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Devoted show

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Devoted is a podcast that tells the stories of Vyana Ma. Here Vyana shares how her journey through incest, abuse, and addiction has led her to a place of presence, forgiveness, and devotion. Episode one of the podcast creates the foundation by outlining Vyana's life. Vyana is based in Ojai, California For more visit or follow along on Instagram

By Vyana Ma

Terry Nazon Podcast show

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Astrology is a great tool for everyone! Find what's in store for you from someone who knows a little something about Astrology and the future, World Famous Astrologer Terry Nazon. With a career spanning more than 20 years professional Celebrity Astrologer to the stars, and astrologer to the rich and famous, Terry Nazon is considered by the media to be The rising star in astrology today.

By Terry Nazon

Photography Roundtable Podcast show

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Photography Roundtable is THE photography podcast made specifically for YOU, the photographer. If you are looking for motivation, tips, education, and gear news for your photography, David Johnston delivers more than you could ask for. David has designed Photography Roundtable to be as helpful for his listeners as possible, bringing on the top photographers and reporting on the latest photography news. Learn priceless photography techniques designed specifically for you, Rountable Nation! Photographers at every skill level will benefit from David's in depth information.

By David Johnston: Professional Photographer

Costa Rica Talk Radio show

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Costa Rica Talk Radio is a weekly Podcast show offering insider tips, news, interviews, videos, and sound seeing tours of Costa Rica.

By Alan Petersen

Haiku Chronicles show

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Haiku Chronicles is designed to provide a better understanding and appreciation of the art of Haiku and its related forms including senryu, renku, tanka, haibun and haiga. In these podcasts, poets Alan Pizzarelli and Donna Beaver will discuss the origins and poetic principles of these poetic forms in the English language, featuring poems by the most prominent poets of the genre.


Bokeh - The Photography Podcast show

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Hey there, friends! Welcome to Bokeh, a podcast exploring the ever-blurring lines between the personal and business lives of professional photographers. This is your host, Nathan Holritz, and I’m happy that you can join me in connecting with photographers and entrepreneurs in the photography industry through real conversation, as we talk about photography, business, and that sometimes-messy thing we call life. This podcast is brought to you by Photographer’s Edit: custom image editing for the wedding and portrait photographer. Visit

By Nathan Holritz

Acting Real with Kat Foster show

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Kat Foster (JEAN CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON, WEEDS, TIL DEATH) interviews fellow actors about how they use all the stuff they’ve learned from acting, in their real, everyday lives – stuff like how to deal with fear, how to go with the flow, and how to follow instincts. She thinks that talking about that stuff will be not only useful, but also maybe inspiring for all kinds of listeners – actors and non-actors alike. Mostly, Kat is interested in knowing and talking about being authentic. In fact, right now, out of respect for authenticity, she’d like to let you know that she’s the actual writer of this blurb, wherein she’s written about herself in the third person, because that’s the convention. (Hey. It’s Kat. This is me now, writing about myself, as myself. Thanks for hanging out. I’m excited for us to discuss ACTING REAL. I love you. Really.)

By Kat Foster

Al Jolson Podcast show

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Al Jolson was known as The World's Greatest Entertainer, a superstar before the word was coined, whose musical heritage created much of the entertainment industry we know today. Starring on the radio during the first half of the twentieth century, he appeared with the great and the near great, creating wonderful audio memories. This podcast will include clips from programs which are being featured on the Official Al Jolson Website, Once posted, clips and their respective radio shows normally remain online through the end of the month following their posting. Beside the radio shows, the website itself is rich with other audio and video clips and recordings, text, and photos of the great Al Jolson

By webmaster @

I Learn To Write By Writing and Experiments with the Essay show

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Hear essays created during the creative non-fiction short course held as part of the Otago University Summer School.

By Elaine Webster

Clayton Emery's Podcasts - Stories of Mystery, Adventure, and Humor show

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Stories of Mystery and Adventure, read by the author. Hear stories about Robin & Marian, Belgar the Gentleman Barbarian, and Hube the Mountain Man. So far the stories are all humorous, but that might change.