Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi show

Your Favorite Thing with Wells & Brandi

Summary: Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus talk about their favorite things!

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 YFT 067: Donkey Balls | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2808

This week on YFT, Brandi is back in Nashville dog-sitting three dogs for Miley, including a small one by the super creative name 'Little Dog', and Wells is hungover and feels/looks like hot garbage. Though Brandi is sad because of Michiel’s departure, she was able to get some good DD before he left, and they had an amazing time glamping in Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, especially seeing the Large Tits (direct translation for "Grand Tetons"). Wells is basically now the Bonus Bonus Jonas after spending time in New York with the Jo Bros, while also sweating profusely while meeting Jay-Z, and learning how to make marriage last from the one-and-only Dr. Phil. Wells and Brandi debate the grossness (yet perfection) of American cheese, what’s up with the big-toe heel fashion trend, the many actual reasons behind why horses have hairstyles, and the crazy story behind Wells' new love of donkeys and their balls. Enjoy! Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers! MEUNDIES– Get 15% off your first pair, free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee go to (Brandi got the cute unicorn ones and Wells got some pizza on his underpants!) AUDIBLE– Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial when you visit or text YFT to 500-500

 YFT 066: Derek Peth stops by! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2865

This week on YFT, Derek Peth (which, by the way, you’re definitely pronouncing wrong) joins Wells to talk about their favorite and least favorite things, their first ever alcoholic beverages, and the most annoying things people do in movie theaters. The two hosts ask important questions, including: Why can’t airplanes get it together with Bluetooth and WiFi? Why do horses have hairstyles on top of their already full bodies of hair? And most importantly, why has Wells’ drunk purchase of knives off of Instagram yet to ship from China four months after the fact? Derek renames YFTers to “Thingers,” which may or may not stick, and Wells and Derek share their favorite voices and impressions, including a grandmother bit which is sure to impress you. Wells and Derek are not thrilled with this year’s Bachelor in Paradise introductions and identify possible alternative introductions, including Cam walking sadly down the beach, and how Wells found out from inside sources that Derek’s intro is actually the most desirable. Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers! BILLIE– Go to to save 10% off your razor QUIP– Get your first refill pack free at

 YFT 065: Welcome to America, Michiel! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2513

This week on YFT, Wells is hungover from a golf tournament and some mid-thirties clubbing, and Brandi is literally in the room with MH who is finally in ‘Merica. Wells admires the video stream displaying Brandi’s boyfriend shirtless and in full cleaning action. The hosts discuss how the Cyrus family is warming up to Brandi’s new man, why the hell GPS uses directions like “north,” and their favorite YFT reviews of the week. Wells and Brandi talk behind-the-scenes of Paradise and why they are officially endorsing Derek for The Bachelor. This week, Brandi is getting ready to fly to Salt Lake City and then drive out to the Grand Tetons. (Which, by the way, who named those things??) After their road trip and glamping adventures, Brandi and MH will be heading to LA to knock on Wells’ door, so stay tuned to see if Wells gives his stamp of approval. Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers! FABFITFUN– Use code YFT for $10 off your first box at OPENFIT– Get abs like Wells! Text YFT to 303030 for an extended 30-day free trial membership

 YFT 064: Podcast Worlds Colliding | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3632

This week on YFT, Brandi awaits the arrival of her suitor Michiel Huisman for some DD, and Wells recovers from his night at the Teen Choice Awards, where he was too old to know or understand YouTubers and K-pop performers. Wells and Brandi debate their favorite car features, from headlight windshield wipers to heated seats that make Wells have to go number two. Wells’ two podcasts collide as Brandi’s recent vacay hits the news, involving a member of The Hills. And, of course, it’s time to talk Paradise, specifically some controversial character named Blake. Wish Brandi luck shaving her entire body in preparation for Michiel, and be sure to check out the new YFT website at for the roundup of all favorite things and promo codes! Thanks to our awesome sponsor. Check out this deal for our YFT-ers! THIRDLOVE – Yay boobs! Go to for 15% off your first purchase

 YFT 063: Bachelor in Paradise + Brandi’s Actual Paradise | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3011

This week on YFT, Brandi calls in from a secret exotic paradise that she cannot reveal, but we hear it is swarming with hot pool boys and she’s roughing it with sparking rosé in a penthouse hot tub. Like any good friend would, Wells reminds her that everyone listening will hate her for privilege, and she admits “I hate me” too. But speaking of paradise.... Bachelor in Paradise is here!! Brandi splurged $2.99 on iTunes to get caught up on the show before recording, so first reactions from episode 1 are discussed, including Brandi’s discomfort seeing how her friend Blake is being portrayed, Wells’ pep talks with Dylan about pursuing a girl out of his league (hi Sarah, hi Hannah), and about how Wells is three years older than the ‘grandpa’ of the Paradise crew (hi Chris B). We also have lots of new music recommendations, show must-sees, and tips to travel like a 79-year-old that actually will make your life amazing. Enjoy! Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Check out these deals for our YFT-ers! AUDIBLE – Listening is cooler than reading! Go to or text YFT to 500-500 for a 30-day free trial, including your first audiobook plus two Audible Originals totally free ARTICLE – Article is offering our listeners $50 off their first purchase of $100 or more. To claim, visit

