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Revolvr Radio is a monthly mix show featuring the hottest new tracks hosted by Revolvr with mixes by either Revolvr or special guests.

By Revolvr

Think Out Loud show

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OPB's daily conversation about news, politics, culture, and the arts.

By Oregon Public Broadcasting

This is Your Life in Silicon Valley show

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Do you love HBO's Silicon Valley? Do you like reading about the latest technology trends? Then you'll love this show. Think of us as the real world/explain-it-how-it-is podcast for anyone with a Silicon Valley fetish. The Bay Area, San Francisco, and California in general are undergoing massive political and social change. We tackle issues like homelessness, the housing crisis, dating in the age of technology, startups, and other things you care about. How will it affect your life? It doesn't matter whether you live in New York, Texas, Arkansas, Bulgaria or Latvia - you will find something applicable to your day-to-day life from this show. And love it, or hate it the Silicon Valley/The Bay Area/California are the center of the technology universe right now. Insiders, and Valley apologists liken the Silicon Valley to Rome during the Renaissance. Others are more skeptical of the people in the Valley and their intentions. We examine life in the Valley by interviewing some of its most prominent insiders - both apologists and skeptics. We discuss the cultural quirks of living here, what to legitimately fear, what to feel excited about, and what is just plain weird. (Image credit: Irina Blok, Producer: Max Savage (

By The Bold Italic

Sequel Rights show

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We take a look at the film franchises that make you go, "They made how many of those?!?!," then give each and every sequel... a fair trial! Hosted by Elizabeth Geli, Justin Kamps, and Tyler Hymanson. Reach us at, @sequelrights on Twitter, and

By Justin Kamps, Elizabeth Geli, Tyler Hymanson

Birdhands show

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An Introspective reflective perspective watch-along of the movies that shaped us from the 70's, 80's, 90's and beyond... The best and worst of horror, sci-fi, flops and schlock - with talk.

By Birdhands

I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen That! | Movies | Reviews | Previews | Theaters | Box Office | Stars | Star Wars Talk show

I Can't Believe You Haven't Seen That! | Movies | Reviews | Previews | Theaters | Box Office | Stars | Star Wars TalkJoin Now to Follow

Two friends realize that they've never seen some of the greatest movies of all time. This is a show about fantastic movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Dirty Dancing, Saving Private Ryan, and many others. If you're a cinephile and can't believe it when people tell you "I've never seen that", then listen on. Film buffs, movie fans, and regular cinema visitors wanted.

By Tim Paige and Liam DiCosimo: Movie Reviewers | Film Nerds | Weird Dudes

Real Piece Of Work show

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Real Piece Of Work is a new and entertaining way to learn about art history through the ages! Join in as Jilian tries to discuss the lives of the artists that revolutionized the way we view the world today while Tim mocks just about everything about it. You\\\'re sure to find amusement in this duo\\\'s witty banter and (hopefully) finish each episode a bit more cultured - which is great for impressing your friends, or the ladies. ;-)

By Jilian McLendon and Tim Jester

The Secret Life of Weddings show

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The Secret Life of Weddings is a Canadian podcast co-hosted by professional wedding photographers Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer. We feature unbelievable but true wedding stories! If you love drama, gossip & Bridezillas this show is for you!

By Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer

Ripping Off Angels show

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Comedy about a local amateur theatre company who come up with inventive solutions to their financial problems. Podcast version of a full length stage play in six episodes.

By Nigel Holloway

Old Time Hero Radio show

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Great old time hero radio. Sherlock Holmes. The Blue Beetle. The Adventures of Superman. Batman. The Shadow. Flash Gordon. Chandu the Magician. The Avenger. The Green Hornet. Captain Midnight. Sponsored by This Podcast was created using