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Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗 show

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Loud Murmurs is a podcast dedicated to a thoroughly modern interpretation of pop culture, brought to you by four bilingual and multicultural women (and their friends) who are (unapologetically) loud and have lots of opinions. In our episodes, we'll discuss movies, television, and everything in between. Oh, one more thing: it’s in Chinese.《小声喧哗》,Loud Murmurs, 是一档由几个当代青年一起讨论美国流行文化、电影、电视剧的播客。《小声喧哗》想和你分享对“视与听”最纯粹的热爱,也想和你聊聊银幕背后的文化、社会以及时事。影评家罗杰·伊伯特曾说,一部好的电影能让你在两小时中忘记自己的社保号码以及车停在了哪里。在冗余的网络信息和纷乱的日程中,《小声喧哗》开启一场值得加入和聆听的谈话。

By Loud Murmurs 小声喧哗

One Pod at a Time show

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A recap podcast covering every episode of One Day at a Time on Netflix

By One Pod At A Time

Geek Hangout show

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Geek Hangout - Two dudes hanging out and talking about entertainment, comics, collectibles and anything else that grabs our attention. Some of our interests include Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Disney, Pixar, Indiana Jones, Nintendo, the list goes on and on. We hope you will join us!

By Geek Hangout

AM Quincy on QATV show

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AM Quincy is a live audio show that can be heard Monday-Friday, 6am to 10am on QATV-8 (Quincy Access Television, Quincy, Massachusetts). AM Quincy features news, weather, traffic and music to get your day started. Hosted by QATV's Joe Catalano, the program also features interview segments with non-profit agency representatives, local politicians, directors from various City of Quincy departments and other individuals representing a myriad of topics and groups. AM Quincy is the only locally produced, daily show covering news and events in the City of Quincy.

By Quincy Access Television (QATV)

Smaller on the Outside show

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Smaller on the Outside is a TV Podcast primarily created for Doctor Who. However, when Doctor Who is on hiatus, we talk about other shows in the meantime. Shows talked about include: Doctor Who, Sherlock, 24, 24: Live Another Day, The X-Files, Smallville Alias Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By David Gilleand

Find Solace In The Rain  show

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Find Solace in the Rain. A place to listen to my thoughts on certain scenes, characters in a multitude of mediums. Find me on YouTube for visuals alongside these stories. YouTube: Sage's RainPatreon: @sagesrainInstagram: @sagesrainTumblr: sagesrain

By Sage's Rain

What Happens Next: #VS show

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Professional writers debate match-ups between characters from fantasy, sci-fi, and comic books. Everything they say is a first draft and the parsecs don't matter. The only rule is you'll never guess #WhatHappensNext.

By Jay Sandlin

Minute With Mary: A Younique Marketing Podcast with Mary Larsen show

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How do I take my business to the next level? How do I party? What's the best way to get people to join your team? These are some big questions, and - Elite Level - Independent Younique presenter, Mary Larsen, is here to dive into all of them with you right now. Each episode of Minute With Mary is designed to be a quick hitting, easily actionable step-by-step process that will help you turn your side hustle into the business of your dreams. Take advantage of Mary's vast knowledge of Network Marketing, how the Younique payment systems breaks down, how to best serve your customers, organize your products and systems, and time management that will help you guide direct sales directly into your pockets. So crank up that volume, get our your notepad and let Mary help you unleash your confidence.

By Mary &amp; Blake Media

The Umbrella Academy Podcast show

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We're here for The UMBRELLA ACADEMY AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW PODCAST where each week we take on 2 more episodes of Netflix's The Umbrella Academy! From Vanya, to Luther, and Klaus to Pogo (Don't forget Cha-Cha, Hazel, Ben, Allison, Diego, and Five!) We're breaking down all the plots, storylines, characters, and intrigue of this crazy new series! Do you think it did the graphic novel justice? Are you a fan? What did you think of the ending?! Subscribe and comment with your thoughts and stay up to date with all things Umbrella Academy!

By AfterBuzz TV

The I Am The Night Podcast show

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Chris Pine draws you in this new mini series on TNT. We have to talk about it! From the terrible secrets unveiled, to the interesting romance that's featured- we're here to discuss I Am The Night in three parts covering episodes 1 and 2, 3 and 4, and 5 and 6! on the I AM THE NIGHT AFTERBUZZ TV AFTER SHOW, we'll be tackling the show with plot discussion, character breakdowns and more! Subscribe and comment to stay up to date with our coverage of I Am The Night!

By AfterBuzz TV