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Ubuntu Podcast  show

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The Ubuntu Podcast in MP3 format – The latest news and issues facing Ubuntu users and Free Software fans in general.

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AppLoad show

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AppLoad, c'est l'émission qui vous guide dans vos choix d'app pour mobile. iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, et le reste... Chargez votre mobile !

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Tech Barrack Solutions show

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Tech Barrack Solutions provides high quality full hd tutorials and reviews on gadgets.

By Nayan Seth

reDefine show

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If you’re looking for inspiration, this is the place for you.  Here you’ll get a chance to learn amazing photography and business skills from top creative professionals.  Renowned professional photographer, entrepreneur, and host, Tamara Lackey holds educational, and moving interviews with some of best in the business.  Watch as she explores inspiring stories, practical methods, and  valuable tips on how to transform creativity into a business. While photographers will enjoy this series, anyone looking for a creative edge in business and life will find the series inspiring and helpful.

By Adorama Photography TV

La Manzana Rodeada show

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Podcast Argentino hecho por dos locos de la tecnología y los productos de Apple. Leonardo Rearte periodista del diario Los Andes de Mendoza y Sebastián Galeazzi cuasi Ingeniero en Electrónica con mucho conocimiento en dispositivos iOS y afines. Página web:

By Leo Rearte y Seba Galeazzi

Charletas Ciento12 show

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Tu Blog y Podcast de Tecnología en general, puedes visitarnos en también en Twitter como @ciento12com @artzain, @franciscomarbel, @ijuancar_12 y @vinilo_iptt Síguenos!

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Twice weekly Inquirer Show covering essential technology news, reviews, facts and friction.

Visual Impressions with Joe DiMaggio show

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Are you looking to add impact to your photography? Let yourself be pulled into the creativity and emotion of sophisticated and notable photographer, Joe DiMaggio.   Joe's compelling and imaginative experience in photography will guide you towards learning unique techniques on how to best record space and time.  Joe’s vision will help you learn to recognize and utilize the elements around you to create the most breath-taking images.  If you want to make better photos, don’t miss this great podcast.

By Adorama Photography TV

Take & Make Great Photography show

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The possibilities are endless with professional photographer and award-winning Adobe Photoshop editor, Gavin Hoey.  His easy to understand video tutorials will take you through the whole process of making great photography.  First Gavin walks you through the conceptualization of a vision.  You then get a chance to go on the photo shoot itself and see all the techniques in action.  After the shoot join Gavin inside Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom as he transforms the image to achieve brilliant, creative results.  Gavin's infectious enthusiasm and passion for photography is  a must-see for all enthusiasts and professionals.

By Adorama Photography TV

You Keep Shooting with Bryan Peterson show

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Professional photographer, author, and internationally known instructor, Bryan Peterson demonstrates a variety of photography tips and tricks in these easy-to-understand video guides.  Join him as he unlocks simple techniques that make a huge difference in the quality of your photos.  Learn how to take classic concepts and skills to improve your photography.  Topics covered include using filters, trying new lenses, posing techniques, and adjusting little-known camera settings.  Bryan will break down the complex skills of photography and guide you to an understanding that will give you the power to discover and capture your own fantastic images.  

By Adorama Photography TV