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Sierra Vista Community Church weekly Podcasts show

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This is the weekly sermon podcast of Sierra Vista Community Church in Upland California. Todd Rettberg, Pastor.

By Todd Rettberg

A Week In Science with RiAus – Royal Institution of Australia show

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A Week in Science is the science news feed from RiAus. We’re bringing you the science news you need to know, all week every week. You can follow A Week in Science throughout the week on Twitter, and join the discussion, by following the hashtag #weekinsci On Fridays we are also giving you a wrap of the science news with the weekly video presented by RiAus Director Paul Willis.

Brazilian Portuguese Podcast, by Semantica show

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<a href=";This%20video%20MINI-SERIES&lt;/a&gt;%20will%20teach%20you%20Brazilian%20Portuguese%20step-by-step.%20After%20each%20episode%20we%20break%20it%20down,%20present%20the%20grammar%20rules,%20and%20show%20you%20how%20to%20pronounce%20the%20hardest%20words.%20Then,%20we%20quiz%20you%20on%20what%20you%20just%20learned.%20The%20Semantica%20Method%20uses%20video%20dialogs%20of%20real-life%20situations%20-%20always%20IN-CONTEXT.%20It%E2%80%99s%20designed%20for%20fast%20comprehension%20and%20long-term%20retention.%20"></a>

By Semantica Portuguese

Flex Your Power's California Energy News show

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E-Newswire is a biweekly news source on energy efficiency, created to help Californians learn about policies, products, programs, ideas and information that will help them use energy more wisely. Visit for complete listings of all energy-efficiency rebates and incentives, local retailers that sell energy-efficiency products, energy-efficient new homes, product guides, case studies and more.

By George Chan

Tales from the Road with Rick Lavoie show

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For the past 30+ years, I have worked at residential schools for kids with special needs. This experience allowed me to have a "laboratory" wherein I could observe these kids on a 24-hour basis and monitor their academic and social lives. Over these decades I have developed countless field-tested strategies and methods to assist these special kids with their daily struggles. At this point in my career, my personal and professional mission is to share what I have learned with parents and professionals throughout the country. Since 2001, I have delivered seminars and provided consulting services in 25 states, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong. I am greatly enjoying my travels and I have discovered something wonder-filled since I began these journeys... I am LEARNING as much as I am TEACHING! I constantly cross paths with extraordinary parents, professionals and pupils. There are some wonderful people and programs out there designed and dedicated to serve "our kids". So often -- as I fly back home from my latest engagement -- I wish that I could share their stories with all of you. Well, thanks to the latest Podcast technology, now I CAN !! On a regular basis I will share with you the stories of these kids... and the adults whose devoted efforts are helping them reach their fullest potential. You may never have the pleasure and the privilege to meet these folks but you should get to know them. They will inform and inspire you as they have informed and inspired me. Join me on my travels. Email me with your comments. We will learn much from each other.

By Rick Lavoie

Listen to English - learn English! : podcasts show

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Two short (5 minutes or less) podcasts every week in clearly spoken English will help you to improve your listening skills and learn new words and expressions. Many podcasts are linked to grammar and vocabulary notes or to quizes or exercises.

By Peter Carter Podcast show PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The purpose of is to create an educational resource on the Internet for those who seek credible information on the safe and effective use of herbs – especially liquid herbal extracts – to promote optimal health and well-being. It is not intended to medically prescribe or promote the sale of any product, nor to replace qualified medical healthcare.

By The official podcast of Ed Smith and

The Advice Annex » Podcasts show

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The Advice Annex answers questions from teens and young adults all over the world, using my own life experience and humor.

By JP Metz

Focus on Autism show

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Today, one in every 166 children is diagnosed with autism. Hear about current autism research and the Interactive Autism Network from autism experts at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

By The Kennedy Krieger Institute

Signs of Atlantis show

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Main stream archeology seems to have an official position that Atlantis did not exist. In protecting their invested opinion, they continually turn a blind eye to evidence all around them. Frequently, digs around the world exhibit strong evidence to connect them to an advanced, pre-history civilization which undermines this un-scientific, stone wall approach. The archeological community wants you to believe they are something else entirely, even if, by their own logic, their excuses border on the absurd. Here are some interesting thoughts on the subject by Zarin, author of "Atlantis: A Karmic Memory of the Rise & Fall" available at .