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A Short History of Japan show

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A quick tour through the cool bits of Japanese history. Visit the site at, or follow me on Google+ (link= or on twitter (@frugcam)

By Cameron Foster

Drupal Development by WebDevDesign.Net show

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Drupal Development Podcast bringing you raw tips and knowledge that all Drupal developers should know. Learn about core and custom module development. PHP and Web Standards required. Some Javascript may apply. This show is brought to you by WebDevDesign.Net, join us online or at one of our events. More info at

By Chris Charlton, WebDevDesign.Net

영어의 난도질 show

영어의 난도질Join Now to Follow "영어의 난도질 - 시즌 3"로 다시 검색 부탁드립니다! 새로운 채널에서 뵙겠습니다~

By John Fernando Kim

GoodWord from show

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Dr. Goodword's Daily Podcast is a modern audio version of the familiar and popular printed Word of the Day. Each podcast provides an insightful vocabulary building word history for some of the best words in English, all in about four minutes. Dr. Goodword is the pseudonym for Dr. Robert Beard, emminent linguist and retired professor, whose expertise uncovers fascinating glimpses into our culture and our history.

By Dr. Robert Beard

The Behind the Business Card Podcast show

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Dr. Blanche Hayden and Linda Ballesteros share inspiring conversations with successful entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers, authors, coaches, consultants and influential celebrities to help you learn success strategies, common threads of greatness and lifestyle opportunities. Our goal is to get to know the person “behind the business card,” exploring their journey to success, including the good and the bad. We purposefully explore a diversity of ways of earning a living through different career and business choices, in hopes of opening your eyes to possibilities you hadn’t thought of. We’ll spotlight encore entrepreneurs to inspire you if you are considering career or lifestyle changes at a time in life when you can create a Third Act of your choosing – for your passion, higher purpose and financial gain. Start-up entrepreneurs and those who are “stuck” in growth will learn from the struggles of those who made it – and how they survived and flourished. We explore interesting issues, such as diversity, holistic health, and lifestyle options, and many more! We also discuss marketing and publicity strategies and tips for becoming the expert authority in your industry with Visible Authority Marketing – how to become the “go to” expert in your niche.

By Dr. Blanche Hayden & Linda Ballesteros: Online Entrepreneur, Visible Authority Marketer, Publicity Strategist

Intention Radio show

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Access thousands of hours of life transforming content to uplift and inspire your soul. Free, Unlimited and Uncensored at

By Intention Radio

A Dose of Love and Happiness Podcast show

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If you are looking for a way to relieve stress, love yourself more, find true happiness and enjoy life every day -- the Dose of Love and Happiness Podcast is for you! Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose are dedicated to bring you top experts -- some of the happiest and most unconditionally loving people in the world -- to share with you key techniques (like EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques), strategies, and the secrets of their amazing success in life. Be sure to join us at for podcast highlights, special tips, and more + receive your Free "Down with Stress, Up with Love & Happiness" Ebook.

By, Phillip Mountrose & Jane Mountrose

Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method Podcast show

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The Magnetic Memory Method Podcast is your portal to creating Memory Palaces and using mnemonics for memorizing foreign language vocabulary (and a lot of other precious information too). Hosted by Anthony Metivier, the founder of the Magnetic Memory Method, a systematic, 21st Century approach to memorizing foreign language vocabulary in a way that is easy, elegant, effective and fun.

By Anthony Metivier's Magnetic Memory Method Podcast

The Texas Tech Medcast PreMed Forum show

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The Texas Tech MedCast produces podcasts for medical education and for high-quality patient care. This series provides tools to help you prepare for the MCAT, gather useful premed experiences, and write an effective personal statement for your med school application.

By Departments of Family Medicine and Pharmacology and the Office of Admissions, Texas Tech University School of Medicine

Leyenzal show

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אַ פּאָדקעסט פֿאַר די װאָס װילן זיך צוהערן צו לײענזאַל־לעקציעס אױף זײערע מאָבילקעס. בלױז אױדיאָ. A podcast far di vos viln zikh tsuhern tsu Leyenzal-lektsyes af zeyere mobilkes. Bloyz oydyo.

By Leyenzal