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Missionary Position Podcast show

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"Offence is taken - not given!"<br><br>The idea that offence is taken - not given is at the heart of our show. We believe that nothing should be considered "off limits." We try to find humour in any situation. That said, we're not afraid to get serious sometimes. While we understand that this approach is going to upset a lot of people, we're going to do it anyway! <br><br>Each episode features our perspectives on a variety of subjects we hope will be thought-provoking. Our goal is not to inform our listeners, but to encourage them to think about the topics we cover. Typically, we don't really know exactly where we stand on the topics at hand. We try to figure things out, and invite you to listen in on the conversation.

By AC Fischer, Jason Moore

Unedited with Cameron Strang show

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On each episode, RELEVANT Magazine founder and publisher Cameron Strang sits down for deep conversations with artists, thinkers, world-changers, leaders and the people who are making an impact in culture and the Church. The intimate conversations are more than just interviews; they are real dialogues that are always honest—and always unedited.

By RELEVANT Magazine

The Segilola Salami Show show

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The Segilola Salami show is a weekly podcast show set in a virtual cafe about books and publishing. New episodes are released every Tuesday morning.<br> <br> The aim of the show is to be:<br> 1) educational, motivational and inspiring but in an entertaining way<br> 2) a discovery platform for new books, authors and service providers<br> <br> Segilola Salami is the host of The Segilola Salami Show. Segilola is a mom, author, freelance writer and blogger living in London, UK. You can subscribe to her blog by clicking here to stay up to date with her work. You can listen to The Segilola Salami Show on her blog as well as on other websites including Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, iTunes, TuneIn and Player FM to name a few. Subscribe to the show now to listen to previous episodes<br> <br> Please support The Segilola Salami Show with a donation by clicking here to help with its production costs.

By Segilola Salami

A Science Story show

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There are amazing stories behind almost all scientific discoveries that deserve to be told. By hearing the stories, we can also learn some of the cool science that made it all possible along the way. Science can be fun, interesting, and engaging!

By Wyatt Kern

glenwood "HEART TO HEART" show

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心と心を通わせる場所。ひとつのテーマをもとに、長谷川 潤がゲストと語り合います。

By 長谷川 潤

New Books in Eastern European Studies show

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Discussions with Scholars of Eastern Europe about their New Books

By New Books Network

서울역낡은음악다방 show

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음악팟캐스트, 해외개방형 음악저작물(CCL음원) 中 조PD가 선곡한 음악으로 http://jopd.kr과 함께합니다.

By 조PD

pineapple radio show

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pineapple radio is the podcast outlet of pineapple collaborative, a community for women who love food. The show features women in conversation with each other discussing the ideas, brands and movements in the great big world of food - from policymakers to celebrity chefs, from the culture of agriculture to entrepreneurship, and from food media to food banks. This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

By Full Service Radio

Tatiana Is Everyone | An Orphan Black Podcast show

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Tatiana Is Everyone is a weekly fan podcast dedicated to Orphan Black, BBC America &amp; Space's critically acclaimed sci-fi series. Join Kris and Stephanie for discussion about the characters, themes, production, and more.

By Kris &amp; Stephanie

사진학개론 -약간 이상한 사진 강좌- show

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사진학개론 안드로이드 어플 출시!! 구글 스토어에서 사진학개론이라고 검색해주세요..^^ 감사합니다

By 사진학개론