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Movers and Thinkers show

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Movers & Thinkers is all about why people do what they do. We take you into the minds of some of the most interesting innovators in Nashville and discuss their motivations, passions and challenges. Each episode is produced from a conversation with Nashville Public Radio's Emily Siner.

By Nashville Public Radio

Ripley Radio show

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Ripley Radio is an unpredictable and fun-filled hour that will prove beyond all dimensions that Ripley’s is indeed, the global authority on the weird, strange and bizarre. Each show provides listeners with amazing and absolutely true tales of today as well as un-believables from the extensive archives of the company that has been freaking out families for more than 90 years!

By Ripley's Believe It or Not!®

The Joy Cardin Show show

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For 14 years, every weekday from 6 to 9 a.m. on the Ideas Network stations, listeners heard Joy Cardin talking with a wide variety of guests about issues that matter -- from politics to popular culture. The program ended when Joy retired after 31 years at WPR on September 29, 2017.

By Wisconsin Public Radio

Person Place Thing with Randy Cohen show

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Person Place Thing reinvents that appealing radio staple, the one-on-one interview. This new format embraces the idea that people reveal themselves most intimately when speaking not directly about themselves but about something they care about passionately. Interview subjects come prepared to talk about a person, a place, and a thing that are important to them: love it or hate it, as long as you have strong feelings about it. This structure elicits conversations that would not emerge in a standard interview, inviting the guests to tell stories they never have before.

By WAMC Northeast Public Radio

Wakefield Report show

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The Wakefield Report. Theme Park News with an Attitude!

By Chris Wakefield

Michigan Radio: Artpod show

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Michigan Radio's arts and culture report of the week.

By Michigan Radio

Africa Past & Present » Podcast Feed show

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The Podcast about African History, Culture, and Politics

By Africa Past and Present

Turning of the Wheel with Chris Flisher show

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Welcome and thank you for discovering "TURNING OF THE WHEEL" radio show. The goal of your host, Chris Flisher, is to provide an insightful, educational program about astrology, art, and spiritual adventure. Combining astrology, spirituality, with self-expression, "TURNING OF THE WHEEL" will serve to enlighten and engage listeners on some of the greatest divination tools known to man. <br> Timing is everything. The basis for understanding and accepting astrology comes from a desire to understand and cope with change. Change is one of the single hardest challenges people face in their lives. Whether it's a relationship, an illness, a bad job, or simply an unhappy spot in your life, astrology can help you understand timing and consequences. Chris is a practicing astrologer who is passionate about astrology.

By Contact Talk Radio » Around the Nation Podcast show » Around the Nation PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The daily dish on Division III football.

By, Pat Coleman and Keith McMillan

The Hog's Head PubCast show

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Analysis, news, commentary, interviews on all things Harry Potter and fantasy fiction.

By Travis Prinzi