 YFT 062: Ghosts and aliens and utilikilts... oh my! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2928

This week on YFT, Wells is back, Brandi joins him and his dogs in studio! Wells admits he was very impressed with Brandi and Kaitlynn's poo talk last week, and Brandi admits it is nice to have him back. The pair discuss alien invasions, doomsday escape plans, Wells & Sarah's brush with the infamous Denver Airport creepiness, repeat voicemails from old people, and the equally frightening northwest trend of utilikilts. On a less scary note, the hosts count down the top Tom Hanks movies, chat Bachelorette rumors and predictions, and we hear the story of Brandi's photo shoot with her dad, a blown up unicorn, and (probably) lots of marijuana. Enjoy! Thanks to our awesome sponsors! QUIP - Go to GET right now, you can get your first refill pack for free BILLIE - Go to for 10% your first razor order

 YFT 061: Kaitlynn Carter Jenner is here! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2566

This week on YFT, Kaitlynn Carter Jenner is here to co-host! Wells is away doing post-engagement family stuff, so the much sweeter/hotter/cooler Kaitlynn is here with Brandi to chat lots of favorite things, including her favorite subject in school, her favorite toilet (yes, that’s a thing), and lots of favorite books and shows (this girl is WELL READ). Kaitlynn also gives Brandi some Hills inside scoop, explaining why Brody was hiding from producers in the car during filming, what Mischa Barton is really like, and how the producers managed to get such incredible content for the season. Brandi reveals her greatest fear while flying (it’s not dying), why Hannah Montana’s horse is still haunting her, and of course lots of favorite shows and more. Enjoy! Thanks to our sponsors – we couldn’t do this show without you! FEALS – go to for 50% off your first membership order! OPENFIT – for a free 30-day trial, text YFT to 303030

 YFT 060: Wells & Sarah are ENGAGED! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2864

This week on YFT, Wells tells the story of his and Sarah's engagement! Brandi reveals the true meaning of the phrase "getting reamed," and Wells and Brandi talk about the most recent episode of the Bachelorette. Enjoy! Thanks to our sponsors! GROVE – Go to for a free 3-piece cleaning set from Mrs. Meyer’s, a free 60-day membership, and a surprise gift when you sign up and place an order of $20 or more THIRD LOVE - Get comfy bras that are the perfect fit! Get 15% off your first order by visiting

 YFT 059: Telescopes are just binoculars for people with one eye | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2813

This week on YFT, Wells calls in from the future in Fiji, and we hear the backstory about getting outsmarted by super models this week on Celebrity Family Feud. We also learn why we all never want to be his neighbor. Meanwhile, Brandi recounts the seemingly near-death experience trying to land in the airport with Miley & her crew, which makes the obvious conclusion: Pilot Pete should probably become Miley’s new pilot. We also have lots of favorite things, Bachelorette predictions, HGTV show ideas, and more. Enjoy! Thanks to our awesome sponsors. Couldn't do this show without their support! ARTICLE – go to for $50 off your order of $100 or more BILLE – go to for 10% off your shaving starter kit CARE/OF - go to for 25% your order of vitamins or supplements

 YFT 058: Brandi is live from Stoner..henge | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2701

This week on YFT, Brandi records live from some castle in England while on tour with Miley. Wells gets excited about his upcoming trip to the islands with Sarah and we find out some of the best female cockpit terms from YFT'ers. There's other stuff but Wells is uploading this from vacation and to be honest, he edited the episode while half drunk on a plane and doesn't really remember what they talked about. Enjoy! Thanks to our awesome sponsors! Check out these deals just for YFTers. QUIP - Go to to get your first refill pack for free LOLA - For 40% off all subscriptions, visit and enter promo code YFT when you subscribe MYRO - Get 50% off your first order by going to and use promo code YFT

 YFT 057: Don’t Drink & Drone | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2982

This week on YFT, Wells is back from Paradise and he has some serious (but mysterious) thoughts on Brandi’s hopeful prediction that Pilot Pete is either going to win The Bachelorette or be the next Bachelor, and will not stop stressing that this season of BIP will be the craziest they’ve ever had. Brandi, on the other hand, is back in coach en route to Copenhagen with Olivia, and is super pumped by the recent surge she’s seen in female pilots, which Wells quickly ruins with his renaming of the cock pit (yes, it is exactly what you are thinking). The hosts also hash it out over which eyebrow trend is the most SuhDumb, what the worst thing to add to one’s IG bio is, and who the most racist family member in Luke P’s family probably is (that last one has no grounding in realty but usually assumptions are spot-on). We also learn what drugs make you the grossest, why Wells doesn’t feel fit to wear eye masks, what Brandi and Bruce Springsteen have in common. And of course, there are lots of fave things for you as per usual. Enjoy! Thanks to our super awesome sponsors. Supporting them helps us keep bringing you this show every week. Check them out! HONEY - Sign up for Honey for free to save money on all your fave ecommerce sites – go to OPEN FIT - Get a free 30-day trial of OpenFit by texting YFT to 303030 SMILE DIRECT CLUB - Go to and use offer code YFT150 for $150 your order

