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Podcasts – La Tortulia Podcast show

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La Tortulia es un podcast donde presentamos historias reales poco conocidas. Estas tienen algo siempre en común: son dramáticas, hilarantes o muchas veces ambas cosas. Convencidos de que la realidad siempre nos puede impactar o hacer reír más que la ficción, durante una hora se presentan dos temas para que todos se unan al asombro. Vas a enterarte de cosas interesantes, divertir e indignar. Bienvenido a la Tortulia.

By La Tortulia Creative Group

Ministry of Ideas show

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A podcast about the ideas that shape our lives.

By Zachary Davis

Before Your Time show

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Exploring Vermont's history, one object at a time.

By VTDigger

Uncivilize show

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Hi! I’m Jennifer Grayson. Journey with me as we peel away the layers of urbanized, industrialized, technologized modern life, to uncover the core of how we were meant to live as human beings. We’ll examine a more meaningful existence that will help us restore balance to our imperiled planet, while reclaiming our original, inborn connection to the natural world. From food and conservation to reimagining urban landscapes and raising children, from self-reliance and simple living to building community, purposeful clean tech and beyond, we’ll look at the true fundamentals of "uncivilizing” urban life today—investigating it all through the long lens of human history (read: evolutionary biology, anthropology, indigenous knowledge and cultural history). Jennifer Grayson is an award-winning environmental journalist and the author of Unlatched, winner of the 2017 Rachel Carson Environment Book Award. Theme music is by Paul Damian Hogan. Photo by April K / CC BY 2.0. www.jennifergrayson.com

By Jennifer Grayson

Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed show

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Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed is one of the best quran reciters in Maldives. He first started his journey in Quran recitation from a Qari class in GA. Maamendhoo. After that, from Al Madrasatul Arabiyatul Islamiya and Mawhad Al Dirasatil Islamiya. Dr. Shaheem memorized the Quran from Pakistan’s Al Ashrafiya University. He learnt Arabic language from Imam Abu Hanifa Higher Institute For Teachers, and got his diploma in Islamic Shariah from Egypt in 1998. Dr. Shaheem studied in Madinat Al Munawwarah Islamic University, and he filled the Imam post of the Univeristy’s mosque, Masjid Al Shaikh Ibn Baaz. Dr. Shaheem was the Imam of Masjid Al Sultan Hassan Izzaddin of Maldives in 2005, and he was teaching Quran in Al Madrasatul Arabiyatul Islamiya as well. He also was the supervisor of the Center for Holy Quran of the Maldives, and continued being the Imam of the Tahajud prayers during Ramadan at Masjid Al Sultan Mohamed Takrufanul Auzam, the biggest mosque in the country. Dr. Shaheem has represented Maldives in many international Quran competitions, like the King Abdul Aziz International Quran competition in 1999, Makkah, and in the International Quran competition in Libya in the year 2005. Dr. Shaheem completed his Masters degree in Islamic Shariah (Fiqh – Usoolul Fiqh), and received his PhD from the same field, from the International Islamic University, Malaysia. He was appointed the State Minister of Islamic Affairs of Maldives and was the Minister of Islamic Affairs for two consecutive governments of the country. He also was the Dean of Shariah at Villa College. Currently, Dr. Shaheem is the Vice Chancellor of Maldives Islamic University. This CD is produced due to a number of requests from a lot of people who wish listen to the Quran recited by Dr. Shaheem’s beautiful voice. May Allah provide Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed with success. Aameen.

By Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed

Of Myth and Mercy show

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The Of Myth and Mercy podcast releases episodes every other week primarily of true crime/mysteries (generally lesser-known/covered), grim conspiracies, urban legends, strange controversies and more. Hosted by lefty-leanin' ladies who dig into the dirty and deep details of every topic and case.

ثقافة show

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، أهلاً بكم في ثقافة، المكان الذي يوفرُ لكم مختلفَ المحتوياتِ العربيةِ المسموعةِ من شعرٍ وتاريخ وقصص. سنتناول معاً أجزاءَ غير معروفةٍ من تاريخنا العربي والإسلامي. كما سنتعرف سوياً على شخصيات عظيمة أهملت ونسيت مع الزمن. تعالوا نبحر معاً في محيط تاريخنا المجيد...

By ثقافة

Channel B Podcast show

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روایت شنیدنی ماجراهای واقعی

By Channel B Podcast

Nerdonomy: Nerds on History show

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History is full amazing stories. Join hosts Bryan Moriarty, Eric Bricmont, and Sarah Ashley as they explore the most inspirational, terrifying and hilarious events in history. Everything from the creation of the universe to the invention of Cheese in a Can and everything in between. Learn something new weekly by subscribing to the Nerd’s on History podcast.

By Bryan Moriarty, Eric Bricmont & Sarah Ashley

How It Began: A History of the Modern World show

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A thrilling podcast about the History of the Modern World. Humanity has been hard at work for centuries to empower itself with better tools and insights, from science and surgery to electricity and the Internet, and this series celebrates the history of those triumphs. Compared to our ancestors, we live like superheroes and sorcerers, endowed with powers they could never have imagined. But how did we achieve all this? Historian Brad Harris tackles that question head on, revealing how the most important scientific, technological, and cultural advancements in history began, and inspiring us to keep reaching for new historical triumphs along the way.

By Brad Harris, Historian of Science & Technology