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Sexism and the City with Jan Fran show

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We’re on a mission to make life better for you in the city. Join journalist Jan Fran on the streets as she tackles the questions we need to be asking about sexism in our cities, like: How is there still a pay gap in 2018? Can a street be sexist? Has gender equality changed since the 1960s? You’ll meet inspiring guests, hear real life stories, and discover practical tips to call for justice on the streets, at work, in bars, buses and banks. If you’ve ever experienced sexual harassment, witnessed it, or just want to hear some great advice, this is the podcast for you.

By Plan International Australia

City Council Chronicles show

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The world's #1 podcast about city council meetings. Entertaining interviews about city council meetings across the globe by Michael Karlik every Sunday. City council meeting reviews,

By Michael Karlik

Talk is Chief show

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This podcast centers around working, living, and existing for staff and those interested in working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. This cast is hosted by Jonah Shumate, a current Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill.

By Jonah Shumate

CHAMPS Podcast show

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The CHAMPS are a group of young men involved in the Make It Happen program at Neighbors in Action. Make It Happen is a program that offers therapeutic services, advocacy, and mentorship to young men of color who have been impacted by violence. The CHAMPS (Community Healers And Mentors for Personal Success) are a group of peer mentors who are leaders within their communities. These are their stories. Neighbors in Action (formerly known as the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center) is a project of the Center for Court Innovation. Make It Happen is funded by the Office of Victims of Crime.

By Make It Happen

Super Liquid Gamer show

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Welcome to The Liquid Gamer Podcast. Sometimes people base what they watch or see on a critics review or a fresh score--why? We are all very different people and we all love and hate all different things. Each month several NEW and EXCITING things come to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, or even YouTube. So why not talk about those NEW and EXCITING things and hear what the "professionals" have to say and then give a my opinion (if necessary, which it will appear to be always). We do not have a lot of time, simply because we value your time, and I have plenty to talk about. Let's get started!

By South Arcadia

Preparedness Radio Network (PRN) show

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Preparedness Radio Network™ (PRN) is the premier Internet source for information related to Prepping, Individual and Family Preparedness, Self-Reliance, Urban, Suburban, and Ex-Urban Homesteading, and Survivalism. Whether you're urbanite, suburnanite, or ex-urbanite, PRN has experienced hosts who inform, advise, enrich, and entertain you as you prepare for the uncertain future! Given the state of the Nation's financial wrangling, economic upheavals, political craziness and moral issues dominating the news, perhaps it just makes sense, as never before, the we be prepared or become better prepared for the uncertain future... We're all survivalists--we need to become more capable of taking better care of ourselves and our community to assure we can endure the certain calamities that are just over the horizon. We're neither doomsdayers nor gloomsdayers, but we can see the writing on the wall! Join us as we provide answers to the questions and you will gain useful and practical solutions for the problems created by the times in which we live!

By Preparedness Radio Network

Last Word show

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Here's the Last Word from the Trumpet Hour radio program: Simple, practical principles of living.

By Joel Hilliker, Jeremiah Jacques, Robert Morley, Richard Palmer

Real Food, Real Farms show

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Cassie Parsons is a farmer and chef. Natalie Veres is a farmer and bread baker. Together, they celebrate and share what they discover in their daily travels as they work with fellow farmers and food crafters here in North Carolina and beyond.

By Cassie Parsons

A History of Architecture, the Fundamental Process Podcast show

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In this podcast, David Getzin provides the listener with a unique perspective on architectural history and the theory –and practice– of design.

By David Getzin

Women of Hollywoodland show

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For the first decade or two of the film industry, women were a dominant force both in front of and behind the camera. Female stars could expect top billing, had control over who directed and wrote for them, and were paid as much — and often more — than their male counterparts. Behind the camera, women were writing, producing, directing and editing in numbers we can only dream of today. The first star to sign a million dollar contract was a woman. The first studio head was a woman. The first screenwriter to win more than one Oscar was a woman. This podcast tells their stories. For more info, check out

By Claire Duffy