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P.I.D. Radio show

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News analysis of events that fly under the radar of the mainstream media--your weekly conspiracy fix.

By Derek and Sharon Gilbert

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum Forum series show

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Kennedy Library Forums are a series of public affairs programs offered by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum to foster public discussion on a diverse range of historical, political and cultural topics reflecting the legacy of President and Mrs. Kennedy's White House years. They are conducted as conversations rather than lectures.

By John F. Kennedy Presidential Library


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MURDERISH is a true crime podcast that brings you intriguing stories of murder, strange disappearances, serial killers and other creepy events. If you are fascinated by the mind of a killer, and are interested in knowing the details of their crimes, you're in the right spot. Don't worry, you're not a murderer, you're just MURDERISH.

By Jami Rice

Podcast48 show

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Podcast48, c'est le podcast qui revient tous les mois sur l'essentiel de l'actualité du 48 Group (groupes d'idols japonais). Nous y parlerons donc bien évidemment des AKB48 mais aussi de tous les sister group, à savoir les SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, SNH48, TPE48 et même des SDN48 ou Nogizaka46. Retrouvez dans chaque épisode les news, le débat, les releases, le focus et la rubrique "AKB Pour les Nuls" ! Blog et plus d'infos sur

By Podcast48

Noise in the Groove: The Origin of Sound Recording show

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This podcast ponders the moment we began to play back recorded sounds. It’s a factual history of the phonograph and gramophone, but told through dreams and nightmares of the voices of the dead, the nature of time, the rapture, AI, androids, elephants, canned foods, mechanical menaces, alchemy, and so on. Now hear this.

By Ramsey Janini

Brisbane is Weird show

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We investigate the weird stories and mysteries that Brisbane is built on - from a murder that built Queen Street to weird moments in suburban parks and everything in between. Got a weird story happening in your area or something you've heard whispers of? We'd love to follow it - message us on the contact page at

By Scotty McDonald

The Grapes of Rad show

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Ben Parsons and Aaron Mason bring you the Grapes of Rad: a not-boring, well-produced podcast about nonsense that will drastically improve the quality of your life. Listen like your sense of humor depends on it.

By Ben Parsons and Aaron Mason

Build Muscle Radio: Fat Loss | Muscle Buildling | Fitness Tips | Workout Routines show

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Build Muscle Radio. This is an audio podcast brought to you by Here you'll learn all about weight training, muscle building, fitness tips, workout routines, healthy eating,how to gain muscle mass, fitness training, how to lose body fat, how to build muscle fast, lose belly fat, weight loss tips, how to gain muscle quick, bodybuilding tips, muscle building meals, high protein diets, nutrition tips, muscle building mistakes and weight lifting tips.

By Hector Cuevas: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Fitness Junkie

Health Autonomy show

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This way of life is a war against our bodies. The air polluting our lungs, our breast milk filled with toxins, and our mental angst driving us to suicide. Proposed health cuts increase our general precarity in relation to a failing health system, a health system that fundamentally furthers our objectification and dependency on capital. Therefore the steps we make to gain and share skills and develop subterranean practices of care can return some of the agency we’ve lost to the professionalization of medicine and the profitable mystery that is our bodies. As we think about expanding our capacity, we don’t want to just “fill in the gaps” of public health infrastructure. We need to slowly break our dependence on these institutions in all the ways that we can and also look for ways to use them to our advantage. We think this happens through sharing knowledge and skills, an emphasis on preventative care, and finding ways to manipulate existing structures to allow us to move forward on this path of autonomy. We believe in the utter necessity of revolution, of the development of material lines of power. Questions of care and health autonomy are pivotal to that progression. From the Greek solidarity clinics to the Zapatistas “healthcare from below” to Black Panther Clinics and GynPunks, there is inspiration for this path all around us. We begin by finding each other. This podcast will be a step in that journey.


Bleeding Purple show

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As the Fremantle Football Club embark on their 25th year in the AFL we'll be taking a stroll down memory lane and speaking to key stakeholders who were involved in the formation of the club. Hosted by Dr Jeffrey Boyle the club's Principle Physiotherapist. Boyle, a life member for the club, started at Fremantle in November 1994 and has been involved in all of the 543 games the club has played. Boyle is a passionate Fremantle man and just like all our glorious fans he…Bleeds Purple. The first episode of Bleeding Purple will be released on Thursday 21 March.

By Fremantle Football Club - Docker Media