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Mormon Expression show

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Mormon Expression is weekly discussion of topics dealing with Mormon faith, culture, doctrine and history. We try to straddle the position between defense and criticism of the faith, and look at it from all points of view. We believe that Mormonism is interesting by itself, and we are going to talk about it! We tend to focus on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but will consider all flavors of the restoration who draw their roots the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.

By John Larsen

KQED's Perspectives show

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Our series of daily listener commentaries since 1991.


Behind the Words show

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A regular conversation between the author and editor of a National Geographic story.

By National Geographic

60-Second Space show

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Leading science journalists provide a daily minute commentary on some of the most interesting developments in the world of astronomy and space exploration. For a full-length, weekly podcast you can subscribe to Science Talk: The Podcast of Scientific American. To view all of our archived podcasts please go to

By Scientific American

NPR: Hearing Voices show

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NPR: Hearing Voices


60-Second Earth show

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Leading science journalists provide a weekly one-minute report on the science of the environment and the future of energy. Scientific American offers three other podcasts: the daily "60-Second Science" and the weekly "60-Second Psych" as well as "Science Talk." To view all our archived podcasts please visit:

By Scientific American

BBC All Things Considered show

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Award-winning series exploring religious, spiritual and moral issues. All Things Considered adopts a variety of formats, from documentary to interview and discussion, but is always revealing. Broadcast weekly on BBC Radio Wales on Sundays at 9 AM and Thursdays at 5.30 AM.

By BBC Radio Wales

Ram Dass Here And Now show

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Each week Raghvindra Das (Raghu Markus) of the Love Serve Remember Foundation shares wisdom from eminent psychologist and psychedelic pioneer Ram Dass (also known as Dr. Richard Alpert). A contemporary of Dr. Timothy Leary, Ram Dass has been a guiding light for generations. A pivotal influence on a culture that has reverberated with the words “Be Here Now” ever since.

By Ram Dass / Love Serve Remember

Thinking Out Loud with Alan Shlemon show

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STR speaker Alan Shlemon provides a monthly update while answering questions across a wide range of topics including criticisms of Christianity.

By Alan Shlemon

AA Speaker Tapes show

AA Speaker TapesJoin Now to Follow is a collection Alcoholics Anonymous speaker tapes. I hope you will find them useful to your recovery. All speaker tapes are free. You can listen to them online or download the speaker tapes to your computer.

By Anonymous AA Member