserve. She teaches how to face and overcome past pain, trauma, fears, and anxiety through conscious self-awareness to develop a positive mindset for success and confidence in all Life areas and how to have Emotionally Healthy and Conscious relationships. Her live radio show and podcast *Lessons in Life & Love* will feature How Childhood Trauma and Unconscious Emotional Triggers Impact Adults in Life & Love and is passionate about motivating her listeners to create loving, positive, and healthy relationships with themselves and others. Riana helps people overcome and adjust to the trauma, stress, and fears of Life & Relationships. She helps her clients who have experiences Childhood or Dating/Relationship Trauma overcome their past challenges to create a new positive mindset & positive habits and increase their self-esteem to have the Life they Desire & The Love They Deserve!

By Bold Brave Media Talk Radio

Power Purpose & Profit show

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Purpose Power and Profit is a deeper look at how to start, fund, and grow a successful nonprofit business. Sherry Watson is one of the foremost experts in the world on nonprofits, having been one of the authors of the Americans With Disabilities Act, owner of 6 successful nonprofit corporations, and consultant to thousands of nonprofit businesses. Whether you’re getting into business from scratch, or you have a for-profit business, you can learn the power of the non-profit and how to reach more people, do more good in the world, and do well at the same time. We’ll be bringing you episodes on the how to of starting, growing, and funding a nonprofit, as well as case studies, success stories, and interviews with experts and decision makers. You’ll also find out the myths and misconceptions about nonprofits and much more…………………..Thanks for subscribing, we look forward to helping you do well AND do good!

By Sherry and Derek Watson deliver expert advice on how to start a nonprofit as a socially conscious, profitable business model

Ancestors Alive! Genealogy: From Paper To People show

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The #1 job of genealogy is to take ancestors from names on paper to multidimensional people who lived, breathed, loved, lost, and helped us to be who we are. I'll teach you how to maximize online research tools like Ancestry, FamilySearch,, and Findagrave, best evidence and best practices, and how to use folklore to find leads and to add color to your tree. I always add stories from my 38 years of mistakes and triumphs in genealogy, folklore, and family history work, and there's usually a tablespoon or so of snark. Together, we'll focus on cooperative and reparational genealogy, and how Anglo- or European-American researchers can work with African-American researchers to restore connections destroyed by centuries of enslavement. I also interview researchers in genealogy and related fields in all phases of their growth, and I even talk about ancestral meals in the Family Cookbook episodes. Join me!

By Carolynn ni Lochlainn

7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast with Clyde Lee Dennis show

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Start Each Day The Right Way With The 7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast. The Podcast for Busy High Achievers, Hosted by Clyde Lee Dennis. Where you get self-improvement tips, life skills training, and the inspiration you need as you work toward achieving your goals. With a new 7 minute episode every day 7 days a week featuring the best teachers and speakers like Brendon Burchard, Joel Osteen, Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, Eddie Pinero, Lisa Nichols, Robin Sharma, Jay Shetty, and many more. Subscribe now so you never miss a new episode!

By Clyde Lee Dennis, Self-Improvement Coach and Podcast Producer

Real Estate Mega Moms Podcast show

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To empower moms for success in real estate through support, training and superior marketing!

By Jessica Hensley

Stats and Stories show

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Insights from Canadian Nonprofit Evaluators

By Family Service Toronto

Kamat Radio - Wisdom for the Ear from Ancient Egypt show

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Kamat Radio is a podcast network dedicated to teaching facets of ancient Egyptian culture. Our parent organization – Kamat – Reconstructing Ancient Egyptian Culture – provides research and content to our podcast shows.

By Kamat Radio - Wisdom for the Ear from Ancient Egypt

Be Your Mentor Podcast show

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Be your own mentor to get your successful podcast business.

By online tips

Tips From the Top Podcast show

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Each month, Tips From the Top interviews different Pampered Chef consultants to find out what they're doing in their business that helps them be successful and happy. Our goal is to give you the insight and inspiration you need to move forward with your own Pampered Chef business. Enriching lives, one meal and one memory (and now one podcast) at a time.

By Pampered Chef Home Office