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Ologies show

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<p>Take away a pocket full of science knowledge and some insane stories about what fuels these professional ologists' obsessions. Hosted by humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward.</p>

By Alie Ward

Flash Forward show

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A show about possible and not so possible futures. From space pirates to conscious robots to the end of antibiotics. Hosted by Rose Eveleth.

By Rose Eveleth

Tails of Sydney show

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What’s living in your neighbourhood? That’s the question behind Tails of Sydney, a new podcast from The City of Sydney. Join host Brooke Boney as she discovers the feathered and furry friends who share our city.

By City Of Sydney

The MindSide Podcast by Dr. Bhrett McCabe show

The MindSide Podcast by Dr. Bhrett McCabeJoin Now to Follow

The MindSide Podcast is a weekly production hosted by clinical and sports psychologist, Dr. Bhrett McCabe, and is focused on examining the secrets, challenges, and foundations of human performance as experienced through the lives of some of the world’s best. Each week, Dr. McCabe interviews a guest that has experienced performance success or displayed amazing resiliency in their life, a world-renowned content expert that listeners can learn from on issues relevant to their lives, or personally explore areas of importance for life, learning, and achievement.

By Bhrett McCabe

SCARED? show

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SCARED? is a bi-weekly podcast where REAL people from around the world tell us, in their own words, their TRUE ghost, paranormal, monster, alien and UFO stories. Hosted and produced by award winning English broadcaster, Phil Holmes. TO LISTEN TO PREVIOUS EPISODES, and get an EXTRA bi-weekly show and an EXTRA monthly show - AND even more really cool REWARDS - support the show by joining our Patreon campaign.

By Phil Holmes: Real People Tell Their True Ghost, UFO, Alien, Monster and Paranormal Stories

Once Upon A Crime | True Crime show

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Join me as I dive into some of the most fascinating and thought provoking true crime stories told one chapter at a time. Kidnappings, murders, mysterious disappearances, serial killers, celebrity crime and more will be covered.

By Esther Ludlow

History Goes Bump Podcast show

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Podcast dedicated to the side of history that goes bump in the night. Every episode's content features community time that includes listener mail and experiences, a “Moment In Oddity” and “History Of The Day” segments and then interviews and discussions about a historic location, event or person and the hauntings associated with the subject of the particular show. The tagline for the show is “Ghost tours for the theater of the mind” and our goal is to entertain you while creeping you out just a bit.

By Diane Student and Denise Moormeier share Haunted History, the Paranormal, History, Oddities, Tours, Legends

Soul Care House Podcast show

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Located in San Diego, The Soul Care House is a community of therapists working alongside one another to create transformation in people's lives and relationships. Elaine Hamilton, Founder Of The Soul Care House will be hosting the podcast and interviewing members of her team and other special guests. The podcast will tackle common issues we regularly address in our therapy practice. Our approach is to offer our listeners straight forward and candid conversations around tough topics like conflict in marriage, infidelity, addictions, eating disorders, etc. the ones you may not feel comfortable bringing up over coffee. These episodes contain adult material so make sure to protect little ears!

By Elaine Hamilton

Patterson in Pursuit: Philosophy | Politics | Religion show

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Philosophy in the real world. Interviews with intellectuals from across the globe. Topics include philosophy, politics, religion, science, economics, mathematics, spirituality, and every other important topic. Steve Patterson is a philosopher working outside of academia, and he's currently traveling the world to interview professors, theologians, monks, and everybody else who is passionate about the world of ideas.

By Steve Patterson | Covering Philosophy, Religion, Politics, Economics, Science, Mathematics, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Logic, Truth, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Atheism, Spirituality, Language, and Cultural Criticism

Live Happy Now show

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Bringing you scientifically proven tips and ideas to live a happier and more meaningful life through interviews with positive psychology and well-being thought leaders. The editors of Live Happy magazine bring you best-selling authors and happiness gurus that share their knowledge on topics such as wellness, gratitude, well-being and mindfulness. Interviews are conducted with people like Shawn Achor, Michelle Gielan, Dr. Christine Carter, Margaret Greenberg, Dr. Drew Ramsey, Gretchen Rubin, Barbara Fredrickson, Tal Ben-Shahar, Deepak Chopra, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Stacy Kaiser, Darin McMahon, Michelle McQuaid, Fred Luskin, Shani Robins, Kristin Neff, Dr. Rick Hanson, and many more.

By Live Happy