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The Ripple Effect show

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How do not for profits and social enterprises change the world? It's a simple a question. Yet most Doc's friends haven't the foggiest clue. (And at times, neither does he.) So to figure it out, Doc sat down and had lovely chats with captains within these industries and discussed stuff beyond their missions. All to get a better grip as to how all their good work touches our lives. What they shared was sometimes insightful, sometimes eye opening, always a great listen.

By Unknown

Get Lively Podcast show

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A weekly podcast bringing Georgia Tech students news and quality entertainment.

By Technique

Damn Near show

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Every day, extraordinary conversations with every day, extraordinary women

By Hilary Brewster

Healing Justice Podcast show

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Healing Justice Podcast is a virtual practice space, bridging conversations at the intersections of collective healing & social change. Hosted by organizer and healing practitioner Kate Werning, each week we share a conversation with a powerful social justice leader, and an accompanying audio practice to help resource you in your leadership and the wellbeing of you and your people. --- Topics of focus include community organizing and activism, social movements, resistance, trauma and resilience, self care / community care / collective care, physical wellness, emotional and mental health, sustainability, self-determination, organizational culture, alternative holistic health, ancestral traditions, radical healers, anti-oppression, anti-racism, and embodying our politics. Supporting you in the inner and outer work required for liberation.

By Kate Werning - Social Justice Organizer & Trainer; Healing Practitioner

Sure, Babe Podcast show

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Hello, I’m Chrissy! I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist, blogger, photographer, and mother of 2 boys with a little girl on the way! Sure, Babe is all about relationships, accepting who you are and living the life you are meant to live. You find me talking about own life experiences on here as well as fantastic interview with industry leading people.

By Chrissy Powers

Nomadland Podcast show

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NomadLand is the land of interesting conversations with people the world needs to know. ​ We are nomads, so change is home. We find change through self discovery, transformation & shared experiences that inspire to awaken the hero within.

By Nomadland Podcast

Wait, Hold Up! show

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Each week, tune in as Yarel and Jessica interview people you know (or who they think you should know) who are on their grind and learn the 'wait, hold up' moments that changed their lives. When they're not with a guest they're diving into the latest in pop culture & politics.

By Jessica Molina & Yarel Ramos

Bless this Mess: A Southern True Crime Podcast show

Bless this Mess: A Southern True Crime PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Podcast covering murder, mystery, and mayhem with a southern twist!

By Cara and Stewart

So You Want to Change the World show

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Pursuing careers and lives that create meaningful change isn’t easy. We feature interviews of Millennials succeeding at the front lines of equity and social justice work. They authentically share the stories of the challenges, successes, and setbacks they face professionally and personally. You’ll find hope, insights, and inspiration in the questions they ask of themselves, the world, and how they can create change. These young professionals share the bond of being alumni of the Thinking Beyond Borders programs, where they developed their capacities for empathy, humility, and passionate pursuit of purpose. Visit our show page at:

By Thinking Beyond Borders

Green Crush With Alan Park show

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Royal Canadian Air Farce Alum, former Sirius XM radio host of "Conspiracy Queries" and one of Canada's top stand-up comedians, Alan Park is back from a Stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis to talk openly about the link between Cannabis and Cancer that saved his life. Twice dragging himself off of a guaranteed deathbed, Alan has learned the big 3 doors into the cancer journey are not always available or effective. Alan will help to reveal the well hidden, 4th Door. With no options for conventional medical treatment, Alan was presented with the sole option of getting his personal affairs in order. Seeing Cannabis all over the news and media, Alan researched every aspect of the famous leaf. Why the hate? Why the love? Alan insists it’s very much worth looking at with fresh eyes - that are occasionally bloodshot. GREEN CRUSH is a one hour LIVE STREAMING truth blast on the grassy parameters – showcasing in-studio and call-in experts from both sides of the fence. Alan’s personal experience with the healthcare system - his triumphs, losses and tips will prove valuable to anyone that has interest in Cannabis culture. Unravelling Conspiracies, both proven and speculated, with a powerful journey through the tales of fighting cancer by way of irreverent, funny and empowering dialogue.

By Green Crush