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Speak English Now Podcast: Learn English | Speak English without grammar. show

Speak English Now Podcast: Learn English | Speak English without grammar.Join Now to Follow

Hi! I’m Georgiana, founder of the website My mission is to help you to speak English fluently and confidently. Why is this podcast different from any other program? With Speak English Now Podcast: - you will master English by listening and speaking without having to memorize grammar rules. - You are going to acquire knowledge about the English culture and the language itself. - And most importantly, you'll discover valuable tips and tricks on how to speak English fluently. If there's something you can't understand, don't worry about that. Listen to the episode as many times as you nee and get the full TEXT at Don't miss out any of my Speak English Now episodes. Every week there's a new episode. Start practicing your listening and speaking skills with the Speak English Now podcast.

By Georgiana

The Unlimited Spanish Podcast: Aprende español | Habla español | Learn Spanish | Speak Spanish | TPRS show

The Unlimited Spanish Podcast: Aprende español | Habla español | Learn Spanish | Speak Spanish | TPRSJoin Now to Follow

The Unlimited Spanish Podcast is your resource for practicing your Spanish speaking and listening. You will learn Spanish with the Question and Answer (TPRS) and Point of View techniques. You will also learn about the Spanish culture and the language itself. Finally, you will get valuable advice on Spanish learning. All the audio is in Spanish and you can get the text from || El Podcast de Unlimited Spanish es tu recurso para practicar tu habla y escucha de español. Aprenderás español con las técnicas de Pregunta y Respuesta (TPRS) y Punto de Vista. También aprenderás cultura española y sobre el idioma. Finalmente, conseguirás consejos sobre el aprendizaje del español. Todo el audio está en español. Puedes conseguir el texto en

By Òscar Pellus: Founder of Unlimited Spanish. Author of Spanish courses. Helping people to speak Spanish

All Things Avatar show

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All Things Avatar is the world's first fan-created Na'vi language and Avatar movie discussion podcast! If you fell in love with James Cameron's movie Avatar and the beautiful Na'vi people and way of life, we invite you to join us in our bi-weekly discussion, as we discuss the movie Avatar, Pandora, RDA technology, Na'vi language, philosophy, and culture, and all Avatar-related news! We showcase new fun Avatar songs, Na'vi bands and quality fan creations, give costuming and make-up tips for conventions and Halloween, and keep you up to date on what is happening (and coming) in the world of Avatar. We are your Kelutrel (hometree) and even help you learn some fun Na'vi words and phrases along the way. Join us at, email us at, or come discuss anything Avatar or Na'vi related at You are always welcome.

By Radio Avatar

Down to Business English: Business News to Improve your Business English show

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A podcast for people who use English as a Second Language (ESL) in their work environment and are trying to improve their overall language skills. In each episode, hosts Dez Morgan and Skip Montreux discuss business stories making the news around the world. Through their discussions, Skip & Dez introduce business related vocabulary and phrases, review grammar, and identify cultural differences in international business situations. An excellent way to improve listening skills and keep up with business trends.

By Skip Montreux & Dez Morgan | Business English Instructors

The Japanofiles Podcast show

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This is a podcast about Japan that features interviews with foreign residents living in central Japan.

By Japanofiles

American English Pronunciation Podcast show

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The American English Pronunciation Podcast offers weekly lessons covering the most common and difficult English pronunciation issues. Learn the General American Accent English speaking techniques and become better understood. Level: Intermediate to Advanced ESL/ELL students

By Seattle Learning Academy

Learn Chinese - Visualmandarin show

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Our channel is dedicated to anyone who wants to learn mandarin chinese. If you have no knowledge of chinese then your ideal start is here. Try our beginner level videos or podcasts, learn some words within context and then go to our website and complete our interactive exercises. If you already know some chinese or even if you are almost fluent in chinese then you can try our more advanced videos. Once again our learning center at will contain exercises that can help you to consolidate what you have learned.


Pastacast show

PastacastJoin Now to Follow

Learn Italian with The podcast for students of Italian in English by English speakers.

By Brad Bacigalupi

English Pronunciation Pod show

English Pronunciation PodJoin Now to Follow

Learn English pronunciation from an accent reduction specialist. This podcast teaches you how to speak English clearly and correctly. It is intended for anybody who wants to speak English with an with an American accent.

By Charles Becker

Hebrew Podcasts show

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Hebrew Podcasts makes learning conversational Hebrew practical and enjoyable. Each lesson covers a topic with a Hebrew dialog that is explained in detail. Each lesson is enhanced by a lesson guide that provides further information. The guide includes a full transcript, translation, explanations, additional examples, and exercises.