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Deep Fried show

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A food show for people who're curious about flavours of the East. This show is hosted by Dubai's most gluttonous food tour company, Frying Pan Adventures -

By Frying Pan Adventures - Food Tours in Dubai » Gardening With Confidence show » Gardening With ConfidenceJoin Now to Follow

Get out your trowel and gloves, put on a pair of jeans, and get ready to dig in. Whether you’re a beginner or an everyday gardener, Helen helps make your garden bloom beautifully, and your vegetables taste like heaven! Get advice, suggestions and fun with information about plants, design, pests, wildlife, sustainability, and maintenance – all you need to reach your full gardening potential. Come take a walk with Helen, and see how your garden grows!

By Helen Yoest

OSD-Obsessive Sneaker Disorder show

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If you're new to the world of sneakers, then this is the talk show that you're going to want to listen to and be a part of. Sneakers have been popular since the 1950s, but gained unprecedented popularity in the '80s and '90s due to aerobics, tennis and a basketball player simply known as MJ. OSD will give you the history of sneakers and why there are people around the globe that obsess about sneakers and are part of a culture that is so diverse and vibrant. Visit us online at This Podcast was created using

By Dee Wells

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Podcast show

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This podcast tells the classic Chinese novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" in a way that's more accessible to Western audiences. Check out the website,, for supplemental material such as maps, transcripts, and graphs of key characters and relationships.

By John Zhu

Air1 - The Totally Not Safe for the Family Christian Radio Podcast with Brant Hansen show

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Brant discusses culture and Christianity with thinkers, writers, and artists. Many discussions aren’t appropriate for children, given their mature nature, on subjects like sexuality, art, and what it means to follow Jesus in a broken world.

By Air1 Radio

Hottest 100s and 1000s show

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Since 1993, the Hottest 100 has been the largest annual music poll in the world. Countless acts have graced the chart, from Dido to Depeche Mode. We're going to talk about all of them. Hottest 100s and 1000s is a Sydney-based podcast hosted by longtime friends Adam Buncher, Andrew McDonald, David James Young and Nathan Harrison. They look back at every Hottest 100; and every song that has been deemed hot enough to be a part of it over the course of 20+ years.

By Hottest 100s and 1000s

Still Here show

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Welcome to Still Here: Modern Stories of Resilience, Indigenously Told. Still Here is a podcast about beating the odds told from an indigenous worldview hosted and produced by Jenni Monet (Laguna Pueblo).   Every other week, each episode features a diverse mix of commentary, interviews, and rich audio storytelling shaped by writers, leaders, and everyday people.  From Alaska to Zambia, join us as we explore an indigenous rising up that's helping define contemporary life for the world's First Peoples.

By Jenni Monet

Open Account with SuChin Pak show

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It’s okay to talk about money. At least it is on this show. SuChin Pak searches for answers about why money is so universally thrilling, confusing, powerful, and stressful through personal stories with people that inspire us to think big, and think together, about money— no matter how much, or how little, you have. Created by Umpqua Bank and produced in collaboration with Slate Group Studios, Open Account takes an unconventionally honest approach to talking about money, and proves that whatever financial struggles we have, we’re not alone.

By Slate Group Studios/Umpqua Bank

걸신이라 불러다오 show

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딴지 라디오

By 딴지 라디오

TD Jakes Podcast show

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Insightful, relevant conversations between T. D. Jakes and guests spanning all sections of life.

By TD Jakes / Panoply