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podcast – The Shazamcast show

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A comic-book based podcast for the old-school nerds AND the uninformed. NOTE: You do not need to have seen these movies to listen to the show. It will enrich the experience, but it is not necessary.

By Dan Allen & Leo Lion

The Loudest Geeks In The Room show

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Our archive of past episodes. You can listen to all of our shows here or on

By Chris Reddie, Richie Lefebvre, Geoff Whyte, Adam Tupper

Two Friends Watch show

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Daniel and Andrew get together weekly through the power of the internet to review a movie from start to finish.

By Daniel and Andrew

Geekfest Rants show

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Visit Geekfest Rants to hear great shows about the latest happenings in the wide world of Geekdom! Hear your favorite Geeks discuss film, television, science fiction, comics, toys and more!

By Carlos Perrone

Salt Lake Film Society » The Front Row @ SLFS Podcast show

Salt Lake Film Society » The Front Row @ SLFS PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Guess what! SLFS has a podcast! Here we bring you quality audio content to further satisfy your ever-hungry cinephile needs. Each week, we’ll get you tidbits on upcoming films, events, interviews and, most excitedly, chat with our resident film yogi and SLFS programer, Andy Wijaya, about his take on what’s coming soon.

By Salt Lake Film Society

Grizzly Kiki | Pop Culture & Interviews With Queer Artists show

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Grizzly Kiki began in April 2014 as a pop culture and drag-centric podcast hosted by Robert Lechuga & Daniel Silva. We launched with recaps of RuPaul’s Drag Race and other reality programming. Shortly after releasing the first few episodes, we narrowed our focus to create a podcast that was unique in concept and would serve a community near and dear to us: DRAG QUEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The podcast is equal parts oral history and good old-fashioned kiki. We found that there were few platforms where Drag and Nightlife Artists could talk about their art and themselves in an open and honest way. Most of what is known about these artists comes from videos posted on the Internet or what they experience in bars and clubs. It was clear that there were stories to be told and shared with the world. Our mission is to create a comfortable and safe environment, where these artists can share their histories and experiences. Ours is a podcast that is meant to serve the drag and nightlife community by capturing the artists’ voices and making them available to the public. Grizzly Kiki is a program for drag enthusiasts, Drag Artists, and everyone in between. Listen and Join the Party!!

By Robert & Daniel

TREKOFF - The STAR TREK Comedy Podcast (NSFW) show

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The funniest, dirtiest STAR TREK podcast you've ever heard! With: Season overviews, Celebrity interviews, insightful discussions and flat out arguments, comedy shows and convention analysis.. and ALL ABOUT TREK. Listen NOW to TREKOFF!

By Geeksradio

Orange Is The New Black show

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Orange is the New Black Episode Recaps and Commentary. Hosted by DMoney of the UberWanky Show and Xebrielle known for her incessant Xena and Gabrielle pins. #OITNB

By DMoney and Xebrielle

The UberWanky Show show

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lesbian chat, television talk, gay and lesbian terms defined. Topics brought up frequently include Xena, Rizzoli and Isles, Rizzles, Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black.

By DB - Podcaster by night

The Lo Fi Show show

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We're metalheads. We're comic book geeks. We're corporate cubicle monkeys. We review bad movies. We listen to good music. We're sometimes sarcastic but never bombastic. Follow us on Twitter @thelofishow

By The Lo Fi Show