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The Road to Now show

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The Road to Now is a series of interviews and conversations meant to trace the historical roots of today’s events. Hosted by Bob Crawford of the Avett Brothers and historian Benjamin Sawyer of Middle Tennessee State University, this podcast brings pressing questions and exceptional guests to the table to explain how our shared and personal past has shaped the road that brought us to where we are now. Enjoy!

By Bob Crawford and Benjamin Sawyer

Scicast show

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O podcast sobre ciência mais divertido da internet brasileira traz semanalmente informação, cultura e diversão envolvendo o público e tornando o aprendizado leve, simples e descomplicado.

By Portal Deviante

Listening Through Time show

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In this podcast series we go inside the orchestra comparing how New York Philharmonic musicians over time played certain licks or passages in a variety of works. Are they the same or different, and why? Our guides in this journey are the Philharmonic players themselves, both current and former members, in conversation with the Orchestra’s Archivist and Historian Barbara Haws. For the Philharmonic’s 175th anniversary season, Sony Classical released a 65-CD box set of the Orchestra’s recordings dating from 1917 through 1996, and this got us thinking about new ways of listening and assessing the Philharmonic’s history.

By New York Philharmonic

The Expressionists show

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Digging up the dirt on common, and not-so-common, expressions, idioms, sayings and proverbs.

By Olivia Rosenman and Helen Rydstrand

Sexing History show

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A podcast about how the history of sexuality shapes our present.

By Gillian Frank & Lauren Gutterman

Black Cat's Shadow show

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Step into the Black Cat's Shadow with Andy, Dakota, and Phantom Dark Dave as they bring you an in depth look into the worlds of horror & science fiction and those who contribute to it.

By Andy Ussery

History Unplugged Podcast | American History, World History, World War 2, U.S. Presidents, Civil War show

History Unplugged Podcast | American History, World History, World War 2, U.S. Presidents, Civil WarJoin Now to Follow

For history lovers who listen to podcasts, History Unplugged is the most comprehensive show of its kind. It's the only show that dedicates episodes to both interviewing experts (like Dan Carlin from Hardcore History) and answering questions from its audience. First, it features a call-in show where you can ask our resident historian (Scott Rank, PhD) absolutely anything (What was it like to be a Turkish sultan with 4 wives and 12 concubines? If you were sent back in time, how would you kill Hitler?). Second, it features long-form interviews with best-selling authors who have written about everything. Topics include gruff World War II generals who flew with airmen on bombing raids, a war horse who gained the rank of sergeant, and presidents who gave their best speeches while drunk.

By Scott Rank: History PhD, Author, Podcaster

Transformers University - a TFU.INFO Podcast show

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A deep look into the history of the Transformers brand brought to you by the best transforming toy archive in the world.

By Transformers University - a TFU.INFO Podcast

History Dweebs - A look at True Crime, Murders, Serial Killers and the Darkside of History show

History Dweebs - A look at True Crime, Murders, Serial Killers and the Darkside of HistoryJoin Now to Follow

An engaging podcast that looks at True Crime, Serial Killers, and the darkside of History. We discuss True Crime, Murders, Serial Killers and Bizzare stories from history.

By Tim Scott, Charles Walters and Brandy Herrmann

Time Turners: A History Podcast show

Time Turners: A History PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Join 11-year-old scientist Lottie Turner and her robot pal Gif on a fun-filled journey through history.

By Eric Jaffe