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Sex and the Sarrah Rose Story show

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Enjoy the expertise, insights and passion of world renowned Men’s Sex Coach, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete and the Founder of Tantric Activation, Sarrah Rose

By Sarrah Rose

Murder Cities show

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Murder Cities is a new True Crime Podcast brought to you from the creators of ‘A Brief History’ podcast. We take a look at some of the most famous murder cases in history. One city in the World at a time. Written ans Hosted by Andrew Knight and produced by Harry Edmondson, this will be a weekly podcast showcasing new murders on every episode! Featuring original music composed for the podcast. Premiers Septemeber. Are you safe in the city?

By Andrew Knight

Sound Matters show

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Bang & Olufsen presents Sound Matters: a series of podcasts looking at – and listening to – all the sounds of the world around us. Forthcoming instalments will investigate all kinds of sounds that happen in our noisy cosmos, how we listen to them, the stories we tell about them, and all the ideas, inventions, discoveries, possibilities and ideas that live in the realm of the audible. Written and produced by Tim Hinman and supported by Bang & Olufsen.

By Bang & Olufsen

5 Minute Biographies show

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The 5 Minute Biographies podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Wayne Armstrong that brings you a brief biography of some of the most famous people in history. Each episode contains just the information you need to know without any of the fluff. For more information about 5 Minute Biographies or to suggest subjects for future episodes check out the website at

By 5 Minute Biographies

American Patriots Radio show

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American Patriots Radio with @JasonWHoyt focuses on the Great Awakening occurring throughout the US. Its about God, the Constitution and the Proper Role of Government. HOSTED BY @JasonWHoyt Jason Hoyt has been heavily engaged in politics essentially since the Fall of 2003. Since that time he has not only worked with his local REC, candidates and other grassroots organizations, but he was fortunate enough to participate on the original conference calls that launched the nationwide tea party movement in February 2009. Since that time, he's been on an amazing journey working with patriot groups throughout central Florida, the state of Florida and across the country. Jason won the Americans For Prosperity “2011 Freedom Fighter” Award, the Freedom Works 2011 “Sons & Daughters of Liberty” Award and most recently the Orlando Republican Women’s Network 2011 “Outstanding Republican” Award for his service to the great cause of Liberty. In addition, Jason co-hosted the “Tea Party Patriots Live” radio show in central Florida from April 2009 to June 2010.

By JasonWHoyt

Sunnydale Study Group show

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Sunnydale Study Group is a brand new podcast about Buffy the Vampire Slayer! If you've been hankering to return to Buffy from episode one, or you've been eyeing the show in your Netflix queue, now is the time to go back to Sunnydale. We'll be going episode by episode, talking about our favorite moments, themes and personal anectdotes. Also, we'll be having special episodes where you guys tell us YOUR Buffy stories. Sharpen those stakes and pencils, it's time to start watching Buffy (again). Hosts Chris Bramante and Omar Najam, with producer Holland Farkas. Music by Jimmy Schiavone. Subscribe and rate, it'll be much appreciated! Check out more Sunnydale goodness at and

By Sunnydale Study Group

Podcast – Jetwhine show

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Aviation buzz and bold opinions in less than 2 minutes, brought to you by

By The Aviation Minute @

The Deeper Places with Joelle Pahl show

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With episodes featuring everyday people, The Deeper Places with Joelle Pahl explores the marrow of humanity through lenses of faith/doubt, justice/mercy, and humor/vulnerability. Joelle believes the fate of our relationships with one another and our greater world starts with paying attention to what is hard and believing in what is possible.

By Joelle Pahl

Spilling Royal Tea show

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TMZ's unofficial royal correspondent Sean Mandell and British thespian Craig Robert Young spill the tea on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding. It's part-English, part-American, richly steeped in tradition, with a splash of modern fun. Spilling Royal Tea is a co-production of TMZ and Spoke.


Declutter and Organize Your Sewing Space show

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Love sewing? Need help decluttering and organizing your sewing space? Nadia Arbach of Clear the Decks Professional Decluttering and Organizing ( is a dedicated quilter and sewist who can help you make the most of your sewing space. Nadia will take you through all the steps to liberate your sewing space from clutter and transform it into an inspiring creative area where your best ideas can evolve!

By Declutter and Organize Your Sewing Space