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Chefs' Series show

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Want to cook like a famous chef? Food & Wine® Magazine and American Express have made it easy. Just watch one of the many inspiring cooking demonstrations from the annual Food & Wine Classic in Aspen. Top chefs like Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Bobby Flay, and Emeril Lagasse will break down various delicious dishes ? from appetizers to desserts ? and make them simple enough to prepare in your own home. Check back frequently because once a week, a new recipe video will be available to download.

By American Express Productions

homegrown show

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a weekly podcast exploring and discussing all aspects of the locavore and slow food movement. This Podcast was created using

By Carol B. & Chris D.

Second Meal show

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Join actor Michael Grant Terry and Producer Josh Levy as they invite guests on their show from all walks of life to discuss the industry, food, and what it means to live and work in Los Angeles. What is "Second Meal"? - It is a film industry term for a break for the entire cast and crew. It’s not a formal sit down, but a loose meal on set in between memorizing lines, rigging lights and repositioning cameras. Cast and Crew take this time to enjoy a bit of food and conversation together before finishing up the day of work.

By Michael Grant Terry & Josh Levy

Edible Radio Podcasts show

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Edible Radio podcasts are produced in association with Edible Communities, Inc., a network of over 70 Edible Magazines in the Unites States and Canada. Featuring conversations with leading writers, thinkers, and eaters from the S.O.L.E. food movement, Edible Radio podcasts are recognized for stories on sustainable, organic, local and ethical food issues.

By Edible Radio

A Time and a Plate with Claire Thomas show

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It might seem impossible to believe that we have a lot in common with a peasant toiling in a medieval field at the turn of the second millennium, or a Venetian pirate as plague rampages through your city’s canals, or a young girl on trial for witchcraft, or a chef who cooked for princes and kings. But here’s the thing, everyone has to eat, and that primal need has been one of the major forces in world history since we gathered around the promethean fire. That’s what we’re exploring in this season’s podcast - how food has shaped who we have become. Super casual, right? One thousand years of history, explored plate first.

By A Time and a Plate with Claire Thomas

The Completed Dish show

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"The Completed Dish" is an advanced cooking series that puts into action all the techniques and concepts discussed in The Stella Culinary School Podcast and as demonstrated in other video series such as Knife Skills, Kitchen Prep, Sauces and Soups, etc. Every "completed dish" demonstrated has been served at Stella and will illustrate how to create a restaurant quality dish using the cooking fundamentals taught throughout the Stella Culinary curriculum. It is highly recommended that you understand the basic techniques used in each video before attempting to recreate one of these dishes. A list of supporting techniques can be found in the show notes of each episode by going to[episode-number].


Hot Plate show

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Hot Plate uncovers surprising discoveries and insights into food and drink. Our contemporary food culture critics, Mirella and Joshna, help you build a stronger relationship with what you eat. Craft beer and Sensory expert Mirella Amato and Chef-activist Joshna Maharaj turn over current trends, news, controversies, tastes, and tactics of the food and beverage world. This sizzling round-table debate is a venue for expert voices from around the world, who sometimes bring us interesting things to try.

By Hot Plate / Frequency Podcast Network

The Feast show

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The Feast presents delectable stories from the dining tables of history. Every two weeks, we immerse you in the sights, sounds, & tastes of a meal from the past. Make bread with medieval monks; share a martini with Churchill. Find out what wars were won & which kingdoms were lost, all for the sake of a good meal. Email suggestions for shows to

By The Feast

Talking About Everything with Harry Hawk. show

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Talking About Everything: A podcast with Harry Hawk. Speaking about society, marketing, food, technology, media, fun & games, education, funny stories, odd art, + everything else... New episodes every Thursday plus specials and news bulletins. Talk back on Twitter @hhawk. Harry would like to talk to you too! So let us know what you want to talk about!

By Harry Hawk

The Pass | Australia’s newest food podcast show

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The Pass is an insider’s guide to the best eating experiences, chosen by the insider’s themselves, hosted by Magdalena Roze.

By The Pass