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Crewcast Radio show

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Crewcast Radio is a podcast intended for readers of the Spinward Fringe series and other books by Randolph Lalonde. Listen in as Randolph Lalonde, Ray and special guests discuss aspects and topics related to the science fiction book series that’s found a small but dedicated audience. If you haven’t heard of the Spinward Fringe series, and have enjoyed science fiction adventure or space opera before, check out the free eBook: Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins.

By Randolph Lalonde

Tennessee Dream Homes show

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Home Buyer Tips, Home Seller Tips, Foreclosed Listings, Short Sale Information, FREE Resources, and so much more! Find the answers to all of your real estate questions along with loads of insider advice all provided by expert Monte Mohr, who has over 25 years of real estate experience.

By Monte Mohr | Realtor | Nashville

Campfire Radio Theater show

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A modern horror anthology in the tradition of classic radio dramas such as Nightfall and Lights Out! Full cast stereo productions that will chill your bones! Listen with headphones under cover of darkness!

By Campfire Radio Theater

FinalRune Productions » Stories show

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Based in Alfred, Maine, FinalRune Productions is committed to producing exceptional stories through the medium of radio drama. Listen to our audio drama stories through your computer headphones or speakers, from your car, home stereo or portable audio player. Over a dozen original, location-recorded audio plays since 2006, which have won the "Mark Time" and "Ogle" awards for sci-fi and fantasy audio. Our work has also been featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal

By Fred Greenhalgh

Radio Drama Revival show

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Contemporary audio drama never sounded so good! Feast your ears on a good story on the weekly podcast, Radio Drama Revival. Featuring top-quality productions from around the globe by the best amateurs and professional producers on the globe. Hosted by Fred Greenhalgh, award-winning audio dramatist and one of the biggest promoters of online radio drama.

By Radio Drama Revival

The Cleansed Post Apocalyptic Drama show

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The Cleansed is a free post-oil apocalyptic drama podcast set fifteen years after the depletion of the world’s oil reserves and the massive unrest that followed. It follows the story of John Prophet, an ex-soldier who has never given up the fight, as he tries to rally a force to fight the totalitarian \"New Republic\" whose oppressive forces shadow old New York. John\'s journey takes him to rural Maine, where two youths who have grown up in an off-grid Refuge are the only ones willing to heed his desperate warnings. With trouble on their heels, the three set off on an uncertain path fraught with grim survivalists, rugged individuals, religious maniacs and dangers of nature that have grown up in this strange land. This lush \"mind movie\" features over 30 actors, was recorded on locations through Southern Maine and features an original score and the production talents of award-winning producer Fred Greenhalgh (winner of Mark Time and Ogle Awards for audio drama). Called \"epic\" by BBC Radio 4 Producer by John Dryden and \"At the forefront of the American scene\" by Irish playwright Roger Gregg.

By FinalRune Productions

Dicen Por Ahí show

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Podcast de historias. Anécdotas de la vida real, contadas por personas comunes y corrientes. Las mejores historias están donde menos te las esperas. Conducido por: Andrés Mesa

By Kamikaze TV

Logical Soul Talk with Michael Craig show

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Dr. Craig talks about creating success from coaching, mentoring or from your own small business. He interviews successful authors and entrepreneurs from all walks of life - as well as those who are not as successful - to discover the turning points in their lives, and how their inner experiences and decisions led to their success. Learn from Michael and his guests how to "work from the soul" and turn events and problems in your life into success. Learn how to harness hidden decisions that arise from deep within you to form the foundation for your life and destiny. This show is about transformation: leaning that you too can access and change inner decisions and eliminate self-sabotage, the biggest "bugaboo" for you as a coach or entrepreneur . . . the major factor that keeps you from full success, wealth, love and happiness! During various shows, Michael will talk about his discovery of "the Logical Soul" and "The Money Matrix Method" - two unique ways of bypassing self-sabotage in life and business.

By Logical Soul Talk

Self Storage Mastery Podcast, Free on iTunes show

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The Self Storage Mastery Podcast is on a mission to reveal the very best free and “nearly free” marketing and sales secrets for the “Do-It-Yourself Storage Marketer”, to lease up the Self Storage facility now, not later! If you are a Do-It-Yourself Storage Marketer, whether brand new to the industry or a seasoned Storage professional, this show will reveal both “new and experimental” secrets as well as all-new twists on the tried-and-true, proven techniques we’ve been using for years. This Podcast is designed to help you acquire new, leasing tenants fast!

By David Luce

Man Cave Radio show

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Tune in every week as Jesse and J. J. cover the latest tools, toys, and gadgets they find interesting; talk to guys with cool jobs; and sound the alarm about the world’s “wimpmakers.” Jesse gives tips on how to score — er, succeed — with your woman, how to win at work, and how to raise kids that don’t drive you crazy. And they have fun with sketches like Uber Man, the slightly dense superhero who also tries to make a difference at his day job.

By Jesse and JJ Lahey