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در هر اپیزود پادکست فارسی چنل‌بی گزارش یک ماجرای واقعی را به نقل از یک رسانه‌ی معتبر انگلیسی‌زبان برای شما تعریف می‌کنیم.

By Ali Bandari

Morality in the Real World show

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Desirism is a theory of moral value that exists in the physical universe, and does not depend on mysterious things like intrinsic value, intrinsic virtue, categorical imperatives, hypothetical contracts, or divine commands. For episode transcripts and more, visit and click 'Morality Podcast.'

By Alonzo Fyfe and Luke Muehlhauser

MarriageToday Audio Podcast             show

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MarriageToday is co-hosted by best-selling author and speaker, Jimmy Evans. Jimmy is author of the books Marriage on the Rock, The Right One and Strengths Based Marriage. MarriageToday is a daily program that provides hope and help for marriage and family relationships.

By MarriageToday

College is Not the Answer  show

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Is college the only option after high school? Definitely not. College is Not the Answer is the only place that provides you with real alternatives to college. Insights into Entrepreneurship, Traveling, Internships, Open Source Education, and other ways to achieve your dreams and be successful. The old ideals of higher education are declining and the rise of the self made, start up, and entrepreneurial generation is among us. Are you ready for the revolution?

By Jonny Videl: Serial Entrepreneur, Life Hacker, College Dropout

Internet Superhero show

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Addicted insider Dave Pell's soundbytes from Tweetage Wasteland: a look at our lives in the era of the social web, at the intersection of realtime and real life. Hosted by Dave Pell.

By 5by5

The Electric Waffle  show

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Katie Prejean & Tommy McGrady, a married couple in their 30's, living in Louisiana, explore things happening in the culture, talk about their Catholic faith and ways to grow closer to Jesus, all while making references to their two favorite TV shows, "The Office" and "Parks and Recreation" and plenty of other shows, movies, songs, and things in the zeitgeist. Join them on their back porch as conversational chaos, and a lot of laughs, ensue.

By Katie Prejean & Tommy McGrady

I Humbly Submit Podcast show

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Interviews and opinions on life, current trends and popular topics with a little theology sprinkled in, all centered around living submitted to Jesus.

By Gary Humble

Wired Storyboard Audio Podcast show

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Wired Storyboard: Are you Wired? Want to know what really went on in making this month's magazine? Wired's editors, writers and designers take you deep into the stories they've been working on for a behind-the-scenes look at the latest issue. Join this podcast for an in-depth look at the tech, science, gadgets and culture stories by the people behind Wired magazine.

By Wired

Virtue Riot show

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The Nazarite Challenge started as a men's spirtual health event, but why should men have all the fun. Virtue Riot is podcast for women growing in virtue, by women growing in virtue. This is a daily micropodcast with audio reflections on how women can live a life of virtue. The November 2018 edition of this podcast is focused on the Cardinal Virtues, Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, and Justice.

By Catholic Balm Co

声东击西 show

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Bigger Than Us,两个驻美记者为您带来的播客 世界宽广,但人们被日常及社交媒体所限制。那就让作为记者的我们,帮你推开一些意想不到的窗户,看见不一样的世界,触及不一样的信息,激发不一样的思考。 这里讨论城市与未来,电影与现场,也谈论技术创新与人类生活的变革。 这里有一手的现场观察和体验,还有不定期出现的神秘嘉宾。

By ETW Studio