 YFT 056: Buckle your seatbelt, today’s a good d!ck day | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2700

Today on YFT, Brandi may be back on America soil, but Wells calls in from Mexican Paradise! The hosts forever rest the case on why Luke P is such an a**hole and what he has in common with a French dictator, and Wells relays his theory on why Hannah puts up with him. He also shares that this year’s BIP is going to be the best ever (*cough*cough*most dramatic*), and he and Brandi decide that BIP will for sure soon be the most popular Bachelor franchise show. For all the female listeners, Wells also reveals that penises don’t always look the same and why he likes tacos better than (some) blow jobs. Meanwhile, Brandi shares her disgust on OJ’s recent Twitter rant, how much she misses her Nokia flip phone, the details on Miley’s Black Mirror episode. We of course have lots of fave things as per usual! Enjoy! Thank you to our awesome sponsors! By supporting our sponsors, you help keep us bringing this show to you every week. They are also super cool so check them out! SMILE DIRECT CLUB – Fix your broke-ass grill! Go to and use offer code YFT150 for $150 your order. THIRD LOVE - Get comfy bras that are the perfect fit! Get 15% off your first order by visiting HELLOFRESH - Become as good a cook as 'Cooking Wells'! Get $80 off your first order by visiting and using promo code YFT80 GROVE – Go to for a free 3-piece cleaning set from Mrs. Meyer’s, a free 60-day membership, and a surprise gift when you sign up and place an order of $20 or more

 YFT 055: Shout-out to America, food boners, pouches of sh*t, earplugs & Elon Musk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3106

Today on YFT, Brandi is back on American soil after leaving her love back in South Africa. She recaps her favorite things about the trip, including riding horses and riding Michiel, and about her Bachelor-style airport greeting. Meanwhile, Wells recaps his fun trip where he killed a spider with a shoe, and the one thing he regrets not doing with JoJo on his season of The Bachelorette. After it becomes increasingly obvious who is winning at life right now, the hosts reminisce about family answering machines, spying on their siblings, and terrible life lessons from Disney movies. And, of course, we have lots of favorite things. Enjoy! Thank you to our awesome sponsors! By supporting our sponsors, you help keep us bringing this show to you every week. They are also super cool so check them out! MAPIFUL – Build a custom map of anywhere in the world, designed to fit your style, and get 15% off by going to and using promo code YFT. ARTICLE – If you need new furnishings for your house or yard, this is where you want to look! Get $50 off your first order of $100 or more by visiting SMILE DIRECT CLUB – Fix your broke-ass grill! Go to and use offer code YFT150 for $150 your order.

 YFT 054: The (not) real Michiel Huisman stops by! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3543

It is finally here: Michiel Huisman has a voice and it’s sexy as hell! He most likely has a name too but he still is Michiel to YFT. Wells makes him confess all the gushiest things on behalf of the questions you guys sent in, including his fave thing about Brandi, if it was love at first sight, and who made the first move in the African backcountry. He also admits that Tish is the Cyrus he is most excited to meet, and Wells loops him in on the understanding he and Tish have if anything ever happens to Blood (i.e. Wells could someday be his father-in-law). We also learn some very colorful Afrikaans swear words (hint: just say English ones with a weird accent), and Michiel has to explain to Wells that The Ghosts and the Darkness was a film and Val Kilmer did not fight any lions in real life. We also chat about some faves and lots more. Enjoy! We love our sponsors because they support YFT and give our listeners cool deals... so you should too! Check ‘em out: HONEY - Sign up for Honey for FREE to save money on all your fave e-commerce sites – go to STORYWORTH – Get your papa something nice for Father’s Day! For $20 off visit QUIP – Go to to get your first refill pack free SMILE DIRECT CLUB – Go to and use offer code YFT150 for $150 your order

 YFT 053: The Big Sexy South African Reveal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3251

Brandi’s man is no longer a hider! After revealing Michiel Huisman on Instagram earlier this week, Brandi tells the backstory of the intense debate leading up to the post (not really), and about all the deep deep d**kin’ that’s been going on halfway across the world. Wells asks if they’re going to get married (she doesn't say no..!) and reveals why his and Sarah’s wedding is going to be so so awkward (but also magical and romantic) when it happens. Also this week, Wells fantasizes about nursing home hookups with a mystery lady named Cynthia, the hosts surmise that Tish the Dish is a straight-up media genius, and a new segment called F**k You Very Much is launched. And we of course have the obligatory favorite things. Enjoy! Huge thank you to our sponsors – YFT loves you! Check out these deals: WARBY PARKER – Order 5 pairs of glasses to try on at home for FREE by visiting No obligation to buy! SMILE DIRECT CLUB – Join Brandi and fix yo grill! Go to and use offer code YFT150 for $150 off your order


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