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Huggacasts (Bike Hugger Podcasts) show

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Bike Hugger is bike culture blogged and this is our podcast.

By Bike Hugger

Imagineering My Way Podcast show

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An examination of the world of Disney design, music, commentary, park audio, and more. Join Greg, a former Disneyland Cast Member, for a podcast full of opinions and fun.

By Greg McNaughten

Abby's Road (MP3) show

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Join high school senior Abby Laporte and her guests as they offer fresh perspectives on the difficult subjects of teen sex, drugs, decision making, friends, parents, money, driving, new responsibilities, and, of course, college.


Irish Fireside show

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The Podcast on Irish Travel, Irish Customs and All Things Irish. We take you to some of the best Irish towns and villages. As we explore Ireland's most popular destinations, we offer our suggestions to get you off the tourist trail and in to the "real" Ireland. Sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable at the Irish Fireside, and feel free to use our Episode Guides for maps, destination recaps and links to the sites and topics we discuss.

By Liam Hughes & Corey Taratuta

Roz Roams show

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A weekly visit with Roz Savage about her travels, adventures, and ideas for saving the planet.

By Vic Phillipson

Black Man With A Gun |For The Cool People show

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This show is for the cool people in the gun community. It showcases the diversity of the gun culture with experts on hunting, competition shooting, antiques, collecting firearms and more. It shares history, and the people making a difference. It shares the journey of one man over the past 25 years of teaching, preaching and living free. It is done with humor and compassion for all.

By Kenn Blanchard

LearnOutLoud's Biography Podcast show

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LearnOutLoud's Biography Podcast will explore the lives of notable people throughout history. Whether it be World Leaders, Political activists, spiritual luminaries, great artists or every day people, this podcast will be a showcase for their story.


Blank on Blank Podcast show

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Blank on Blank turns lost audio interviews with cultural icons into a podcast distributed by PRX, and an animated series on YouTube with PBS Digital Studios. Created by David Gerlach.

By David Gerlach

Just Talking Podcast show

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Just Talking features guests from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Their experiences and stories are the focus, be it their life with diabetes or the first time they played a video game. Conversations are free-flowing but with purpose.

By Christopher Snider

Becky Nights show

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Becky Nights is a show for the beckies and beckies at heart! Philippines' most talked about and most-awarded podcast! The cast: Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun, Buern Rodriguez, IC Mendoza, Margaux Medina & Divine Lee. They are a Manila based fashion and beauty personalities with stimulating conversations about love, sex, boys, relationships, shopping, boys, beauty, fashion, and anything under the sun! Also insightful interviews with today's hottest celebs and industry secrets!

By Jake Galvez