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Heather on her travels Podcasts show

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Audio podcast traveling with around Europe and the World, with travel diaries, interviews, destination information and travel inspiration

By Heather Cowper

Everything is Alive show

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<p><em>Everything is Alive</em> is an unscripted interview show in which all the subjects are inanimate objects. In each episode, a different thing tells us its life story--and everything it says is true.</p>

By Radiotopia

The Economist: Editor's Picks show

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Selected articles from the audio edition of The Economist

By The Economist

Nerdcast show

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Desde 2006 o Nerdcast traz semanalmente uma visão nerd e irreverente de diversos assuntos: Internet, Cinema, Quadrinhos, TV, Literatura, História e Ciência.

By Jovem Nerd

Jovem Nerd » Nerdcast show

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O mundo pop vira piada no Jovem Nerd

By Jovem Nerd

Unsolved Mysteries of the World show

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Hi, and welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World where we explore the unexplained. Our topics include Missing Persons, Unsolved Murders, UFO &amp; Aerial Phenomenon, Ghosts &amp; Hauntings, Legends &amp; Myths, Lost Treasures, Cryptozoology, Urban Legends, Conspiracies, Ancient Archaeological Anomalies and much more. If this is your first time listening to us, and you like our show, remember to subscribe when you get a chance. Each episode we will dive into a topic or case with a descriptive narrative and include special guest interviews where possible.

By Cold Rasta Studios

Token Skeptic Podcast show

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A weekly look at superstition, paranormal belief and the skepticism and science behind it all. The podcast covers a range of ideas and issues, stemming from psychology, philosophy and ethics, science, critical thinking, literacy and education.

By Kylie Sturgess

Mr Science Show show

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That mysterious grey area where you're not quite sure if you're cool...

By Marc West

OTR Detective – The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio show

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This show features five great detectives of Old Time Radio and follows from their first available case to their final bow. Along the way, Host Adam Graham provides insight and humor with his commentary. Our line-up features Night Beat, Rocky Fortune, Richard Diamond, Boston Blackie, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, and Dragnet

By Adam Graham

Yoga Today show

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We have set an intention at Yoga Today to make the benefits of yoga accessible to everyone, everywhere. Adi, Neesha and Sarah are back on iTunes with a new series, Inside Yoga Today, and they are livin la vida yoga. From yummy yogi recipes to quick rejuvenating sequences, take your yoga practice off the mat with us to engage in health, balance and joy. Nurture your mind, body and spirit with more yoga, more often.

By Yoga Today