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I find myself fascinated with the stories of how companies got started – not just the glamor stories but what they did when things did not happen as planned and things did not go well. I also think that those types of stories help to not only motivate me to start something that is similar but also helps get me through the same hurdles that other companies went through. So that’s it – MyPodcastAdventure.com was created. To start, this is simply going to be a documentation of creating my podcasting company and all the fun stuff along the way. The goal is not to try to sell myself as some great podcasting consultant, just to share my adventure with you…


SolderSmoke Podcasts show

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Ham Radio QRP Kit building

By Bill Meara

The Morning Offering show

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The Very Rev. Fr. Tryphon, Abbot of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington, provides meaningful support and authoritative guidance for a profitable spiritual life in today's world.

By Ancient Faith Radio


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This podcast has a series of different topics. There are so many different topics we had to incorporate 5 different shows to hold all of our content. The shows start on Sunday and end on Thursday and each show talk about something different. The first show being our main show called Big Lip Radio covers Hollywood gossip along with current events in the news not really political but just news we think the people should know about. The second show is called Big Lip Radio Presents: The Dork Side. That show covers anything dorky from comic books to gadgets on up to video games and movies. What ever you think is dorky we will cover it. Our third show is called Big Lip Radio Presents: CADD9. That show covers the latest in local and global music. The fourth show is called Big Lip Radio Presents: The Donkey Punch. That show covers and thing political that you could possibly think of. That show leans very slanted to the right. The fifth show is called Big Lip Radio Present: Steel Face Fitness. Yes it covers anything and every thing that has to do with fitness. The Donkey Punch and Steel Face Fitness are just practice shows for the hosts but still get a strong following. These shows are made for everyone and anyone. If we think the show is to much for younger audiences it is labeled explicit every where it is posted.

By Jerad Smith, Zach Smif

"Don't Look Down" with Colbi  & Marko show

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Our Show plain and simple. About anything and everything you wanna get heard then listen!!

By Dont Look Down with Colbi and Marko

Videogames and Sushi show

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"Videogames and Sushi" is a podcast produced by two gamers living in Japan. We will mostly cover what we find interesting in the gaming world, what games we are playing, our gaming lives and pasts, as well as what it is like to live in Japan or any other topics that happen to come up. We will have a new episode up every Saturday night JST unless something happens like an earthquake (which might happen very soon). We appreciate all feedback and criticism as long as your not trying to be a meanie poo poo head.

By Videogames and Sushi

Feel the Heat - Podcast show

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David Heat Podcast (House, Deep, Tech-House & Electro Mixes)

By David Heat

Life Coaching Company Matthew Ferry International show

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"Matthew Ferry's unorthodox approach has inspired thousands of people to seek happiness and peace while on their journey towards living a successful life. His in your face, yet down to earth style will unlock the sense of purpose and satisfaction you have been looking for. As a life coach to ultra successful people, Matthew teaches the secrets to living your life with balance and harmony. If your life is successful on the outside but lacking fulfillment on the inside, then Matthew's techniques will work for you."

By Matthew Ferry

Learn all about Dermalogica Skin Care by A Leading Skin Care Expert show

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Find out about dermalogica skin care. Learn about dermalogica active moist, dermalogica skin, dermalogica medibac and dermalogica age smart from a dermalogica australia expert at Digital Beauty http://digitalbeauty.com.au

By Jennifer Bosworth

KCT grabado » KCT show

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El primer programa de revista desmenuzado, separado y hecho podcast. Sin temas forzosos y sin tareas en casa. Un podcast… de todo.

By KCT-grabado