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Self-Mastery: Becoming a Leader of Light in a changing world - Co-Creator Network show

Self-Mastery: Becoming a Leader of Light in a changing world - Co-Creator NetworkJoin Now to Follow

TUNE IN AND TURN ON to get your answers to questions like these: * Do you want to know HOW to lead with love in a corporate environment? * Are you are manager who is disgusted with the daily drama of your team? * Are you exhausted by the workplace sabotage and passive aggressive communication? * Do you want to know how to rise above the politics while staying true to yourself? * Are you exhausted because no matter how hard you try, it seems that you are not seen or appreciated for who you really are at work? * Have you ever wished you had the right thing to say or do to actually change the most difficult situation in your daily workplace? * Do you want to be able to understand what is “underneath” the hostility and then transform it Effortlessly in your life? * Ready to live a life of effortless abundance. * Are you tired of attending inspiring programs in which you get a new fantastic new perspective on life, but crash when you get back to life “as usual” (i.e. the workplace)? * Are you ready to take the next step to become a change agent without becoming a “martyr”

By Mary Schechter and Maryann Roefaro

We the æther show

We the ætherJoin Now to Follow

We the æther podcast. Hosted by Adam Evans featuring mindful discussions, health, fitness, business, and life topics. A place to hold conversations with like-minded people and reflect.

By Adam Evans

MarriageToday Audio Podcast             show

MarriageToday Audio Podcast Join Now to Follow

MarriageToday is co-hosted by best-selling author and speaker, Jimmy Evans. Jimmy is author of the books Marriage on the Rock, The Right One and Strengths Based Marriage. MarriageToday is a daily program that provides hope and help for marriage and family relationships.

By MarriageToday

Jesus at 2AM | A Humorous, Intelligent Introduction to the Bible, Theology, Church History & the Spiritual Life show

Jesus at 2AM | A Humorous, Intelligent Introduction to the Bible, Theology, Church History & the Spiritual LifeJoin Now to Follow

An intelligent and humorous look at the life of faith. Topics include: understanding the Bible, church history, theology, spiritual practice...and how these elements of the Christian tradition form a rich, transformative whole.<br> <br> Kirk Winslow is Pastor of Canvas (a Fresh Expression of the Presbyterian Church USA), adjunct faculty at Fuller Theological Seminary, night owl, and an overall decent guy who believes love is the name of the game. He tries to be as honest in the podcast as he'd be hanging out over cappuccino at 2AM.

By Kirk Winslow | Canvas | Irvine, CA

Apologetics Camp show

Apologetics CampJoin Now to Follow

Apologetics Camp is a training series on Christian Apologetics for Hopevale Church's Encounter college ministry. Each session we will take a look at an important topic concerning the evidence for the Christian Faith.

By Kyle Taylor &amp; Kyle Deming

Morality in the Real World show

Morality in the Real WorldJoin Now to Follow

Desirism is a theory of moral value that exists in the physical universe, and does not depend on mysterious things like intrinsic value, intrinsic virtue, categorical imperatives, hypothetical contracts, or divine commands. For episode transcripts and more, visit and click 'Morality Podcast.'

By Alonzo Fyfe and Luke Muehlhauser

Arbinger Global Community Call show

Arbinger Global Community CallJoin Now to Follow

The Arbinger Institute's Global Community Call features monthly podcasts with guests on a range of topics related to the problem of self-deception in organizations, families, communities, and personal growth.

By The ARBINGER Institute

Daily Gratitude Exercise show

Daily Gratitude ExerciseJoin Now to Follow

"I want to think more positive but I keep getting stuck in the same thought patterns." Daily Gratitude Exercise is the world's first systematic approach to developing grateful minds. Focus your mind on your blessings each day with guided gratitude exercises. Increase your positivity, improve mental patterns and the quality of your life.

By Alen Faljic

Freedom University | Foundation for Economic Education show

Freedom University | Foundation for Economic EducationJoin Now to Follow

Freedom University offers an introductory, interdisciplinary, comprehensive overview of the workings of a free society. The Austrian approach to economic theory, including Mises and Hayek, will be emphasized. Topics range from the history of money and inflation to the current economic climate and healthcare. Student Level: Introductory

By Foundation for Economic Education

Answers Conversation show

Answers ConversationJoin Now to Follow

This podcast, Answers Conversation, will help listeners engage with all the current topics that Answers in Genesis addresses and to hear excellent teaching in a conversational format.

By Steve Ham