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The TVaholic Previews... show

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The TVaholic Previews brings you short spoiler free previews of new scripted TV shows. Each episode will be 5-10 minutes and will let you know what the show is about, who is in the show, who is behind the show and whether it's worth watching or not. As the TV landscape continues to grow, with new shows from broadcast (ABC, CBS, ...), cable (FX, TNT, ...), premium cable (HBO, Showtime, ...) and streaming outlets (Amazon Prime, Netflix, ...) coming out year-round, we'll help you find the "Prime" in primetime. Each episode will drop the week before new shows premiere.

By Jason the TVaholic

La Constante Series show

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Podcast sobre series de televisión. Una conversación entre amigos, sobre las novedades, los capítulos, y cualquier frikada que se nos ocurra; sin más pretensión que pasar un buen rato. Hacemos reviews de capitulos de Juego de Tronos, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Westworld, y mucha series más! Presentado por David Mulé y Gemma Ayats. La Constante, pues la noche es oscura y alberga spoilers

By David Mulé y Carolina Fraile

Escaping the Maze Podcast - A podcast devoted to prodigal sons and daughters through Biblical Scripture and commentary on news, politics, even entertainment as signs show

Escaping the Maze Podcast - A podcast devoted to prodigal sons and daughters through Biblical Scripture and commentary on news, politics, even entertainment as signsJoin Now to Follow

I'm Roberta Ripley a writer, podcaster, obviously, and life long Detroiter. In 2014 I came closer to end of a long journey through New Age, Shamanistic studies and secular Western philosophy. None of these things answered fully the questions I had about life or informed me how to form my relationship with The Most High God, Creator of Heaven and Earth until I read the Bible. We are in the days returned of Noah and Lot and most people have abandon their faiths without truly studying it for themselves. As many of their Churches have no power and seeing misguided and corrupted religious clergy doesn't help encourage faith humanity needs not loose it's Greatest Armor against the darkness. We need to stop looking to men or (women) as examples of Godly behavior and walk learn the know the God and his word for ourselves by reading Biblical Scripture. This podcast is for the prodigal children and for those who kept the faith who wish to fellowship as Christians and non-Christian's who've recognized the teachings of the Bible as the key to understanding all the bizarre occurrences around us and in the world. This podcast is for everyone open to learn and for those who believe in deliverance through Jesus Christ and the Most High God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Listen as knowledgeable guests, who are our brothers and sisters in Christ, educate you on Biblical Scripture, and explore the signs of the times through news, politics, entertainment with your compassionate host, Roberta Ripley.

By Roberta Ripley

Perfect Commotion Podcast show

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A fortnightly media exchange podcast of video games, books, film and TV. Hosted by Alan, Dave, Nick and Sandy

By Alan O'Brien, Nick S. Proud, David Barr, Sandy Fok

Programa Zmaro - PodCast: versão em audio show

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Programa Zmaro em versão PodCast Para ver os vídeos acesse Humor inteligente de forma descontraída

By Zmaro Sobrinho

Rhyme et Reason Radio show

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Rhyme et Reason Radio features discussions on pop culture and television. Find older episodes of Rhyme et Reason Radio on our website

By Rhyme et Reason

Sarah & Michael Save Christmas! show

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Join dynamic husband and wife team, Michael and Sarah as they watch every single episode of the classic 1987 Disney series DuckTales and then talk about them for your auditory pleasure.

By Sarah Baggs and Michael Williams

Anime Brigade Podcast show

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Every other week, a group of friends record a podcast about their unique interest in anime, manga, visual novels, and more.

By The Brigade

Your Token Black Guy show

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"Where no topic is off topic" We cover entertainment news, tech, politics, and much more. Think of us as Just a couple of friends saying whats on our minds over a few drinks.

By YTBG Media

Zombie Jamboree! A Walking Dead Podcast show

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Your source for all things related to AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" and "The Walking Dead" -- come hungry, stay happy. Reviews of "The Walking Dead" and "Fear the Walking Dead" -- based on the popular graphic novel universe created by Robert Kirkman.

By Digital Burrito Network