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3000 NewsWire show

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News, interviews, commentary and a few wisecracks about the changing world of the HP 3000 business server.

By Ron Seybold

Fresh Air is Over-Rated show

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This is a live weekly gaming podcast, that focuses on giving your the hard hitting news, you care about. Wildmatt and Kurbzz hosts every Wednesday at 7pm ET (could of changed check out, and give their top 10s, their thoughts on the current happenings and we also review games. It’s a fun time and we also love hearing from you, which you can call in live via skype username Wildmatt, or just chat with the other viewers. VIDEO GAMES!


Off The Broiler Podcasts show

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Food, Technology and the Mind of eGullet Founder Jason Perlow

By Jason Perlow

The Phones Show (MP4 version) show

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The Phones Show (previously The Smartphones Show) is a television programme all about phones, but broadcast over the Internet, using the likes of iTunes and RSS. A new show will be available every few weeks. The Show is aimed at anyone who's either just purchased or is about to purchase a top-end phone. This is the feed for the VGA width, low resolution version, aimed at playback on mobiles and handheld devices - higher resolution versions will be available on the 'stevelitchfield' YouTube channel. Note that the low res QVGA version has been phased out.

By Steve Litchfield

archiCADmonkey HD show

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archiCADmonkey is a video tutorial podcast about everything CAD and beyond for mac + pc.

By Apollo Spiliotis

More Input Show show

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Two unemployed friends talk about movies, tech, music and games.

By More Input Team

FSBreak - The Flight Simulator Podcast show

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FSBreak is a weekly show that covers Flight Simulator news, reviews, and hardware all rolled up into one easy to digest weekly show. Host: Eric McClintock of


Cosmo D's Boogie Otis Podcast show

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FeedForAll Sample Feed

By Greg Heffernan

Gentlemen Discussing Vidya show

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A rotating roster of gentlemen to talk about the latest news, gossip and baseless rumours, read terrible fanfiction and argue amongst themselves. Usually tangentially related to video games and technology.


The Teachers' Podcast: The New Generation of Ed Tech Professional Development show

The Teachers' Podcast: The New Generation of Ed Tech Professional DevelopmentJoin Now to Follow

Live from New York City! Fordham University provides lively conversations about technology for teachers with leading educators. Educational technology experts and authors Mark Gura and Professor Dr. Kathy King co-host this weekly podcast. PFT has be come a rich constellation of resources on guiding, supporting and innovating podcasting in education. Each week we bring the latest in ed tech content, curriculum ideas, updates, interviews, views and research you can use. From software applications, to intimate conversations with notable and experienced educators and ed techies this podcast is for teachers and learners of all ages! Ed tech you can use! Email questions and comments to

By (Dr. Kathy King)