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DFB Podcast show

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Join the Disney Food Blog's AJ Wolfe on a Disney Dining adventure! The DFB Podcast covers everything from fine dining to fast food and snacks in the Disney Theme Parks, resorts, and cruise ships. Get the best Disney dining tips and tricks from AJ's 20 years of experience with Walt Disney World, Disneyland, the Disney Cruise Line, and much more.

By AJ Wolfe

Christ Church – Christ Church show

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Pastor Douglas Wilson is the pastor of Christ Church (Moscow, ID). Canon Press, the publishing ministry of Christ Church publishes his weekly sermons here. You can also find more content (books, audio, video, etc) and information by visiting our website at


Gnostic Media show

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Gnostic Media is open-source, independent media. Here the word ‘gnostic’ pertains to knowledge and not necessarily dogmatic ‘Gnostic’ teachings. The word gnostic has its origins in the word ‘knowledge’ or ‘to know’ [a. Gr. γνῶσις investigation, knowledge, f. γνω- root of γιγνώσκειν to know.].<br> <br> Topics of investigation include: education and the 7 liberal arts (the trivium and quadrivium), mythology, theology, psychedelics, mind control, archaeoastronomy, politics, economics, philosophy, physics, consciousness, diet, health, law and natural law, human rights, and much more...<br>

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Le podcast d’, premier portail Internet français de l’Histoire, raconte des épisodes de l’Histoire à travers un récit ou l’interview d’un spécialiste. Il aborde des sujets aussi variés que la naissance du musée du Louvre, Les Tudors, Darwin et la théorie de l’évolution, Les vampires dans l'Histoire, La grippe espagnole ..., et les placent en perspective avec l’actualité. Réagissez sur notre groupe facebook "Podcast".

By Richard Fremder

How To Be Awesome show

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A podcast about how awesome life is and how you can be more awesome at it! Read more at

By Kim and Sondra

Word of Mouth with Colleen Ross show

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Join CBC radio producer and language fanatic Colleen Ross for Word of Mouth, her monthly podcast about the ever-evolving English language. She pokes her nose into everything from trends in grammar and vocabulary to how multiculturalism, technology, politics and Hollywood affect the way we talk.

By CBC Radio

C'est la vie's Word of the Week from CBC Radio show

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CBC Radio's C'est la vie's Word of the Week is a window into the life of French-speaking Canadians -- one word at a time. In repeats over the summer.

By CBC Radio - Audio Program of the Week show - Audio Program of the WeekJoin Now to Follow's Program of the Week podcast delivers full-length weekly downloads of some of our most popular programming, available in either video or audio-only format.


The Radio 3 Documentary show

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In-depth documentaries which each week explore a different aspect of history, science, philosophy, film, visual arts and literature. The Sunday Feature is broadcast every Sunday at 7.45pm on BBC Radio 3. Each episode lasts 45 minutes. We aim to include as many episodes of The Sunday Feature in the podcast as we can but you'll find that some aren't included for rights reasons.

By BBC Radio 3

RTÉ - Speaking Ill Of The Dead show

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Speaking Ill of the Dead is a series of lectures recorded in March at the National Museum in Dublin. The conference was co-sponsored by RTÉ and the National Museum. Historians were asked to choose a figure from Irish history (though not necessarily Irish born) for whom they had an aversion and speak about them before an audience. Among the historians addressing the conference were Prof. Tom Bartlett, Prof Paul Bew, Senator Martin Mansergh, Senator David Norris, Ruth Dudley Edwards and Museum Director, Dr. Pat Wallace. Among the reputations under attack were those of Edward Carson, William Gladstone, Kevin O'Higgins, Arthur Balfour and Countess Markievicz. The idea originated from the Montana Historical Association 'Speaking Ill of the Dead: Jerks in Montana History' annual Lecture series.

By RTÉ:Ireland