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Nature's Past: A Podcast of the Network in Canadian History and Environment show

Nature's Past: A Podcast of the Network in Canadian History and EnvironmentJoin Now to Follow

A monthly discussion about the environmental history community and research in Canada.


The Struggling Archaeologist's Guide to Getting Dirty show

The Struggling Archaeologist's Guide to Getting DirtyJoin Now to Follow

Ever want to know more about the world of archaeology AND have a good time learning it? This podcast explores what it's like to be a young professional in the field. There's also news and discussions on cool stuff going on at the other end of trowels all over the place. In the end, it's all about learning through life and laughter. And it's all brought to you by me, Jenny, a regular gal who really DIGS history... get it?

By Jenny McNiven

Ancestry.com.au - Podcasts show

Ancestry.com.au - PodcastsJoin Now to Follow

Family history help and advice from Brad Argent, Content Director from Ancestry.com.au.

By Ancestry.com.au

StoryCorps Rochester, NY show

StoryCorps Rochester, NYJoin Now to Follow

StoryCorps, a national initiative to document everyday history and the unique stories of Americans, was in Rochester in July 2009. WXXI invited StoryCorps to Rochester to capture the stories of Rochesterians as part of the celebration of the City’s 175 Anniversary.

By WXXI Public Broadcasting Council

Think Zeitgeist show

Think ZeitgeistJoin Now to Follow

Discussions and interviews about the objectives of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Resource-Based Economy. We discuss economic, political, and cultural issues.

By Think Zeitgeist

팟캐스트 윤여준 show

팟캐스트 윤여준Join Now to Follow

팟캐스트 윤여준 시즌 2는 분석과 판단에 머무르지 않고 우리정치와 사회의 문제점에 대해 행동이 함께하는 대안을 말합니다. 한윤형의 뉴스 드라이버에서는 이슈와 시사를 꿰뚫어 보고 뉴스 너머의 진실을 만나게 합니다. 윤여준의 삶과 정치는 정치의 근본적인 목적과 참된 길을 직시하고 함께 갈 수 있게 합니다.

By 윤여준

Hidden Secrets About Black History show

Hidden Secrets About Black HistoryJoin Now to Follow

Who said it couldnt be done? This aptly named book, hidden Secrets about Black History,provides a rich source of information about some of the great black men and woman who help shape the united states since days of slavery.

By Francella Henderson

Trial Lawyer Confidential show

Trial Lawyer ConfidentialJoin Now to Follow

Join veteran criminal defense attorney Elena Saris as she pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of the real criminal justice system. Learn what really happens behind the scenes when someone is arrested and brought to trial in a state court. No fiction, no hate filled Nancy Grace rants, just unprecedented access to the cases, the players and the real life drama of the American criminal justice system.

By Elena Saris | Criminal Defense Lawyer, Speaker and Trainer

Footnoting History show

Footnoting HistoryJoin Now to Follow

Welcome to Footnoting History! For links to further reading suggestions, a calendar of upcoming episodes, and the complete episode archive, visit us at <a href="http://www.footnotinghistory.com">FootnotingHistory.com</a>!

By Footnoting History

Lost Islamic History show

Lost Islamic HistoryJoin Now to Follow

Lost Islamic History’s mission is to educate all people, regardless of religious affiliation about the story of Muslims of the past. Great feats have been achieved by Muslims throughout the world for the past 1400 years and they deserve to be recognized. It is our belief that the only way Muslims (and the world in general) can again regain such prominence and success is to follow Islam as it is meant to be followed. This website aims to promote that by giving examples of successful Muslims who adhered to Islam and contrasting it with those who were not successful and did not follow Islam closely. That said, this website does not exist to promote any political agenda. It is our policy to refrain from commenting on any modern political developments, or support any modern political ideologies. This allows us to remain unbaised in our analysis of past empires, people, and civilizations.

By Lostislamichistory.com