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Open Heart Project show

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Writer | Teacher | New York Times Best Selling Author

By Susan Piver

The Genealogy Professional podcast with Host Marian Pierre-Louis – Interviews with Experienced Genealogists show

The Genealogy Professional podcast with Host Marian Pierre-Louis – Interviews with Experienced GenealogistsJoin Now to Follow

Have you ever thought about transitioning into a career as a genealogy professional? Are you already a professional but would love a place to get ideas on running your business more smoothly? The Genealogy Professional podcast is your resource for learning best practices and gaining a sense of what a genealogy career is all about. The podcast is released weekly, every Monday, and runs for about 30 minutes.

By Marian Pierre-Louis

A History of Europe, Key Battles show

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A History of Europe from the Ancient Greeks to the First World War. Why does Europe exist as a separate continent at all? What allowed such a diversity of cultures within this small part of the world? What has determined the borders of and within Europe? I will use a series of key battles to help answer these questions by telling the story of Europe through the ages with the focus of each podcast as a particularly pivotal battle

By Carl Rylett

Podrobnosti show

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Oddaja, kjer se Boštjan Nachbar in Anže Tomić z zanimivimi gosti pogovarjata o podrobnostih. Vsega.

By Boštjan Nachbar in Anže Tomić

Head Shrink Inc show

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Doc David and Dan are two seasoned relationship therapists who talk life, relationships and pop culture. Their unique perspectives on the daily challenges we all face is refreshing. They use humor and directness in a way that makes them easy to listen to. If you like what you hear let them know.

By David Simonsen

Airing the Addisons Podcast show

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Airing the Addisons is a daily two-hour radio show that takes a look at marriage, family and pop culture. Airing the Addisons is hosted by husband/wife team Wil and Meeke Addison, and also features "Headlines by Dainty C", presented by Dainty C (aka Christian Westbrook).

By Urban Family Talk

Oral Argument show

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A podcast about law, teaching, theory, writing, and non-law things that interest us.

By Joe Miller and Christian Turner

Who Knows What show

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Brimming with excitement, stories, and fresh knowledge, we aim to create conversations that beg people to gather around their audio speakers again. All the shows are broadcast in real-time along with live music, if you want to listen and participate live see our broadcast schedule! We then mix down the show afterward to share it with the world through podcast format. Lets us know what you think and request a topic!

By Who Knows What

Israel Story show

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Israel Story, or Sipur Israeli, is a new radio initiative aimed at introducing high quality, long-form non-fiction content to, and about, Israel. Israelis, we all know, are a nation of storytellers. What we do is shine a spotlight on the little (and big!) dramas that comprise Israeli life. Our primary goal is to tell the story of a different, diverse Israel: To amplify voices that are rarely heard on the mainstream media, to showcase and celebrate the plurality of local communities and traditions. By bringing you multi-faceted narratives on thought-provoking themes, Israel Story aims to become a refreshing alternative. We don't want to talk about Bibi, Lapid or Bennett. We're kind of tired about hearing about the threat of the Iranian bomb or the Security Council resolutions. Instead, we hope to present a cross-section of 'Israeliness,' entering communities that are typically sidelined and silenced, and to tell stories that are not aired anywhere else: Everyday stories, told by, and about, regular Israelis. Stories range from the heartfelt to the hilarious, from the risqué through the informative to the outright bizarre. Our upcoming English language mini-series will, hopefully, be released in the Spring of 2014.

By Israel Story Productions

ActionPodcast show

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Do wish you could manage stress and/or your time better? Do you desire to gain confidence? Are you tired of making excuses? This podcast is here to help you! Subscribe today and get weekly insights from our trained coaches that will help you break through barriers, overcome obstacles, build momentum and move forward as you create and life the life that you desire! From managing stress to managing time, gaining confidence to getting rid of excuses, the experienced team of ActionPodcast coaches provides practical insights and actionable ideas for making consistent progress in the important areas of your life. We know that ordinary things consistently done produce extraordinary results so we share strategies we use ourselves and with our clients to break through barriers, overcome obstacles, build momentum and move forward while creating and living the life that you desire.

By ActionPodcast