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Complete Sentences Podcast show

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Complete Sentences is a humorous window into the minds of regular dudes with a taste for the obscure. We interview artists of all types and provide a platform to introduce their craft to our "Ambassadors of the Future". We pick the brains of independent musicians, authors, film makers, painters, comedians, bloggers, podcasters and all around interesting people...and make time for crackin' wise. If you like to think, listen and chuckle, this is the show for you! Ambassadors of the Future Unite!

By Ty and Rocky K.

The OrphanCast: An Orphan Black Podcast show

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The OrphanCast: An Orphan Black Podcast: A podcast that focuses on all things related to The Orphan Black series.

By The Digital Burrito Network

Digital Burrito Podcast Network show

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You asked for it, you got it: A master feed for all of the Digital Burrito podcasts -- including podcasts for The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Technology News, Mr. Robot and more.

By Digital Burrito Network

Kevin Sutton Show|Sports And Entertainment Talk Radio| ESPN Orlando show

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The Kevin Sutton Show is the #1 spot for Sports and Entertainment! We cover everything under the sun from action to major sports, wrestling to Hollywood entertainment! This is the place to be! With your crazy off the wall host, Kevin Sutton, the action is definitely delivered daily. With his crew, Mayra with her ladies point of view. Doctah Pheel with his ridiculous words of wisdom and predictions, to Jerome the intern who's sure to show up...eventually. We can't forget about Faithy Fun Time, the youngest member of the group at only 12, but definitely the smartest! The Kevin Sutton show is family friendly so everyone can enjoy the conversation. You can tune in live in Central Florida on ESPN 580 , or World wide onTunein (just search ESPN Orlando). Monday thru Friday, 8-9pm/eastern

By Kevin Sutton

Best Job Ever show

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Jay Hunter is a Cinematographer based in Los Angeles and just about everyone he works with on feature films and television shows absolutely LOVES their job. Jay and his colleagues are often asked the impossible to answer question, "How did you get that job?". This podcast seeks to answer that very question...or at least scratch the surface. From Actors to Directors to Key Grips & Gaffers we dig deep and uncover some wisdom, some advice and some hilarious stories from the trenches of the cinematic battlefield.

By Jay Hunter

311 Podcast show

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A short film shot for a college project.

311 podcast 'The Chair' show

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A short film about a man and his deal with morality and depression.

thejustinharveyshow show

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this podcast you will hear some of the greatest actors martial artists musicians and so much more I am also inducted into the USA martial arts Hall of Fame because of this wonderful program you will hear names such as Cynthia Rothrock Stan Bush Ernie Reyes Jr. some of the cast members from kick boxer and so much more so since back and enjoy yourself. The Justin Harvey show, also known as â??Jay Ray Radioâ??, features some of the greatest martial art actors of all time. Whether itâ??s Don â??The Dragonâ?? Wilson, Ernie Reyes Jr. Cynthia Rothrock or countless others, the Justin Harvey show delivers top-notch interviews and is an important podcast in the world of martial arts. The Justin Harvey show has received national recognition, as Justin Harvey is slated to be inducted into the 2015 U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Keep it right here as this master podcaster continues to bring you the stars of the martial arts world.

By Justin Harvey

Charles Semich @ComedyStuffPod show

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Show written, scored, and recorded same day in 1 take. Politicians, FOX, CNN, Nancy Grace, Florida's Problems, SKIT, PARODY, SONG AND DANCE, and this here IS a dog and pony show.

By Charles Semich @ComedyStuffPod

HoopleCast: An IntroCast For HBO's Deadwood show

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HoopleCast is an IntroCast-style podcast for HBO's Deadwood. The host has seen Deadwood previously. His cohosts have not. Each installment we discuss characters, plots, themes, and the true history of the infamous 19th century mining camp. Send feedback to Find our recording schedule, show notes, discussion threads, and more at [Warning: Explicit Language.]

By Seth Bullock