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Sound the Alarm it's Miz D!  show

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Welcome to Juice Radio! The First & Last Sunday of each month at 9:00PM EST - join Miz D!, Senay J and AJ, with special guests as we chop it up on a range of topics that effect our daily lives and communities. Topics such as: Relationships,sex and sexuality, politics, life issues, abuse, dating, social issues, music, current events, finances, religion and a whole bunch of other good topics.

By Juice Radio

Judy Joy Jones Show show

Judy Joy Jones ShowJoin Now to Follow Offering Listeners Excellence in Art, Literature, Science, Music & Spiritual Leaders. Recent shows include; Dr. Maya Angelou, Gloria Allred; most well-known female attorney on earth, Dr. Michio Kaku, Helen Thomas; White House Correspondent, Dr. Masaru Emoto of "What the Bleep!", May Pang & her book about Beatles John Lennon, Susan Powter, Rickie Lee Jones, Dr. Bruce Goldberg; Dr. Arun Gandhi; Sylvia Brown-Psychic; plus many Leaders of Our Century! "The Potential Possibilities of Young Minds may be the Most Powerful Concept in Our Universe." by Physicist David Anderson. Belgium Classical Composer; Stefan Meylaers; composed "Judy Joy Jones Show" theme music.

By Judy Joy Jones Show

The Bubble Hour show

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Real people in recovery talk openly and honestly about alcoholism and recovery. Real People. Real stories. Real hope.

By The Bubble Hour

 Radio Show for Women: Feel and Look Fabulous with Irina Wardas  show

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Welcome to RADIO SHOW for WOMEN FEEL and LOOK FABULOUS with IRINA, the show dedicated to HELPING WOMEN feel and look fabulous naturally. *****All TIPS on DETOX, WEIGHT LOSS, STRESS reduction, whole foods and NUTRITION, better SLEEP, HEADACHES and MIGRAINES, meditation, high BLOOD PRESSURE, healthy COOKING, BEAUTY REMEDIES and facials, healthy RELATIONSHIP, SEX etc. are for WOMEN to use on a regular basis in order to FEEL and LOOK FABULOUS.

By NaturalCounselor

Game on Girl show

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Game on Girl: A podcast about gender and gaming. Regina McMenomy, Ph.D., explores identity and gaming in this interview based podcast. She talks to gamers of all types about how gaming impacts every aspect of their lives.

By Regina McMenomy

Sharcasm Radio show

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Sharcasm Radio hosted by Shar Aziz

By Shar Aziz

New Books in Science, Technology, and Society show

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Discussions with Scholars of Science, Technology, and Society about their New Books

By New Books Network

Black FreeThinkers show

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We are here to challenge you to think and live for yourself, not convert you. Copyright © 2011-2015 All rights reserved. Written permission for use or reproduction is required.

By Black FreeThinkers

The O Myth show

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The O-Myth: Debate + Debunk Life's Organizing Myths

By The O Myth Live

Voices from the Days of Slavery: Stories, Songs and Memories show

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Oral histories and interviews with African Americans who endured the hardships of slavery. These recordings document the first-person accounts of several individuals whose life experiences spanned the period during and after slavery. The podcasts are drawn from several collections in the American Folklife Center Archives, one of the preeminent audio-visual repositories of national and international folklife, history and cultural expressions.

By Library of Congress