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I Like Films with Jonathan Ross show

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I Like Films is a new podcast from Jonathan Ross, who unsurprisingly, turns out to really like films. He likes talking about films, talking to the people who make films, and of course, watching films. Listen as Jonathan meets the movers and shakers at the forefront of the cinematic world, hearing all about their latest releases, and what life is like in the motion picture industry.

By Radio Wolfgang

The Marvelists show

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Podcast by The Marvelists

By The Marvelists

Potter Heads: A Harry Potter Podcast show

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Welcome to Potter Heads! Join your hosts Amy and Kirstin as they take you chapter by chapter through the magical world that is Harry Potter. We'll give you our opinions, some fun facts that you won't find in the books, some theories and even what's Whomping our Willow! Then at the end of each book, we're going to watch the movie and give you our thoughts. You can read along, or simply enjoy the nostalgia. So hit subscribe to get in on the action!

By CC Radio

TV Blackbox & McKnight Tonight show

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After 25 years working in the TV industry, Rob McKnight is a washed up producer with nothing to lose. Now he's spilling the inside secrets in a podcast that anyone interested in media will absolutely love. Expect news, reviews and a little dash of gossip as Rob is joined by; - an EMMY award winner - an Aussie TV Drama insider - an enthusiastic commentator who knows what questions to ask. Also on this podcast feed you'll get the McKnight Tonight podcast, an interview series where Rob McKnight talks to people in the industry as they share their personal stories and hilarious anecdotes.

By Robert McKnight

In A NuttShel show

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A Podcast... Or something. Host: Alex Shelnutt Co- Host: Drew Russ So... In a Nutt Shell... Alex Shelnutt (Drummer of A Day to Remember) and Drew Russ (Music video director) discuss their thoughts on current music, movies, news and life. Featuring special guests interviews with people they've met in their travels in their careers and in-depth interviews that go beyond normal "band interviews". Plus fun surprises!

By Alex Shelnutt

Ghibliotheque - A Podcast About Studio Ghibli show

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<p>Welcome to the <strong>Ghibliotheque</strong>, the podcast that leafs through the library of films from the world’s greatest animation studio, <strong>Studio Ghibli</strong>.</p><p><br></p><p>To coincide with UK broadcaster Film4's complete Studio Ghibli retrospective this summer, Michael Leader (Little White Lies, Sight &amp; Sound), an avowed Ghibli fanatic, is sitting down with Jake Cunningham (The Independent, BFI), who has never seen any of the Studio’s work before. Together they'll be looking at the history behind Ghibli's films (including Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Princess Mononoke), getting a critical perspective from Jake as a first-time viewer and forcing Michael to rank some of his favourite ever films.</p><p><br></p><p>Released on Fridays over the summer, subscribe now to get Ghibliotheque delivered straight to your feed.</p><p><br></p><p>Follow Michael and Jake on Twitter:</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">@MichaelJLeader</a> – Michael</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">@jakehcunningham</a> – Jake</p>

By Michael Leader, Jake Cunningham &amp; Harold McShiel

The Chalice of Evermoon show

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The Donut Boys will entertain as they talk about anything and everything that comes to mind. From gaming to movies to good places to eat when you go to Los Angeles, nothing’s not on the table when the Donut Boys come around. Brand new show, the Donut Boys are back!

Rogue Rebels Pod show

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Welcome to the Rogue Rebels Pod! We are a costuming, podcasting, Star Wars loving family who will talk you through our Star Wars thoughts from the Films, TV shows, comics, books, and more! Join the Rebellion!

By The Rogue Rebels

Headkrack show

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Podcast by Headkrack

By Headkrack

DorkLair show

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The DorkLair is a Star Wars collecting podcast with emphasis on SH Figuarts and other import Star Wars action figures. Host Bill Drewnowski has been collecting and following Star Wars SH Figuarts since 2015 when the line first began, and it is the primary focus of his Star Wars collection. In each episode, Bill features one figure from his hobby room, the DorkLair, for discussion, review, and recommendation. Guests include members of the Star Wars collecting community who share varying levels of interest in SH Figuarts and imports in general. Bill and guests sit down each week with figure in hand with the mission to appreciate the simple style and heroic action of the Star Wars SH Figuarts line in its entirety, one figure per episode. The DorkLair takes a look at all the hits and misses in the line, including honest criticism and which figures to skip completely. Often there is opportunity for comparison between other lines in similar scale including Hasbro’s The Black Series and Medicom’s MAFEX lines. In addition to the feature figure, Bill and guests cover announcements, pre-orders, exclusives, new releases, collecting tips, and hunting strategies. From casual Black Series collectors looking to learn about imports for the first time, to SH Figuarts completionists seeking in-depth talk about their favorite releases, the DorkLair is a perfect place to enjoy import collecting.

By DorkLair Collecting Podcast (Star Wars, Marvel, DC and More!)