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Your Own Thing

Summary: How to start and grow your own business, on YOUR terms. Each week, entrepreneurs will share their stories on how they built a business using THEIR OWN unique approach, so you can be inspired to have YOUR OWN THING. You'll hear advice on things like: how to identify your best idea, when to launch your marketing campaign, building powerful connections, and how to make more sales. Hosted by Alex Cespedes, a consultant on web strategy to small businesses in New York City.

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 Master Your Craft Through Mentorship w Bert Gervais and Janet Forest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:50

Robert Greene is known for his teachings about how to gain power. One of his pillars for mastering your domain comes from the power of mentors. In this episode I'm joined by two experts in mentorship and coaching: Bert Gervais, author and public speaker known as "The Mentor Guy" and Janet Forest, a personal coach that knows just how to get the best out of her clients. Subscribe on iTunes or at New episodes every Tuesday

 Great Salespersons are Confident and Insecure at the same time w Al Pittampalli and Tahl Raz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:06

In this episode we talk with two experts in management strategy and psychology: Al Pittampalli, author of Persuadable, and Tahl Raz, co-author of the upcoming Never Split The Difference. Their years of research help us discover that the best salespersons got to the top through some tricky mental wizardry that we can also benefit from.

 Creativity and solving problems like an artist w Erika Viktor and M Coleman Horn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:56

In our first episode, we talk with two creative virtuosos: M Coleman Horn, a Hollywood-cosigned footwear designer who cut his teeth at Nike, and Erika Viktor, a talented young writer leading a double life as an antique dealer. We pose this question to them: "How can we become more creative?" Their answers take us through the inner workings of an artist's mind, from pixie dust particles to Chinese apparel factories where real creativity takes shape.


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