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Search Engine Marketing Unleashed show

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For Christos Margetis, the spin on search engine marketing makes his blood boil. And this from a man who decided to stop paying insane amounts of money on pay per click advertising, having already achieved to place his other eighteen months previous business as the most popular small scale search engine in the world, according to Alexa rankings. Christos Margetis launched his new search engine marketing podcast, in order to give advertisers and publishers a more efficient way doing business online, fighting expensive pay per click advertising, click fraud and insecure online transactions

By Christos Margetis

Bernies World: Adult Music CAN be cool! show

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Do you like laughing? Hard rocking music? A little bit of geekiness? Bernie is your man. He's over 40, married, has two kids, and a new job in technology. A weekly half hour featuring new podsafe music interspersed with chuckles, groans, and belly laughs.

By Bernie RA

Podcast – Gamespeek show

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We�re videogame nerds.````We�re also called Gamespeek.````Gamespeek started out as Pacific Standard Time Podcast, but that�s all water under the proverbial bridge now.````Gamespeek is a weekly videogame podcast that comes out (usually) every Friday. We work our butts off to bring you the latest gaming news, reviews, previews, release dates and more.````The show is hosted by Lauren, Aaron and Chris who all reside in Northwest Washington and have a combined total of over 50 years of gaming experience.````What we own:````NES, Super Nintendo, N64, Dreamcast, Gamecubes, Playstation 2s, PSP, Nintendo DSs, Xbox360, Wiis, and maybe someday PS3````If you like what you see (or hear) check us out on our forum. We�re there almost everyday.

By Gamespeek

Digital Punch TV show

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Digital Punch is the new vLog that brings you the latest cool products that hit the market, the hot web and technology stories that hit the wire, the bazaar and strange items for sales on the web, and bunch of random fun along the way each and every week. For more information about us, feel free to check out or edit our Wikipedia page, as you all (the viewers) really do help define what this show is all about. Every episode we will answer user questions and read user feedback, so please leave a comment/question and subscribe to our show via our RSS feed! We’d love to hear what you think as this show is all about interacting with YOU the viewers.

By Digital Punch Weekly vLog

The Force Field Podcast show

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The Force Field is a half hour podcast dedicated to the small, independent IT Service Provider. It was originally produced as the first, only and unofficial podcast for the IT Service Providers of OnForce, a company that bills itself as a “marketplace” for IT and boasts over 10,000 Providers and over 4,000 Buyers. Recently The Force Field expanded to cover all IT Professionals and now includes the news, views, reviews and interviews for and about the IT industry as well as the OnForce community.

By Savoia Media

Rabbit Bites show

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Rabbit Bite's Buns and Chou Chou are world renowned as the most powerful rabbits in the internet media business. This lovable pair of critters "review" videos that they find online and sometimes, well, it's just not pretty. Have you my gentle one, full of narcissistic passion, put a video of yourself online for all the world to see? You thought it would be fun to share with friends, huh? That bites for you!

By Quixote

Creative Photoshop with John Reuter show

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Photoshop artist and educator John Reuter has created this Photoshop podcast geared towards the fine art photographers and teachers who are beginning to embrace Photoshop as part of their personal work and teaching curriculum. Less focused on singular tips or tricks it rather attempts to instill a more comprehensive approach to image making and manipulation that relies on Photoshop as its core. To John, Photoshop is as much a printmaking program as it is a photography program. The emphasis is to encourage the viewers to explore their creative impulses through Photoshop technique and develop a more personal vision. These episodes are generally longer than many Photoshop podcasts but the goal is to provide the equivalent of a classroom experience with a more thorough examination of the topics. To see examples of the images John creates and the workshops he offers in Photoshop at the International Center of Photography, Maine Photographic Workshops, Palm Beach Photographic Centre and Santa Fe Workshops please visit To post comments on the episodes visit http:/

By John Reuter

Audio show

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This podcast channel seeks to balance sunny over-optimism and hyperbole in IT with an icy blast of winter through the techniques of the skeptic as well as applying that other great Litmus test: common sense. These podcasts take a critical look at IT’s absurdities, especially those relating to ITIL.

By The IT Skeptic

PodJournalen  show

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Karin Hoegh, danish journalist and podcasting consultant is podcasting, in danish, about this media and what makes it grow.

By Karin Høgh

Verkkokakkonen show

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Verkkokakkonen on podcast uuden ajan internetistä - Web 2.0:sta.

By Janne Jalkanen & Jyri Engeström